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Who’s Afraid of Theresa May?

NOTE: This article was originally published at Medium on June 7, 2017. I’m re-posting it here because I recently deleted my Medium account.

Tomorrow (Thursday), the United Kingdom votes on who will head their next government. If all goes according to the pollsters, Theresa May’s Conservatives will win a landslide victory, crushing Labour and securing an unbreakable mandate for the next five years. Most importantly, Brexit will become a 100 percent certainty, with Remain voices in Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and the Scottish National Party marginalized for good. Many leftists have conceded that the Tories will glide to victory, though that certainly won’t stop the outflow of tears from the snowflake set. Cry moar, widdle babies.

Does that make Theresa May Donald Trump with a sex change? Er, well…

While I enjoy sipping from the left’s tears of unfathomable sadness, a May mandate is nothing to cheer about. This would-be 21st century Iron Lady is in actuality not only the most left-wing prime minister the Tories have ever fielded, she’s the most left-wing prime minister the U.K. has had since James Callaghan.

The left may be revving up the waterworks in anticipation of tomorrow’s results, but that’s because of May’s stance on one issue: Brexit. It may seem odd that the lefties who claim to be all about the working man have made the European Union into their lodestone, considering that the E.U. works on behalf of banksters and is crushing the working man beneath its heels. That’s because regardless of what the E.U. actually does, the left loves it because it symbolizes the deracinated, castrated, cosmopolitan vision of life they cling to. The European Union works to destroy national identity and distinctiveness, replacing it with cookie-cutter consumerism and multiracialism, turning the most vibrant continent in the world into a shit-colored canvas of blandness.

That’s exactly what the left wants, not just in Europe and the U.K., but the U.S. as well. Remember back during the Dubya years when lefties kept gushing about how much nicer and more “progressive” Europe was compared to the States? The “Europe” that the left fetishized had no relation to the actual peoples of Europe. They didn’t give a damn about French cuisine, German literature, or Italian history: their image of Europe was a place where the American values of diversity, multiculturalism, and apathy were practiced more fervently than in the U.S. itself. It’s like how Canadians try to distinguish themselves from those evil Bible-beating rednecks down south by being pluralistic and friendly to immigrants, not realizing that those ideas are fifth-generation American Xeroxes.

The Brexit victory ended all that in the minds of the left. It doesn’t matter that under Theresa May’s aegis, British society and government policy hasn’t changed in any substantive way. The U.K. is still letting in hordes of non-white immigrants, the police are still arresting online shitposters for “hate speech,” and the government still responds to Muslim terrorist attacks by refusing to admit that the problem is Islam itself. The only difference is that Britain will be doing these things on its own, without an unelected star chamber in Brussels to point fingers at when things go south. But to the left, for whom the symbolism of the European Union was more important than the actual organization, Brexit represents an irreversible turn away from their dream of a chicken in every pot and a poz load in every neghole.

Theresa May isn’t even that committed to leaving the E.U. It’s long been forgotten that during the Brexit campaign, she was a Remain supporter. In the wake of the Leave victory, she emerged victorious in the Tories’ subsequent leadership race, after the pro-Brexit half of the party collapsed into internecine backstabbing. Thing is, she’s also smart enough to realize that going back on Brexit would result in her party getting wiped out at the polls. Her gamble has paid off: the Tories are riding high in part due to picking up support from the dying U.K. Independence Party. With Brexit a fait accompli and Nigel Farage enjoying a well-earned retirement, UKIP no longer has any reason to exist.

theresa may

It certainly doesn’t hurt May that the opposition parties are falling apart. Labour has been in turmoil since the Brexit referendum, with Jeremy Corbyn’s control tenuous at best. Beyond being a walking stereotype of everything people hate about leftists—he’s a teetotaling, bike-riding vegetarian who wants to renationalize the railways—Corbyn’s lukewarm support for the Remain campaign (he hails from the old, pre-Tony Blair wing of the party, which opposed the E.U. and its predecessors) infuriated many of his colleagues. He survived a leadership challenge last year from Owen Smith, who represents the New Labour wing of the party, but the continuing chaos in the party combined with Corbyn’s far-left stances on most issues has doomed Labour’s chances of a comeback.

The Liberal Democrats, who were cut down to only eight seats in the last election, have quixotically tried to turn this election into a second Brexit referendum. While this will possibly lure off Brexit opponents from both Labour and the Tories, the party’s anemic polling suggests that many Remainers are sick of the issue and just want to get Brexit over with. Indeed, the Liberal Democrats may end up helping Theresa May pad her lead by splitting the vote with Labour. The Conservatives are even doing well in Scotland—where they’ve held just one seat for the past sixteen years—with polls suggesting they will take several seats from the SNP.

The U.K. is roughly in the same position the U.S. is in. Anti-white hatred from the left has forced many previously Labour-supporting whites into supporting the Conservatives and right-wing causes; Brexit won in part due to heavy support among Labour-dominated towns in the north of England. The English outside of the big leftist cities see those cities acting increasingly insane—the mayor of London is an ISIS-supporting Muslim, for crying out loud—and run into the Tories’ arms. And much like how Trump’s victories in previously Democratic states like Wisconsin helped propel the American left to new anti-white heights, Brexit and other right-wing victories in Britain have progressively driven the left crazy. At one point, leftists were sincerely arguing that old people (who are primarily white) shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

So no, Theresa May is not our friend, not when her response to Muslim terrorism is to announce draconian, 1984-esque Internet controls. But tomorrow, when the lefty tears start flowing, I’m gonna uncork a bottle of Hungarian plonk and laugh.

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