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Why Married Men Deserve to Get Screwed Over in Divorce


This post will not endear me to the MRA loser brigade. I don’t care; it’s the truth.

Unless he’s your friend, you have no reason to care about any man who get raped in divorce.

And no, I’m not going to give some keyboard jockey reason why: “Oh well, if he just had better game, she wouldn’t have divorced him.” It’s a matter of intelligence, not game.

Twenty years ago, the Internet didn’t exist except in fetal form; CompuServe dialup on a 386. Marriage was still largely assumed to be a good thing, and the means to spread the truth didn’t exist.

Ten years ago, the Internet was still in its Wild West Goatse stage, used mainly by computer geeks. The truth about marriage was still buried and difficult to find.

Now, in the year 2012?

The reality of marriage in America is easier to find than a used needle in a junkie’s trash can. Blogs, forums and websites exposing the dangers of divorce and the sheer ass-poundage of family courts are everywhere. And every man knows (or knows a guy who knows) at least one poor bastard who’s living in a crummy studio apartment with lawn furniture because his paychecks are being garnished for child support and/or alimony. The manosphere is popular and growing, and our ideas are seeping out into the public consciousness.

In other words, the reality about how much of a risk marriage is—and how little of a payoff it provides—is common knowledge.

In previous decades, men who got divorced were worthy of sympathy because none of this was well-known. Now? Any man outside of a strict religious subculture who gets married in this climate is a fool.

More than a fool though, he’s arrogant.

He thinks he’s a special little snowflake. That he’s exempt from the rules. That his little snookums is different from all those other bitches.

Pride goeth before the fall.

So if you have a friend who wants to get married, do your damndest to talk him out of it. But if he does it anyway, don’t give him a shoulder to cry on when he finds himself out on his ass in five years. You told him so.

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  • Kevin

    Brilliant! I got married 21 yrs ago, when the internet was not around, leaving high school in the 70s only geeks with tape on their glasses used computers. We were still thinking like “father knows best” that cultural lie. Yes, everyman getting married whos girlfreind is hot for him , will always think that this amorous behavior of being in love will last forever. the engagement ring , is this symbol of making a man jump through hoops for her, a rite of female passage, used mostly to shove under other girls noses, the bigger the ring, the better the catch she made. when i was young , the commercials stated a ring was to be 2 months salary, now the commercials say 3 months salary. (WHY)… the engangement ring which energizes the female, gets joined or replaced byt the wedding ring, this ring has the magical power of making her demanding, trying to now to change that man, who she thought was formerly perfect. It also has sometimes the power to change her. ive seen wedding rings that have the power to make her double or triple in size!!! that 120 lb affectionate vixen becomes a huge soul sucking cow. didn’t the lord of the rings teach us anything? wearing gold rings can only lead to no good, it will wither you to nothing, take your free will make your wife fat, and take away anything you have earned. Just remember this…what is a mans best friend? A dog, loyalty, friendship love. What as the songs says, is a girls best friend? A Diamond. How shallow! (but most women don’t refute that song. remember, there is a song on the radio- about a jilted girl, who sees her mans truck at a club, she keys it takes a louisville slugger bat to the headlights, and carves her name in the leather seats, because he cheats. turn that upside down for a minute, if a girl cheats and a man vandalizes her car in revenge, how does it end? jail. Yet the song is an anthem for women everywhere. Before you get married, remember the double standard. Legally very simple in the eyes of the court: men bad, women good. even if it isn’t actually so. There are many platitides thrown at men for what it means to be a dad, to be a man, statement like grow up and be a man, man up, we even grwo up with the knowledge that someday we sign up for the selective service, meaning we register for the draft, a pressure women will never know. and we know that in divorce, women get half our stuff. yet women are like smoking, we know its bad for us, but many still do it. call it our bilogical imperative: we want women, and need them. But even though we get a bad rap, i believe men with all our faults are the more spiritual of the species. yes we are dogs and want sex (which is our downfall) but women are at heart materialistic. look at personal ads. men want a nice girl a funny girl a pretty girl. BUT LOOK AT ANY FEMALE personal ad, how many do you see without the phrase “financially stable” meaning have money or access to it? (remember what a girls best friend is)so remember, before you take that plunge into marriage, if it lasts, kudos, much respect, but if it doesnt and you become one of those 50% statistical divorces, think about your bachelor party, and all those married men telling you not to do it. that loving woman, if you get divorced will want your house, your kids, and if she can, she will have your gonads on a silver platter.

