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Watch My Live YouTube Stream with Davis Aurini and Quintus Curtius Tonight at 10PM Eastern


Only losers go out to the bars on New Years’ Eve. Every decent watering hole will be packed to the brim with amateurs who think puking their guts out in the toilet is a fun night. Do yourself a favor: grab a six-pack, stay in and listen to my live YouTube stream tonight! Starting at 10pm EST/7pm PST, Davis Aurini, Quintus Curtius and I will be chatting about anything and everything and taking your questions as well.

You can watch the stream when it starts by using the window below, or you can click here to watch it on YouTube and join the chat. You can also use the window below to watch a recording of the stream after it ends.

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  • Great stream you guys. It was enjoyable listening to you talk about a wide array of topics.