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A Week of Praise: Womanly Submission and Love



I don’t know how it happened. All I remember was how it felt. As my foot touched down on the ground, my ankle suddenly bent inward like a drink straw. Seized with pain, I lost my footing and rolled down the stairs in a heap.

“Jesus, Matt!”

“I’m fine, I’m fine… AAAAAAGH!”

I tried getting on my feet, but my right ankle refused to hold any weight. I felt back on the ground, panting.

“Fuck, I think I need some help.”

Bill and Alex grabbed my arms and helped me limp out of the building. The fire alarm clanged in my head like demonic church bells.

Outside the doors, college kids milled about in boredom and frustration. This building had fake fire alarms every other week, usually the result of some dumbass trying to tape plastic bags over his room’s alarm so he could smoke pot on the sly. Bill and Alex deposited me beside the stone railing outside the door, where I tried to regain my footing. My right ankle still wouldn’t hold any weight, so I clung to the railing while hobbling on my left foot.

“Wow, you really fucked your ankle up,” Bill said.

“I… can’t… put… any… weight on it,” I panted. My foot felt like it was going to fall off.

“You think it’s broken?”

“Nah, I’ll… be… fine,” I grunted out while wincing. “I’ve had this… happen before.”

It was a half-lie. I was used to twisting my ankle at unexpected times, leaving me limping for a couple of days. But I’d never been unable to walk period.

After five minutes of trying to hoist myself onto the railing to lie down, I convinced Bill and Alex to help drag me back to my place. Not like they had anything better to do with the fire alarm still ringing. Crawling onto my bed, I yanked my sneakers and socks off and nearly recoiled in horror. My ankle was swollen to the size of a grapefruit and mottled black-and-blue, like a rotting plum. Every time I moved it so much as a millimeter, spikes of pain shot upwards into my leg.

I lay on the bed for what seemed like an eternity when my phone rang.

“Hi honey!”

“Oh, hi Annie,” I grumbled. She was the last person on Earth I wanted to talk to. “How was class?”

“Oh, it was pretty boring. The professor droned on about Lolita for an hour-and-a-half.” Her chipper attitude was grating on my nerves. “How was your day?”

“Ugh… Bill’s dorm had another fucking fake fire alarm. Twisted my ankle on the way out.”

“Omigod, are you alright?”

“I’ll be fi— AAAAAAGH!” More spikes shooting up my leg. “I can’t walk, but I’ll be fine in the morning.”

“You can’t walk?! I’ll get over there right away!”

“Oh for Chrissake honey.” Annie didn’t have a car, and our places were about a half-hour apart by bus. It was also late at night, when there were exactly two buses running that route, meaning she’d have to all but commit manslaughter in order to get a seat. “I said I’ll be fine.”

“You could have broken your ankle! Do you want me to call 911?” It was part concern, part threat.

“My ankle is not broken, It’s just swollen!” She wasn’t going to give in. “Alright fine, you can come over.”

“I’ll be there in a little bit,” Annie reassured me. “Do you need me to get anything?”

“An icepack, maybe?”

“Got it! See you soon, Matt!”

I got a knock on the door forty minutes later, half-rolling and hobbling over to let Annie in. She was carrying a Rite Aid bag in one hand and her gym bag in the other. Upon seeing me hopping along on one foot, her jaw dropped.

“Omigod Matt! Sit down, I’ve got something for you!”

She immediately dropped her bags and pulled out an icepack. I lay back down on the bed so she could wrap it around the oozing tumor that used to be my foot.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

“How did you even get home with that thing?” Annie clucked in disapproval.

“Fuck, Alex and Bill helped me home.”

“And they just left you here?”

“I told them I’d be fine!”

“Do you have a death wish or something, Matt? You can’t even walk!”

“I can take care of myself.”

“Not like this you can’t.” Annie put her hands on her hips, like she was a mother talking to her three-year old son. “I’m staying the night to make sure nothing happens.”

“Don’t you have class at like 8:30?”

“This is more important.” She fished into the Rite Aid bag. “Here, I’ve got some aspirin for the pain.”

“Nah, nah, it’s fine. Get some Vicodin out of my stash.” I motioned to the top drawer of my dresser.

“You have Vicodin and you haven’t taken any yet? What is wrong with you?” She rummaged through my socks, pulling out a Ziploc bag full of white pills.

“I said I was fine.”

“How many do you need?”

“Eh, two for me, two for you.”

Annie waltzed over and handed me the pills. I popped them into my mouth without thinking. As I drifted off into opioid-induced slumber, I suddenly noticed she was wearing heels and a skirt.

“Ugh…” I blacked out.


