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Women Are Just Slabs of Meat


One of the most liberating and eye-opening revelations I ever had was stumbling across the Anonymous Conservative blog, because it provides scientific evidence for something we’ve all suspected but were afraid to articulate: liberalism is literally a mental disorder. Once you junk the premise that feminists, anti-racists, men’s rights activists and other leftists are well-meaning but misguided and realize that they’re deranged, self-destructive lunatics, a lot of things become easier to explain.

Feminism, for example, is nothing but intellectualized psychosis.

How many times have you heard a feminist make the following argument on (or in response to) the manosphere:

“You’re all a bunch of sexist pigs who treat women like sex objects. Women are people, they’re not playthings for your amusement.”

I don’t need to cite a specific instance; throw a dart at a manosphere blog and you’ll hit upon someone, somewhere saying something like this. The thing about this line is that it’s total projection.

Let me explain.

A while back, Roosh posted a photo collage comparing women from the 1960’s to women today. This comment near the end sums up the objections to his article:

There are just as many ugly women as well as men now as there were in the 60′s. You can not honestly believe every woman was from planet babe back then. Its pretty obvious that the author of this found the absolute best pictures of women from the 60′s and the worst from the present day. You have to keep in mind as well that there are waaay more recent pictures easily accessible now partially due to the internet. You’re going to find a lot of “ugly” women, but you’ll also be able to find just as many “hot” ones.. though the way ive seen people post comments on here im sure no mortal woman could live up to the standards held by some of you men. to everyone moaning about how they wish they had a time machine i strongly encourage you to get the fuck over it because its not going to happen.. even if it did you would probably still be disappointed. The world has always sucked. Only a fool would romanticize the past like this.

But here’s the thing: Roosh’s post was not solely about looks. Sure, obesity has played a role in uglifying the average girl, but half of the  modern women pictured were skinny or average weight. All else being equal, there’s probably little difference between today’s girls and the girls of yesteryear purely on the basis of physical attractiveness.

The biggest difference between women of today and the sixties isn’t in looks, it’s in attitude.

The women in the 1960’s pictures are smiling and joyful. They dress stylishly. They radiate confidence and playfulness. They look at ease in their own skin. Basically, they’re normal, well-adjusted, feminine women.

The modern women look mentally off. They’ve deliberately ruined their looks with stupid hipster tattoos, ugly Skrillex haircuts, and body piercings. They wear clothes that are either too tight to contain their jiggling blubber rolls, or otherwise make them look like homeless crack whores. They drink themselves into blackout puking. While they show more skin then the sixties gals, they wield their sex appeal like a mallet, showing not confidence but a weird mix of hostility and desperation. “I have TITS! LOOK AT ME!”

They’re the exact opposite of how women should be: insecure, aggressive and cunty.

One of my guilty pleasures is erotica and glamour photography from the 50’s and 60’s. A month ago, I came across a site featuring scans of vintage girlie magazines. Looking at the nudes on the site, I got the same impression I got from the photos in Roosh’s post; while there’s little difference between the women there and modern porn stars/models on a purely physical basis, the girlies beat out modern sluts purely on their feminine vibe. They’re happy and playful, exuding sexiness without coming off as slutty or trashy.

Now look at porn stars on YouPorn or Spankwire. Almost all of them look angry and hostile; there’s no life in their eyes, no mirth in their actions. Even if it weren’t for their whore makeup and silicone breasts, they’d still come off as fake and phony. They need artificial implants to even attempt to capture the flirty and feminine nature of Bettie Page, June Wilkinson and the glamour girls of yesteryear: and even then, they can’t do it.

Finally, I got a lot of heat from feminists last summer when I wrote a post praising Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke for her confident, feminine demeanor. Dozens of manboobs and feminasties called me a “douchebag” or “creepy” for reducing women to sex objects, even though I explicitly pointed out that Jenneke wasn’t particularly attractive—she’s cute yes, but not stunningly so—nor her “sexy” dancing all that sexy. What makes her attractive isn’t her looks alone, it’s her aura, her attitude. In a follow-up post, I also talked about a couple of homely Hoosier ladies I met in Chicago who wowed me with their charm and girliness.

I praise women for being confident and fun to be around, and I’m the one who’s reducing women to sex objects?

The truth is that it is feminists who view women solely as sex objects. Mindless consumers whose only purpose in life is to punch numbers into a computer for a meager paycheck or rub their asses all over your crotch like they’re trying to send you to the hospital. Confused androgynes who pop antidepressants to keep from slitting their wrists in the bathtub. Men with vaginas.

In their revolt against the natural order, feminists have turned women into slabs of meat.

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  • jem

    you are a piece of shit. i hope you know that.

  • andrew

    I came to the same conclusion as you about feminism and I don’t need to expand on this.

    But here’s what’s really troubling me lately : how did a bogus theory, based on wishful thinking and feelings, got ahead of everything and became the dominant norm? We have to look at this. What made feminism win? Is it because baby boomers were pussies? They never became men? These are hypothesis, looking for an answer… would you research this?

  • ron


    I hope you read this:

    You are incredibly insecure, and filled with a sense of powerlessness, loneliness, isolation and fear. You mask it with false bravado and anger.

    Your last phrase is “I hope you know that”. I could analyze and study that mess of a phrase for years and still come up with new insights into how weak and broken and desperate you are. You are a broken woman whose soul resembles smashed glass digging into a human heart. Everything Matt said is on the mark.

  • Aves

    God damn I’m pathetic.

    Lemme guess, daddy issues or a boyfriend that dumped me? Both, actually.

    [CensorBot sez: Figures.]

  • Chani

    I want to taste your cum.

    [CensorBot sez: Ew.]

  • Boobies

    Take me!

