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Wisconsin Campaign Dispatch, Part 1: Bernie Sanders’ Fans Want to Shoot Donald Trump

My Wisconsin presidential excursion began with a bang: I met two black guys selling “I Shot Trump” T-shirts outside Bernie Sanders’ A Future to Believe In town hall meeting at Carthage College in Kenosha. And no, I’m not exaggerating anything about that.

I was able to go to the rally because Kenosha is the only city in Wisconsin that’s connected to Chicago via Metra commuter rail. Unfortunately, the doors to Sanders’ rally opened at 8am and the earliest train to Kenosha didn’t arrive until twenty minutes after. By the time I got to Carthage, there was already a gigantic line stretching out the door and coiled around the football field like a giant, smelly snake. I estimate at least 2,000 people, likely more.

Because of the huge crowd, I was denied entry to the town hall proper because the venue was at max capacity. However, Sanders stopped by to give us a quick speech before he went inside. I captured a couple snippets of it here (my phone kept rebooting and the battery discharging due to wind chill and cold, so I wasn’t able to record much):

However, it was the “I Shot Trump” T-shirts that were the real story. Just before I got turned away from the main event, I noticed a couple of grimy-looking black guys hocking them (along with “Feel the Bern” and “I Heart Bernie” shirts):


Here are pictures of the guys selling them. I couldn’t talk to them because I didn’t want to lose my place in line. The white guy was just a buyer:





The guys in front, as anti-Trump as they were, were visibly unnerved by the shirts. One of them bought one as a novelty item, swearing up and down that he was never actually going to wear it.

Donald Trump has been falsely accused of “encouraging violence” at his rallies, even though the only violence I’ve witnessed at his events is instigated by leftist protesters, whether they’re throwing tomatoes at him in Iowa City or setting off a riot in downtown Chicago. If someone was selling “I Shot Hillary” or “I Shot Bernie” T-shirts at a Trump rally, the left would go out of their minds and the FBI and Secret Service would get involved.

Why are these guys allowed to sell t-shirts encouraging Trump’s assassination at a Sanders rally? By the left’s definition, Sanders is encouraging violence at his events and he needs to both denounce and disavow these two psychos. I encourage everyone reading this post to report these two losers to law enforcement, as well as dig up their real names and personal info.

The other noteworthy happening at the rally is that Sanders was disrupted by a gang of protesters who snuck inside. I don’t know whether they were Trump supporters or animal rights’ freaks: I’ve heard rumors going in both directions and the media didn’t do a good job of identifying them (I was watching the rally on the TVs in the student union).

You can learn more about what I saw at the town hall by watching my wrap-up video below:

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My written account of what happened is here.

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