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Was the Video of Philando Castile’s Shooting Faked?

philando castile

A few hours ago, yet another supposed story of police brutality against blacks hit social media. Philando Castile was supposedly shot by police in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, with a video filmed by his girlfriend Lavish Reynolds making the rounds on YouTube. The video shows Castile bleeding out from bullet wounds and dying as police take Reynolds into custody.

This video smells fishy to me for the following reasons.

  1. Lavish Reynolds films Castile’s death, police taking her into custody, and her getting hustled into a police cruiser, but why didn’t she film the initial encounter with police and the shooting? Why is the only evidence we have of Castile’s death the thirty some-odd seconds at the opening?
  2. At no point do the police tell Reynolds to stop filming or take her phone away. Taking away a suspect’s communication devices is standard operating procedure for any reputable cop.
  3. For someone who watched her boyfriend expire in front of her (and has multiple cops pointing guns at her), Reynolds shows almost no emotion whatsoever. She doesn’t cry, she doesn’t get hysterical, she keeps narrating what’s going on like she’s performing for an unseen audience. Reynolds is so devoid of normal human affect that she’d fail a Voight-Kampff test.
  4. Reynolds claims that Castile had a concealed carry permit, but he’s also a Crip with a rap sheet a mile long. Career criminals usually can’t get permits, not that they usually give a damn, if the Chicago murder rate is any example. What the hell’s going on here?
  5. Reynolds says that Castile was shot in the arm, but he also dies/falls unconscious thirty seconds into the video. Despite what leftists think, handguns are actually a pretty poor weapon of choice if your goal is to kill. Pistols are designed merely to stop perps; if you want to kill someone with a single shot, you get a shotgun or rifle. Again, what’s going on here?

Given the massive motivation that Reynolds has to lie, the massive motivation #BlackLivesMatter has for ginning up protests whenever scumbag black criminals get shot, and the massive motivation the media has to lie about everything, I’m extremely skeptical of the facts of this case.

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  • Brian K

    It’s good to see prominent Alt Righters like yourself waking up to media fakery and the “vicsim” concept. There was similar weirdness in the St Trayvon case and the Michael Brown case. And then there’s Sandy Hook…

  • Nine-Banded Books

    As far as I can tell, there’s no “rap sheet” documented in the linked article. It’s just a selection of FB shenanigans dressed over with presumptuous (and I think overblown) speculation. If it’s confirmed that he had a CC permit and no felony record, that’s pretty important. And her not recording the actual shooting makes just as much sense if there was no initial reason to expect things would go down badly; I can easily imagine a situation where, after things went wrong, she simply had the presence of mind to begin documenting in the aftermath. Some people are cool customers in such situations.

    I’m interested in learning more about this case as the investigation unfolds, but on the information presented I’m inclined to bet against your hunch.

  • AlexDeLaMelle

    I rarely make claim without knowing the facts first. We simply don’t have the facts yet. This particular case was one I didn’t hear from sensationalist media outlets, I just saw the video after it was linked. I think the Alton Sterling case is causing an insane amount of blowback, when he was carrying a weapon and resisted arrest. There was nothing in that video to prove they acted unjustly or foolishly.
    But Matt, I think this case could be described as a murder. Everything we know so far points to and unjust killing. And unless Mr. Castile never existed and this is just some incredibly well thought out and utterly tasteless meme, it will most likely be judged as an abuse of power.
    Your reaction is understandable though. That “is this some kind of faked bullshit?” was my initial feeling as well.

  • Marty Johnson

    big hit to your credibility bro. a human can bleed out pretty fast if an artery is hit. she was calm, cop was freaked out. she was probably remaining calm so she would not be next…

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  • Patti

    I’ll repeat as I did elsewhere. The telltale sign that it was faked….the side the steering wheel is on. US cars always have them on the left. He’s on the right on the passenger side with the wheel right in front of him.