I didn’t come to until morning, feeling like I’d gotten a deep tissue massage from an angel. The clock read 10:18. Annie had draped herself over me like John Lennon clinging to Yoko Ono. I stirred around a bit to wake her up.

“Mmmm… how’s your ankle, honey?” She propped herself up on my chest.


I wiggled my ankle around. It still ached with a dull pain, but the agony of last night was over. Annie rolled herself off me so I could get up.

“Hurts less than it did last night.” I gingerly placed my feet on the ground. “I think I’ll be— AH, AH!”

I could support a little bit of my weight on the foot now, but not enough to stand on. I fell back onto the bed. Fortunately, the swelling was reduced; my ankle was now the size of an orange.

“I think you should stay in today,” Annie lectured.

“I’ll be fine, damnit,” I snapped. “I’ve got class in an hour.”

“You can’t even stand on that foot! How do you think you’re going to be able to walk all the way to class?”

“Will you stop smothering me?” I was getting sick of her clinginess.

“You can’t go anywhere today. I’ll get your assignments for you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Alright, fine.” I crawled back onto the bed, defeated, and stared at the ceiling while Annie went into the bathroom to clean herself up.

“You need anything else while I’m out?” she said as she grabbed her things.

“I dunno, maybe get me some soup from the dining hall?”

“Gotcha. Love you, Matt.”

She pecked me on the lips and walked out the door.


Years ago, I was listening to Michael Savage and he was talking about a Norwegian (?) movie he had watched, about an academic who was slowly going senile to the point where he was losing control of his bodily functions. (At least that’s what I think it was about; this was a decade ago and I can’t remember the name of the movie.) As Savage said it, there was one scene where the protagonist’s wife was cleaning up his colostomy bag or something and he asked her what she was doing. Her reply (as Savage put it) stuck with me:

I’m cleaning up your shit, and I hate doing it, but I’m doing it because I love you!

Feminists accuse men like us of just wanting girls to be “servants” and “sex toys” with comments like “Go make your own damn sandwich!” Per usual, they’re missing the point entirely. I can take care of myself just fine, but I still want a girl to do nice things for me because unconditional self-sacrifice is one of the foundational principles of a relationship.

If you truly love someone, you should be prepared to do things for them that you wouldn’t do for anyone else, even at great personal expense to yourself. That’s the very essence of love; wanting to please your boyfriend/husband just because. And you can’t please a man by bragging about your bogus job accomplishments, wearing him down with pointless arguments about politics, or withholding sex because you’re “not in the mood.”

You do it by serving him, not because he can’t take care of himself, but because submission is what makes a girl into a woman.

There was no reason for Annie to upend her entire schedule to watch over me. As I mentioned already, our places were forty minutes apart, and I wasn’t in any particular danger. I’d dealt with twisted ankles before, so I really didn’t need her help. She ended up missing two classes the next day because she was taking care of me. She did it because she loved me.

And it is that feminine, nurturing nature that brings out the masculinity in every man.

Take note, ladies: do you want a good man, a strong man? Stop asking what he can do for you and start asking what you can do for him. When you’ve started putting his desires ahead of your own, you are one step closer to happiness.

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  • Cameron

    Though not endowed with muliebrity, some of those chicks who came after you were quite hot. I wonder if they would find a tall, strapping, Australian National Socialist sympathiser attractive? The PJ O’Rourke quote and all.

  • I’m a new fan of your blogging. I believe you wrote something last week about women and being anti-feminism and I just couldn’t believe someone had the balls to publish something to blatant on the internet, lol. Especially given the current state of American Women. Anyway, I agree with you in large part. However, I disagree with the notion that submission is the natural state of all women. We have to acknowledge that some women are not naturally submissive. There are plenty of submissive fish in the sea for Alpha Males to pick from. I may be wrong, but based on your writings it seems you have encountered a lot of man hating feminist who refuse to complement your needs as a man with your though process regarding man/woman relationships… I suggest you focus more on your ”targeted” demographic when it comes to women, and make an intelligent decision when dating them.. You KNOW who you are, you know what you need, so see to it that the women you chose to allow in your personal space have come to serve and complement.. Even in being submissive, that is a ”choice” that one must make themselves.

  • How’s Annie doin’ right now, bro?

  • @Eli Marcus

    With the right man any woman will submit.

  • Your story illustrates a really important point about feminine submission (nota bene: women should be kind and respectful toward but not submissive to men to whom they are not married).

    Feminists have the mistaken idea that a woman submits to her husband when he orders her to do something awful and, like a good little doormat, she tearfully obeys him in whatever dreadful order he’s given her. Although on very rare occasion a wife might have to submit to such a command, it is not the real substance of feminine submission. True feminine submission is when a woman chooses to put herself second and her man first. She willingly chooses to put his needs and desires front and center in her mind and to place her own selfish desires second.

