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Welfare is the New Middle Class


This is a guest post by the Captain Power.

I was on Twitter the other day when someone forwarded me the above picture from the White House. At first, I was befuddled. How did they come with such a low rate? I have been researching Obamacare since day one; was I missing something? How are they coming up with $50 or less per month?

I decided to fake apply for insurance on the New York City exchange, and the least expensive plan I was offered was for $170 a month. I wrote back to the person who sent me this picture and I said, “Those numbers can’t be correct, that would be the least expensive plan in the entire country!”

The response I received made my jaw drop:

They are including Medicaid and subsidies.

Are you fucking kidding me? You’re including welfare as part of the average cost? The Government had the nerve to include free Medicaid insurance and premiums that people will pay after receiving subsidies into the average cost with people that will pay the full price!

Let me show you how ridiculous this is. Let’s say you live on a street with nine other people. All nine of them are unemployed and receive food stamps and you don’t. If everyone went to buy a $10 steak on Friday, according to the government’s logic, the steak would only cost $1 per person! Nine people would get the steak for free with food stamps, and you would pay $10. That is why you cannot add welfare into the average price of health insurance.

Its a sad fact, but the U.S. government is now encouraging and promoting the fact that most young people are receiving welfare. But I’m not even surprised, because welfare has become the new middle class in America. As of 2013, more than $40 million Americans are on food stamps. Growing up in Brooklyn, I was surrounded by tons of poor people on welfare, and I knew about all the scams:

  • The old lady buying ground beef for her dog because food stamps don’t cover pet food.
  • The Puerto Rican family down the block that would return some of their food to the bodega for cash,and let the owner resell it minus his “cut.”
  • The unmarried family of four that received full benefits because there was no record of the working “dad” living there, although I saw him walking to the subway every morning with his briefcase.

And I didn’t care because these people were legitimately poor. But now it is spreading to the middle class. People are incentivized in this country to have children and never get married. Getting divorced can now ensure your spouse free medical, and can save a family thousands in annual health care costs.

This system is broken, and eventually it’s going to implode.

You have been warned.

Power out!

The Captain Power blogs at Captain Power’s Underground Training SiteAlso check out his book Work Out, Lose Weight and Stop Being Single.

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  • Captain Power like you i grew up around people who received Public Assistance in the Bronx! Hell i even have some family members receiving those benefits! Which really piss me off because they act as if they are entitled to get hand outs! Why are they adding people on welfare and Medicaid in Obamacare? Don’t those people already have coverage through Medicaid?

    As always Captain the system is rigged to steal from the working man and give to the parasites!

    I say let the system crash!

  • Wilson

    Haven’t the middle class been using Medicaid for old age care for quite a while?

  • Medicaid is for the poor, Medicare is for the elderly…

  • The Home Depot orange is a nice touch.

  • Jimm

    I had to ride with a guy from California at my relatively high paying job (60-80k a year).

    He was explaining that even though he’s married with two kids, CA doesn’t verify marriage. So his wife went down to the food stamp office and said she’s a single mom of 2. They get food stamps and medicaid as a result. He declines the company insurance because he’s pretty healthy and he knows he can just go into a hospital and get whatever he needs and not pay for it.

    He then explained that since the CA tax people don’t talk to the food stamp people, or verify anything, he claims 9 people on his CA tax. He get’s every penny back.

    I know its anecdotal, but it was impressive.

  • Thats insane, california is heading for big trouble….

  • “I have been researching Obamacare since day one”

    I am one of those people who got a cancellation letter for my individual family plan after almost ten years. Even though I didn’t vote for Obama I foolishly believed the “you can keep your plan” story. The insurance company (Anthem BC/BS of Connecticut) claim that it is being cancelled due to ObamaCare. The least expensive plan I can replace it with is 30% more expensive with fewer benefits and higher deductibles.

    I have read that the ObamaCare law was written in such a way that grandfathered clauses would have to be cancelled and that Obama just lied about it. However, a leftist friend of mine said that the law does permit grandfathered plans: but the insurance companies are just using ObamaCare as an excuse to cancel plans they deem insufficiently profitable.

    Since you seem to be up on ObamaCare, do you know what the real story is? Why are all these individual plans being cancelled?

  • Tim

    You need to learn the difference between a median and a mean. This poster says that half of (as in 1 out of every 2) single, uninsured people age 18 to 34 will pay less than $50, not that the average price is $50 (it isn’t). This means that your analogy is wrong, the correct analogy would be:

    Let’s say you live on a street with nine other people. 5 of them are unemployed and receive food stamps and you don’t. If everyone went to buy a $10 steak on Friday, according to the government’s logic, half of you would receive the steak for free! 5 people would get the steak for free with food stamps, and you, and 4 others, would pay $10. That is why you can add welfare into the average price of health insurance when you are talking about a median not a mean.

  • This system is broken, and eventually it’s going to implode.

    Nah. The system is doing precisely what it was designed to do…eliminate the middle class.

    Good post, though.

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  • @robert those old plans just werent profitable anymore with the new restrictions

    @tim come on, they are obviously being deceitful!