Matt Forney
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Life Imitates Art: White Trash Metal Edition

Last Tuesday, in my “Why I’m Manning Up” article, I jokingly wrote about my future ex-wife absconding to Colorado with her new boyfriend, “the lead singer for a Pantera tribute band.” I didn’t think anything of it at the time; I wrote that post tongue-in-cheek, and that line was supposed to represent how much of a loathsome tramp my future ex-wife would be. I mean, it’s hard to get douchier or trashier than the founders of the white trash metal genre, Pantera.

Then last night, I was walking to Jimmy John’s for a sandwich when a fat blonde in a too-tight dress pressed this into my hand:

The best part? I had to pull my earbuds out to hear her talking to me, telling me that “it’s gonna be a good time.” I was listening to Ariel Pink’s new album, Mature Themes, about as far away from Dimebag Darrell as you could get.

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