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Watch My Live YouTube Stream with Ann Sterzinger and Davis Aurini Tonight at 10PM Eastern


As many of you probably already know, Trigger Warning co-editor Ann Sterzinger recently exposed the psychopathy and fraud of her business partner, Rachel Haywire. While I’ve had a front-row seat to Haywire’s narcissism and abuse of Ann for several months now, there’s a ton of stuff about which most of you have no clue.

Rachel Haywire is a monster, and it’s time to slay the dragon.

Tonight at 10pm EST/7pm PST, I’ll be doing a live YouTube stream with Ann, allowing her to talk more about Haywire and her mental problems. We’ll also discuss what will be happening with Trigger Warning and a whole lot more. We will also be joined by Sarkeesian Effect co-creator Davis Aurini, who will provide insight on Haywire’s character and narcissism in general.

You can watch the stream when it starts by using the window below, or you can click here to watch it on YouTube and join the chat. You can also use the window below to watch a recording of the stream after it ends.

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