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Women Are Not the Enemy

A great post from Simon Grey on why the “woman strike” is going to fail:

The second reason is more telling. Aside from a few precious anonymous internet commenters who will undoubtedly descend to the comments section of this post to disprove the assertions of this sentence’s second clause, I doubt that there are any men who turned down marriage proposals from women because said men were on a woman strike.  Stated another way, alphas who can pull submissive hotties are not the ones going on a marriage strike.  Rather, it is the lower betas—either the ones who were at one point married to ugly, contentious hellcats or those whose market value was so low they couldn’t even get the attention of even the ugliest, most contentious hellcats—who are calling for a strike.  This is akin to the currently unemployed forming a union and then refusing to work until their demands are met.

This is a big part of why I can’t support MRAs: their obsessive desire to turn men and women against each other. Feminists have already done enough damage in this department.

While morons will label me a “misogynist” for my association with the manosphere, I don’t hate women. I don’t love them either: I’m indifferent towards most women, just like I’m indifferent to most people I don’t know. A “marriage strike” is one thing, since marriage is a horrible deal for men as it exists right now. But celibacy? Not happening.

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  • sour grapes syndrome
    — (cannot reach the grapes) Bah!! those are sour anyways!!

  • John South

    (already ate a ton of grapes..).

    Why are people going crazy and getting killed over grapes?

  • MenDiscontinued

    Didn’t your article just say about hypergamy? There’s risks of that, of even dating women too for false allegations. It’s not abandoning them on purpose, rather, staying clear of the potential risks.

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  • Mister Alighieri

    I am glad someone in the “manosphere” world said this. Women are not the enemy. The right kind of woman can enhance ones life just as much as the wrong one can ruin it. I believe there is a limited number of quality women for sure, just as there is a limited number of quality men. However a “marriage strike” is ridiculous. Marriage should only be entered into if kids are a part of the equation for men. Otherwise, why? If one wants a threeway, let it be with two other people and not the government.

  • Frank Pela

    Matt, You are right, women aren’t the enemy, men like YOU are. You are ignorant or thinking with the wrong head. Women have well over 100 rights IN LAW, aka gunpoint, that men don’t have. Why? Because simps like you gave them those rights. Women are just being the same self entitled, greedy, infants they have always been throughout history, taking whatever benefits they can manipulate out of horny men. Manginas are the problem. Manginas control the legislatures and courts, they derive a perverted and deranged purpose in life from catering to self entitled, infant women. Wait, I’m wrong, it’s manginas and feminazi’s, yep, you’re both the enemy.

    It’s pure ethics and principle. Men have NO reason to think of women as anything other than potential enemies as long as NO FAULT DIVORCE and ALIMONY exists. That evil legal structure precludes the charity of innocence until proven guilty.