    For many of us, what that looks like is choosing to show our husbands a kind, gentle, sweet attitude even though we may be tired, cranky, and out of sorts and tempted to snap at him or disrespect him. We submit our selfish desire to vent our grumpiness; we show him submission by treating him with honor and deference.

    It is rarely the case that submission looks like a woman obeying a command and far more frequently the case that submission looks like a woman treating her man like her king.

    Hear, O daughter, and consider, and incline your ear:
    forget your people and your father’s house,
    and the king will desire your beauty.
    Since he is your lord, bow to him. – Psalm 45:10-11

  • Megan

    I can (sort of) get on board with the general idea you’ve got going on here. But I’d add that the man in the relationship should also be willing to make sacrifices for his woman. Not necessarily a cut and dry equal sacrifice (sandwich for sandwich), but something of similar value. Is that such a terrible thing?

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  • @Megan

    What makes you assume that the man will not sacrifice to the woman? You assume that men do not know their obligations when society has been blaring them through media and academia?

    This article is about the women. And women’s obligations. Since the mainstream already provides obligations for men. It is time for women to uphold their end of the bargain.

  • deti

    Men don’t need to be told to sacrifice for women. Their entire lives are sacrifices for women. A man simply giving up his freedom and singleness to commit himself to one woman and invest all he has in her is a sacrifice the likes of which no woman will ever even understand, much less undertake.

  • JimJim


    Relax bro. You and her are already (close enough to being) on the same page.

  • mint


    I really enjoy your page. I like your point-of-view. It’s refreshing.

    Regarding this actual post, how is woman supposed to find this confident, dominant man? My idea of finding this man is getting into the workforce and working around these men. I can’t get in without getting an education. Catch-22?

  • Clover

    Is that what you consider submission? To me, it seemed like she was taking charge and ordering you around – for your own good, admittedly, and with good reason. But I would just call that caring, not submitting. It’s funny, because by your definition I guess I’d count as submissive, and it’s one of the things I’ve always found sits wrong with me when I read your articles…but if by ‘submissive’ you mean affectionate, emotionally invested, and self sacrificing, I guess that puts your previous writing in a different light.

    Oh well, that’s a good enough excuse to re-read your posts for me!

  • Varenya

    So, if you love a girl, would you submit to her? Take note ladies: this is the kind of man you never wanna date.

  • Irritated woman

    @deti ‘A man simply giving up his freedom and singleness to commit himself to one woman and invest all he has in her is a sacrifice’ – oh a man committing to one woman and keeping it in his pants around all the others is the biggest sacrifice of all! Ridiculous! Women commit to men absolutely in the same way so your argument is pointless!

    Everything about this blog fucks me off, you are a ridiculous excuse for a man seriously, until you are willing to clean up your wife/girlfriend’s ‘shit’ , not in other ways…in exactly the same ways then your argument is dead.

  • mary

    And it’s submission that makes a boy into a man. I completely agree, “That’s the very essence of love; wanting to please your boyfriend/husband just because.” Men will help and submit to their girlfriends/wives out of love, and women will help and submit to their boyfriends/husbands out of love, and

    Love isn’t exclusive to one gender.

  • You Wish

    So what would you say separates a boy from a man then?

  • albert

    the idea that men excel in providing resources, if women boost their confidence by treating them as kings, is the foundation of a loving and lasting relationship, is utterly conservative and idealistic. i share this believe, since woman and man have different responibilities their priorities, thoughts and actions differ. the symmetry is broken, which is great, because if everything would be symmetrical, it essentially would be the same, thus not allowing complex and interessting systems to develope. differences are crucial for our sucess.

    most propably humans and their ancestors splitted the responibility for raising the children and providing resources between men and women exactly this way for millions of years. by now evolution optimized us for this model. we are experts for this life style. take a look at our bodies and traits. are these all social constructs or is this an optimization according to the different responibilities?

    for decades we try to improve on the way we live together and raise our children, but lately we haven’t been very sucessful. people are less happy, everybody complains, there is hatred … i think that we tried to change too much, since it was against the instincts/nature of too many people. the traditional division of responibilies between men and women is a succes story and should be valued as such. we shouldn’t fight an uphill battle. we might be doomed to loose.

  • Jim

    Sorry Mary, it’s dominance (taking charge) that makes the man, submission that makes the girl. Yin and yang. Not yang and yang or yin and yin.

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  • john

    Submission is never a good thing. Doing something good for your spouse (be they the husband or wife) is unconditional love or at least is human decency. The idea that a woman should be submissive to a man is backwards archaic thinking. Women are equal to men and as such should be given all the respect that any man expects to receive back from her. This author is delusional and I feel bad for any woman would submit to a life of subservient behavior just to please a man.

