Matt Forney
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We Warned You, and You Didn’t Listen


We warned you that importing large numbers of uneducated third worlders into the West would lead to chaos, civil war and blood running in the streets.

You didn’t listen. You called us “racist” and “xenophobic.”

We warned you that Islam is a violent, savage creed whose adherents will stop at nothing to conquer you, unless you conquer them.

You didn’t listen. You called us “Islamophobic.”

We warned you that the “refugees” streaming into Europe from the Middle East were invaders seeking to rob the native population and wage war against the infidel.

You didn’t listen. You called us “heartless.”

We warned you that national governments in the West are the enemies of their citizens, forcing diversity and degeneracy down our throats at all costs.

You didn’t listen. You called us “paranoid.”

We warned you that the Jews are a fifth column in white nations, supporting nationalism for Israel, diversity for the West, and directing our militaries to wage endless war on their behalf.

You didn’t listen. You called us “anti-Semitic.”

Now France is in the middle of a civil war—and don’t split hairs with me, this is a civil war since the majority of the Muslim terrorists were born and raised in France—because of your beliefs, and you still won’t listen. You’ll keep screaming about “Islamophobia” and whining about the evil racist right-wingers right up until a Mecca-facing goat-fucker slits your throat and dumps your body in a hole.

We could have solved these problems peacefully thirty, twenty, even ten years ago. You made that impossible.

Now, because of you, the most destructive and barbaric war in human history is upon us. Because of you, the only way to deal with violent Muslims will be to kill them en masse and expel them from our countries. Because of you, countless innocent people will die as two diametrically opposed groups of people forced to live side by side go to battle against each other.

You didn’t listen, and now you’ve condemned humanity to drown in a river of blood.

I hope you’re proud.

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  • cecil11

    Why are people so anti-white?? These people are sick and evil.

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    Freedom now from this enforced, coercive, parasitic, anti-white, genocidal diversity.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Yes. Well said.

    It’s first and foremost a civil war to be waged against the current power elites and our families, friends, and neighbors who are collaborating with the regime.

    Muslims and Africans are shock troops specially imported to be deployed against us.

  • Peter

    Well written. Gotta give it to you, many of your pieces at ROK really flow smoothly, in what is just clear, hard-hitting, uncompromising content. Very good work, thanks for it.

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  • Shmalkandik

    They are proud.
    The ruling elites, that is.
    The are succeeding in destroying the particulars of culture, borders, and language.
    All for the sake of power, the pleasure of power, the pleasure of exercising power of their own people.
    As an end in itself, and not as a means.
    As did Louis XIVth, they find the exercise ‘delicious’.
    Look for more of it coming your way soon.

  • You need to protect your own life against Islamic terrorism. Government is not going to save you – after all, the establishment is the creator of the problem in the first place. Your readers ought to go out and arm themselves right now – this very day, because the Muslim refugees are coming to your neighborhood. If the victims in the Paris theater had carried weapons, then the patrons might have stood a fighting chance of surviving the slaughter. If the readers have the foresight to stockpile guns and ammo while they still can, American citizens might well have a chance of resisting these terrorist invaders.

  • H.E.Bolla

    Maybe, just maybe, there is some hope: Putin in Russia, Trump in USA, Orban in Hungary…
    At least they are all talking white talk, either directly or indirectly.
    Compared to Merkel, Sarkozy, Obama…
    Quite a change…
    Or just wishful thinking. But hey, hope springs eternal in male gonad.

  • Titan000

    They don’t care.

  • Jim Christian

    Concur all, Matt. You have the last bit wrong however (so I suppose I don’t concur all, Ha!). One side of the diametrically-opposed populations are not going to go to battle. I believe that, as the Whites leave the big cities here to the Blacks, The citizens of France, yeah White folks, will leave Paris to radical Muslims. I know, they’re doing “air strikes” in Syria, but that’s ridiculous. Laughably, France is going to tow thier aircraft carrier to Syria through the Med, but all that is nonsense. When you only run 4 or 5 sorties a day, you accomplish nothing, especially when you drop leaflets before you bomb so you don’t hurt…civilians? I’m not sure the bad guys sit in place while the women and children run. Gee, last I looked, Islam doesn’t sweat the civilians and indeed, their main weapon is breeding in great numbers, they brag about replacing Europeans with themselves. Therefore, you MUST kill their women and children too. That’s not happening.

    Bleat and fart in protest though we may, Europe is lost. The population angle is in place even if Islam lights off not one more attack. Bombing overseas is meaningless because the threat to Paris is the teeming, steaming radicalized ghettos of East Paris; population, 450,000 last I read. France, a country with draconian gun laws with a Muslim population armed to the teeth stronger than the police, better armed than the military and assuredly a no-go region for either. Wanna bomb? Bomb indiscriminately the great radical Islamic ghettos of East Paris. Pay no mind to women and children. A great, self-inflicted Dresden air strike against targets in your own country is the only way, a genocide Islam will visit upon the French one day in any case.

    France has a decision to make. Commit genocide against Muslims in their midst; they can surrender the cities to them and leave; or stay in place and have genocide committed upon themselves, a National suicide and/or enslavement. And we here, must decide whether to follow where Europe leads. For all this time, for all the money and American lives lost since 9/11, it ain’t looking too good so far and our President’s preferences in the matter do not impress favorably.

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  • Adam

    Explain how it’s in the Jews interest to have Muslim hordes destroy the world?