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Why You Should Start a Blog

As I mentioned two weeks ago when I shuttered the comments on this blog, if you really want to respond to something I’ve written, you should get your own fucking blog. I think everyone (and by that, I mean everyone with an IQ over 120) should have a blog. My friend Edengard has just started a blog, and you should make like him for the following reasons.

1. Blogging makes you a better writer.

People who’ve read my writing ask me how I got to be a such a good writer, and the answer is because I actually writeI’ve been blogging in one form or another since I was in high school. Politics, humor, porn: I’ve done it all. But even before that, I’d been writing since I was old enough to read. I’m a good writer because I’ve been practicing for the better part of twenty years.

You put in the work, you get the results.

Blogging makes you a better writer both because it lets you practice and because it lets you get feedback on your ideas and style. Some will be of the “Huh huh ur a fag” variety, but much will be useful to you in some capacity. Practicing and getting criticism from outside sources are the only ways to correct your errors and grow in skill: there are no shortcuts!

2. You expose yourself to new ideas.

I’ve learned more in the past six months blogging than in the previous six years, which includes my time in college. When you start blogging, you start reading more blogs, searching out new writers and learning about new ideas. Your intellectual curiosity, assuming you have any (and if you don’t, you’re too stupid to blog), is stimulated. Never before in the history of man has so much information been so freely available, so you should take advantage of it.

3. It’s not like you’re doing anything else with your time.

Here’s the life of the average American: come home from a long day of pushing paper, flop down on the couch and play video games. Or watch TV. Or read shitty fantasy novels. Blogging is a way better hobby because it forces you to think and produce something of value. You’re actively engaging yourself, putting your brain to work, being interactive instead of being a passive consumer of the idiotic entertainment Hollywood pacifies you with.

4. It lets you get attention.

Michael Savage used to solicit callers to his radio show by saying “if you get on the air, you’ll be heard by more people than you’ll ever meet in your entire life.” If you blog, you’ll be read by more people than you’ll ever meet in your entire life. If you’re a woman, you can be the fap fantasy for more men then you’ll ever have the displeasure of being creeped on in your entire life. With the Internet, attention whoring has never been cheaper or easier.

5. It’s easier than jacking it.

You can literally create a blog at and start writing in five minutes. Most other hobbies require a significant time/money expenditure.

So my readers, get your asses in gear and get thyself a blog. Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be a better man (or woman) for it.

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