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  • Haylie Roche

    so she shows her love by serving you, and you, according to some of your other articles, show your love by hitting her and playing mind games with her? sounds like she’s a soft beta and your a conniving bitch.

  • Haylie Roche

    cuz i mean if he really didn’t want her “suffocating” him, he could have just decked her with his manly, loving fist.

  • Haylie Roche

    umm I’m pretty sure women give up their singleness when committing to a monogamous relationship with a man. i don’t see how a man giving up being single is more of a sacrifice than a woman doing the same. sounds like you’re a lazy pudge who can’t contribute to a working relationship.

  • Haylie Roche

    Yeah that’s a bunch of bullshit you guys made up to justify your exploitation of girls who can’t think for themselves.

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    There is no exploitation at all. If you’re a girl, you better behave like one. If you want to be the ‘man’, then you have to die and take birth AS A MAN. I’ll give you an example of exploitation – Alimony


    Sure, it isn’t exclusive, but the 2 genders are DIFFERENT duties. If they had the same, the relationship, the family or the society – none would sustain.
    E.g. In a company, does everyone do the same job? Same role? NO. Why? Because everyone is DIFFERENT and everyone is good or bad at something. And so, the person who is good at X, is told to do X. The person who is good at Y, is told to do Y. Get it, kid?


    Awww ‘irritated woman’ awwwww triggered. You’re so bothered by FACTS, you made an account with the name ‘irritated woman’ to comment here. Ahahahahahahahah Look at yourself first..


    A man is someone who is manly i.e. Dominant, Strong, NON-feminist, NON-mangina, mostly NON-libtard leftist faggot. A man does the RIGHT thing, And doesn’t submit to anybody. Not submitting to anybody doesn’t mean he is a bad person. He’s just doing what evolution has taught him to do, and not what the fucking society created norms tell him to do.


    What is wrong with women being submissive i.e. women dong what they are SUPPOSED to do, according to 1000s of years of evolution and how genetics tells her to do, NOT what the fucking neo leftist gynocentric man hating society wants her to do.


    I agree. Sacrifice is sacrifice. Doing the same things doesn’t make it fair. It makes it stupid. A man has certain roles, and a woman has certain roles. Why? Because they are made that way. They are not equal, never were, never will be, and never should be. When you try to make the 2 sexes equal, problems and destruction starts


    But you had no problem with women all over doing the same for so long and men being soft beta, even though it’s twice as wrong. Why twice as wrong? Because Men are stronger and harder naturally, and they are supposed to be. Women are weaker and softer and they are supposed to be. I don’t see any problem in a woman being submissive and a man being dominant. That’s biology. Whenever people tried to go against biology, bad things happened.


    Stereotypical response from a Mangina. 0/10

  • Megan

    Wow, great article!! Feminists will never understand stuff like this. My feminist friends sure don’t. Which is why they have different boyfriends every few months and I have a fiance! :)

  • Megan


  • Shep Schultz

    Look. Another bitch created a profile just to stalk Matt Forney!
    If you’d fix your self up a bit, you know, to look more like the blond lady than the brunette, you’d be a much happier person.

  • Taylor Kuykendall

    But we don’t know which person in the company is good at doing X or Y just based on their body parts. It’s one thing to fill a certain role because it’s what you’re good at, it’s another thing entirely to fill a certain role just because of what you happened to be born as.

  • Taylor Kuykendall

    Wrong. I’m with the right man and I’ll never “submit.”

  • Josef Schaffer

    Mysoginyst slag, what a trite and bigoted article.

  • Megan

    Why don’t you shut up? :)


    Which means you’re not with the right man. Or you’re not the right woman yourself LOL

  • Taylor Kuykendall

    It’s nothing to do with the man, I’d never submit to any man who wasn’t in a legitimate position of authority. I’m just not a submissive woman, and I never will be.

  • Taylor Kuykendall

    I honestly can’t stop laughing at “what they are SUPPOSED to do,” like we’re dogs or something.




    Divorce lawyers right up the block, you’re angry coz you’ve got a menstrual clock.




    How about 50 shades of grey? Did you like that? If you did, you’re a lying hypocrite and you LOVE being dominated, just like ALL women.

  • Taylor Kuykendall

    I hated it. He was an abusive rapist and she was a weak piece of shit. So you might not like my personality, but I’m not a hypocrite.

  • Taylor Kuykendall

    I’d rather be a bitch than be submissive.

  • Cheshire Mandrell

    To many choices leave her to make bad decision’s, the shopping list helps her to relate to being on her knees in the bedroom.