  • IndigoLamprey

    “didn’t the lord of the rings teach us anything? wearing gold rings can only lead to no good”

    That part was beautiful, and I laughed.

  • artisanal toad

    There is a way to have a marriage in which a no-fault divorce is out of the question and everything is set in stone from the moment the marriage takes place. The State is not able to change the law and effect your marriage because your marriage has its own private law.

    I’ve written a book about how to do it and the process works. The problem most people have is that they simply don’t understand the significance of getting a marriage license. Look up Meister v. Moore (1878), in which the Supreme Court held that laws requiring a marriage license are ‘merely directory.’ You may want to look up the legal definition of what a license is (permission to do something you don’t have the right to do) and the definition of a marriage license (permission to marry someone who is not of your race) before trying to break my balls on this issue.

    No marriage license, and everyone involved signs a marital covenant that covers all the issues. Done. As long as the contract covers all the necessary areas and provides an escape clause, it can’t be broken. The key is to make staying in the marriage and working things out easier (and far more rewarding) than leaving. I wrote the book for Christians (cause the Bible forbids divorce between Christians- really) and suggested making the bar for leaving the marriage the renunciation of faith. If either one wants out, they renounce their faith before their church and leave. In that case, the one who leaves can go in peace but they leave with nothing. The assets, to include the children, stay with the faithful partner.

    The concept can be applied to secular marriage as well with a bit of thought. The point is that there is no reason for the State to be involved in marriage, which the Supreme Court has held to be a fundamental right for over 130 years. If you have the right to do it, you don’t need the State’s permission to do it. The Constitution protects the freedom to contract and marriage has always been considered a civil contract. Take back your marriage and write a contract of marriage (marital covenant). If you do that, you can turn the clock back (way, way back) to the time when divorce was really rare.

  • Robert

    Oh, man….if I had only known. While I agree with most of your post, artisanal toad (I find the issue of the marital covenant most intriguing)….there is one thing I do take issue with: the bible, in fact, does allow for divorce….but only under one specific circumstance….which is, adultery (don’t argue with me about it, take it up with Jesus….he said it Himself {see Matthew 5:32, 19:9}).
    I most certainly agree that it is way too easy to get a divorce nowadays, and I think that’s why a lot of people don’t even try to work at their marriages. Nowadays, someone passes gas the wrong way….off to divorce court. And our current, totally screwed-up society lends itself to this kind of thinking. Always the easy way out. Makes a mockery of the fine institution of marriage. These people DO NOT DESERVE to be in a loving relationship. They deserve to wind up bitter, old and alone (how my first wife ended up). Selfish, stupid people! Get your heads out of your behinds!

  • Austin Martin

    Well, the problem, I would argue, is that gender roles have changed so drastically in the last century. In the old days, men had a place and women had a place. Now a days, men and women don’t really need each other (as you’ve said in the self-esteem post).

    For example, I’m young and religious, and when I date, I make it clear early on that I don’t want my future wife to have a career. That may be a problem for a lot of women, but I’m trying to do preventative maintenance now.

  • Pat

    Let’s at least be honest here, most of these guys aren’t going to have the option. Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking they will.

  • Blu Soulstn

    Ouch but true… Makes you feel for the guys that got married 20-30 years ago just to watch theirs wives get changed and tempted by today’s situations and standards. Some are pry thinking if they know the laws and society would change and screw me I would have never gotten married.

  • Brian Black

    The married man and you are both wrong. He is wrong for not seeing reality and you are wrong because your existence relies on a society of whose pillars you are denigrating. I hate false dichotomies, and whenever it seems like people may be waking up, they just create new ones and withdraw into their excuses.
    Being a shock jock doesn’t make you truthful or clever, it just makes you part of the problem, along with feminists and all the other assholes. Frankly, I am disappointed in you, which you probably don’t care about, but you should be disappointed in yourself for internalizing and justifying the actions of women in this country/ the west. You are doing nothing but enabling them.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Outstanding take!