    [CensorBot sez: Desperate don’t look good on you.]

  • Sara

    It is not feminists who have “turned women into slabs of meat.” It is men like you. Your observations on the world, and particularly gender dichotomy, are tainted by the poisonous residue of sexism and closed-mindedness. Your views are antiquated; your battle is one that has already been defeated. I hope you are able to realize this. Please, step outside your own trapped mind and join us in the 21st century.

  • Persephone

    It’s people like you that give conservatives a bad name. You make me ashamed to be a conservative.

  • Nef

    A woman’s anatomy is not what gives her intrinsic worth. But unfortunately, society has TAUGHT us that’s what gives a woman worth. If she’s fuckable, and easy on the eyes. And the socialization behind this mindset is why you’re under the impression that this is some sort of scientific fact.

    The fact is that every physical trait that supposedly separates men from women are actually not that different at all, and you’d know this if you studied even the most basic of anatomy texts. (I.e. men have breast tissue and nipples, and female and male sex organs all have the same developmental origin in utero, and therefore display similar physical traits well past adolescent development.

    With that said there is no logical or scientific reason for women to be treated like sex objects while men are treated as sentient human beings.

    I don’t blame you for having misogynist views. I just blame society, since it’s the ultimate influence in how a person’s opinions develop. And sometimes these learned opinions are bigoted.

  • Alexander

    You are a disgusting human being.
    As a straight, white, cisgender male, (just like you) I think you are absolutely disgusting, Matt Forney. Women are not slabs of meat. They are people.
    If we want to talk about slabs of worthless meat that aren’t people, then let’s talk about you.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad I’m a girl. Because this is total bull shit. And I’m glad I have enough brains to look at this and know that. Go to hell.

  • Ezekiel

    Women used to have self confidence and they were pretty, huh? Oh I’m sorry, I thought you LIKED insecure women!
    You’re a hypocritical idiot, if anyone has a mental problem it’s you, and it’s called brain retardation.
    Oh and by the way, it’s not a woman’s job to be attractive to you. A woman can pierce, shave, dye ANYTHING she wants and it’s NONE of your business. Because guess what, most women DON’T WANT a misogynystic fucktard like you lusting over them.

    Go fuck yourself you idiotic waste of air.

  • Paul

    Wow. The judgmental attitude you possess in this article (and others) frankly astound me.

    Because here’s the thing. Women don’t need to please you. Women need to be their own person. They are not there to fall to the whims of a ‘big strong man.’ They are human beings, and I honestly would like to know where you got these opinions from, because they make literally no sense to ME, and I myself am a man.

    Women will be who they want to be, and you own no right to tell them what or who they are. They are not just vaginas, and no, feminists do NOT delegate them to ‘slabs of meat.’ It is people like you who judge and condemn and shape and form your own idea for what a woman ‘should’ be, when really a woman ‘should’ be who she wants to be.

    Please, please do some research on some unbiased websites and through books, or hey, maybe actually talk to a woman (if you don’t get slapped first) before you spread filth like this.

    Have a fantastic day.

  • Anne

    this article more like “easy ways to tell if someone is an antisocial bastard”

  • Katherine Hepburn

    I can’t if you’re screaming for help through gulps of your own cum or if you’re beyond saving entirely. You’re going to be trampled by this world.

  • Julian McBride

    Yea Sara,

    You said it. As men and women become more disconnected to each other, lost in ridiculous dehumanizing attacks against language, we loose the much larger battle. If you haven’t noticed there are no more jobs, wages are frozen and most of us male or female haven’t got a chance of ever owning a house or paying off our student loans. And now we can’t even count on some decent respect or good sex from the men or the women in our lives. In the depression, men and women bonded together, we had little else. Now there is so much hostility between the sexes, with women just fighting for some basic respect and a decent life. Can’t we get over the fact that we are on the same side. The side is happiness and a decent life, fighting for the right to love each other as human beings. That is feminism and humanism and patriotism. Its called the pursuit of happiness.

  • leigh

    Hi, Matt. I don’t really agree with you. But, I am trying to understand exactly where you’re coming from. In this post, you say this that “[modern women are] the exact opposite of how women should be: insecure, aggressive and cunty.” But in a more recent post, you claim that “insecurity is integral to femininity.” You also encourage men to ignore fat women, but then you write specifically to a fat hipster.

    Maybe you’re young like me and still trying to navigate through and solidify your opinions. The claims you make are strong – perhaps you should be more certain of your own beliefs before you tear people down. I don’t think every point you make is wrong, but I do know that you would be happier if you swapped your criticism for empathy. Doesn’t mean you have to like people or change your opinion (although I think you’d be surprised to find that post-swap, those things would naturally begin to happen); but then again, you’d be out of a hobby, and who are we but a bunch of people searching for something to validate ourselves?

  • adacoen

    @Andrew: feminism won because women were unhappy in those roles. An outward doesn’t mean that inner happiness exists. Many women realized that by devoting themselves 100% to their husbands and children that by age 30-35 their lives retained no purpose. The children didn’t need them, the husbands no longer wanted their bodies and they had achieved nothing but spitting fetal matter from between their legs and sending them off to grade school. Once that came to the forefront, women decided to make the correct decision and take their own lives into their hands and become individuals. I’m assuming neither you or Matt have ever read Betty Friedan because she explains the movement that her book helped to spark.

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  • ho

    It’s actually shocking how impervious these cunts are to any kind of logical or rational argument. You aren’t even worth the gasoline needed to cremate you.

  • why

    Why focus on one single person, who, clearly, said what 90 percent of the other people on this comment section have also said? I mean, really? ._.

  • Guest

    get a job asshole…do something for a living…I can see clearly that you are struggling with schizophrenia & suicidal thoughts