Matt Forney
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We Warned You, and You Didn’t Listen

We warned you that importing large numbers of uneducated third worlders into the West would lead to chaos, civil war and blood running in the streets.

You didn’t listen. You called us “racist” and “xenophobic.”

We warned you that Islam is a violent, savage creed whose adherents will stop at nothing to conquer you, unless you conquer them.

You didn’t listen. You called us “Islamophobic.”

We warned you that the “refugees” streaming into Europe from the Middle East were invaders seeking to rob the native population and wage war against the infidel.

You didn’t listen. You called us “heartless.”

We warned you that national governments in the West are the enemies of their citizens, forcing diversity and degeneracy down our throats at all costs.

You didn’t listen. You called us “paranoid.”

We warned you that the Jews are a fifth column in white nations, supporting nationalism for Israel, diversity for the West, and directing our militaries to wage endless war on their behalf.

You didn’t listen. You called us “anti-Semitic.”

Now France is in the middle of a civil war—and don’t split hairs with me, this is a civil war since the majority of the Muslim terrorists were born and raised in France—because of your beliefs, and you still won’t listen. You’ll keep screaming about “Islamophobia” and whining about the evil racist right-wingers right up until a Mecca-facing goat-fucker slits your throat and dumps your body in a hole.

We could have solved these problems peacefully thirty, twenty, even ten years ago. You made that impossible.

Now, because of you, the most destructive and barbaric war in human history is upon us. Because of you, the only way to deal with violent Muslims will be to kill them en masse and expel them from our countries. Because of you, countless innocent people will die as two diametrically opposed groups of people forced to live side by side go to battle against each other.

You didn’t listen, and now you’ve condemned humanity to drown in a river of blood.

I hope you’re proud.

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