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A Vessel to Be Filled

NOTE: Nearly a year ago, I ran a blog named Virginia’s Secret Garden for the purpose of making fun of “red pill women” and their beta orbiters in the manosphere. I wrote under the nom-de-plume of “Virginia Robinson,” a happy submissive Christian housewife living in the Midwest… who blogged about her sex life in nauseating detail. You can read more about the hoax here.

Because I’m no longer updating the site, I’ve decided to let the domain expire. Here is one of the articles I wrote for the blog, originally published on January 15, 2014.

When my husband and I first got married, he used condoms, mainly because I was afraid that he might infect me with an STD. After his tests came back negative though, he pushed me to get on the pill pretty quickly: “Cumming in a condom is like spitting in a balloon,” he told me. We couldn’t afford to have kids right away, but I was still uneasy about letting him come inside me; call it residual virgin’s fear. Nonetheless, I did as he commanded.

And I haven’t regretted it once.

It’s difficult to describe, but there’s a world of difference between having a man ejaculate in you instead of on your back or wherever. I noticed a gradual change in my moods: I became more cheerful and less crabby, and my monthly periods seemed to be less painful. Not only that, I felt so much more intensely bonded to my husband, wanting to work extra hard to please him.

As it turns out, I wasn’t imagining things. Women who get regular injections of semen are less depressed, more affectionate towards their men, and more mentally agile than girls whose men use protection. There might be an element of cum hoc ergo propter hoc here (girls who are getting creampied on a regular basis are likely married or in relationships and thus more likely to be mentally stable than sluts who have to use protection), but the point still stands.


Personally, if you ask me, taking your man’s load is one of the easier acts of submission you can make. When your husband decides to creampie you, it’s his choice and his alone. You don’t get a say in it. I know a lot of guys fantasize about cumming in our mouths and giving us facials, but those acts still give us the option to say no. Your wife or girlfriend can still spit your seed into a tissue if she wants. Not so when you inject our vaginas; we have no choice but to passively receive your essence.

Not only that, sex itself doesn’t feel complete unless my husband finishes in me. There’s just something about feeling him twitch and his stuff flooding me that says: “Okay, we’re done. Time to clean up.” Using a condom seems too sanitary; sex is supposed to be a little dirty. Plus, there’s something sexy about having a little bit of him leaking out into my panties when I’m out and about.

Women are empty vessels, to be filled however their men see fit. And that’s hot.

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