Vinpocetine Speeds Your Brain Up

vinpocetineAs a professional writer, I need to keep my brain in peak operating condition. This includes eating a healthy diet as well as taking supplements to both maintain and enhance my mental performance. Two fish oil softgels a day keep my brain from degrading, while nootropics such as suntheanine help me maximize my productivity and minimize anxiety.

I have another supplement to add to the list: vinpocetine.

This dirt-cheap nootropic is a must-have if your work is brain-intensive. Vinpocetine enhances your reflexes and speeds up your thought processes, making you more focused and productive. It’s not as effective as speed or modafinil, but it’s also available over the counter and ridiculously inexpensive. You’d be insane not to add vinpocetine to your daily stack.

Vinpocetine: The Poor Man’s Meth

According to the experts, vinpocetine’s primary use is in enhancing cognition in the elderly, for whom age has taken its toll on their brains. Vinpocetine also decreases reaction time, enhancing reflexes and making you quicker on the uptake. Finally, it also possesses vasodilating properties, meaning it improves the strength and quality of your erections.

I take one capsule of vinpocetine every morning, and when I do, it suddenly feels like the dial on my brain has been turned up. My mind clears up and I can solve problems and do other memory-intensive work much more easily. In conjunction with caffeine and suntheanine, I’m insanely productive, powering through the day’s work like no one’s business.

While the effect typically only lasts a few hours, I can pop more capsules throughout the day if I need to keep working.

Vinpocetine, unlike other nootropics I’ve used, absolutely has to be taken with food. While I can skip eating anything when it comes to suntheanine and caffeine, when I’ve tried taking vinpocetine on an empty stomach, I don’t feel a damn thing.

Overall, given vinpocetine’s effectiveness and low price (a bottle of a hundred capsules is less than $10), I can’t recommend this stuff enough. Vinpocetine’s effects on clarity and focus make it perfect for anyone who relies on their brain to make a living.

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