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The White Dames by Adam Lawson

white-damesThe most recent release in Adam Lawson’s Cigars and Legs series, The White Dames is a collection of three short stories following private eye Ron Cavanaugh through three seemingly disparate but interrelated cases. If you’re looking for snappy dialogue, sultry dames and murder, look no further:

Smoking a long cigarette, or rather letting it accumulate ashes in her hands, was a young woman, maybe twenty-one or twenty-two, and built with the typical Donnelly tall and lithe form, legs up to here and bare up to her dangerously short blue jean shorts. She wore a red top that didn’t cover her abdomen and a big pair of dark sunglasses over her eyes. Blond hair spilled out from under her white hat.

While ostensibly intended as a “starter” for those who haven’t read the other Cigars and Legs books, The White Dames’ brevity and lack of detail makes it ill-suited for anyone who isn’t already a fan of the series. Don’t get me wrong: Lawson’s writing and dialogue are just as crisp as ever. But unless you’ve read the previous books, you’ll be lost when recurring characters from them, such as Cavanaugh’s squeeze Audrey, make an appearance.

The White Dames was the first of Lawson’s books I read, and I wasn’t able to fully grasp it until I read The Boots Are Red and The Boots Come Off.

Bottom line: if you’ve read the previous Cigars and Legs books, The White Dames is a worthy buy, as it’s more of the same. If you haven’t read the previous books, check them out first.

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