  • hostage707

    There may be a few good old school women to wife up but I don’t believe that any modern woman today is worth the trouble. Marriages gone bad are a financial disaster for men and that reason alone is reason #1 to avoid them. Child support demanded by feminazi judges places a financial bounty on 100% of the fathers money while giving the kid to the woman, is reason #2 to have a kid via surrogate, if in fact you want to be a dad. This whole gay marriage thing reveals one thing. Marriage is strictly a construct of the State / Government. Its about benefits and liability / taxes. Gone are the days where religious institutions held the keys to the family unit. Now people are running to the state and its corrupt conventions for validation. It is sad and pathetic. If you are a guy and you get married, you are a fool and deserve what misery comes to you. If you have a kid, you still will be on the hook for child support but the 300 a month she spends on the child out of a 1200 a month support payment.., while banking the rest to have a $5000 boob job and drinking till 2 am riding the carousel is no way to raise a child. There is hope however. I just heard of such a woman losing custody of her 5 year old over such behavior. Either way it just is not worth it.

  • hostage707

    You might not have heard, a prenuptial agreement has been voided by feminazi judges and you will get screwed over royally… reasons of “she did not know her rights” to “the agreement is unfair” will quickly empty your bank account and give you a taste of our corrupt judicial system. It is all about getting the right lawyer who is friends with the judge, then you can get justice, but more times than not, it does not end well. Don’t get married and there is no agreement to be broken.

  • Don Dressel

    Yes I was a fool!
    I sold my home so my girlfriend could own a nicer home with me.
    Well to make a long story short almost 20 years later and after I got her a nice settlement on her work comp case and set her up in her retirement where she worked she decided she is not happy!
    When I met her she was renting a room from a friend
    Now after only being married 2 years we are divorced and sold the home and she owns a home with almost 2 acres and I’m broke living with my mom
    Yes what a fool I am!

  • Eric

    No we don’t deserve to be screwed over. The courts have to be forced to be more sympathetic to the male victim. I agree. Marriage should not exist and is extremely unfair to men. Just because its stupid to get married does not mean we should be robbed blind by some lazy bitch. I have the will power and the severe reality check of how fucked up relationships are today. I will never marry because only fools fall into it. The truth is sex is perpetually used against us to pressure us into getting married. Disease is rampant because stupid lazy disgusting people don’t seem to realize the importance of safe sex so one partner sounds more appealing even though its also a death trap. Damed if you do and damed if you don’t. How often do women get men drunk and then the stupid cunt gets pregnant and refuses to abort the mistake. By default the woman is getting he brat and we are given a huge bill because god forbid the government aid in these situations instead of bumming out on the male victim. I watched the most horrible marriage that should have ended in divorce within the first year but thanks to god damn Californian feminist bitches my father and I got stuck with a psychotic abusive drunk. I wish to God they had aborted me to spare me the misery of human stupidity. Could not get a divorce because then she gets to rob the family and continue to be a lazy, self serving abusive alcoholic who fucked up my life to the point I don’t even know why I bother anymore. Their needs to be strong laws to protect men from marriage fraud. Any time a bitch exploits marriage laws for free money deserves to be a god damn slave working 80 hrs a week like the man she fucked over. Marriage is a shame. DON’T fall for it. Get a vasectomy. To many people in the world. END MARRIAGE and you end oppression. If you don’t like the truth then go fuck yourselves. I am not saying all women are evil just most because they know they can get away with it and that lowers their morals which is why yes we need laws to protect the male victim.

  • Eric

    Truth hurts but the bitches and feminist Nazis need to be taken down. They use sex against us and its plastered everywhere we look pushing us to fuck or get married. If we comment on how we dislike it we are ridiculed as being gay or some other bull shit by our own gender. We are supposed to like being exposed to constantly. A guy takes a piss in an ally he runs the risk of being called a pedophile or exposure. If a woman does it to a man its healthy and ok? Fuck that and fuck love. No such thing, get a vasectomy practice safe sex but when it comes to relationships fuck them all. Their is no such thing as a loving marriage. Women are putting a god damn gun to our heads and raping us using our own over hyped sexuality. Women rape in their own way but they get away with it.