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Women Only Say You Have a Small Penis After You Stop Calling Them Back

This is a guest post by the Captain Power.

I never realized that I had a small penis until 1996, during my junior year of High School. Although I had urinated on my testicles several times after waking up in my parents’ freezing basement, I never really thought anything of it.

During my junior year of high school I finally started talking to some women in my school, and I was introduced to this crazy girl named Lisa. Lisa was really laid back, and she used to hang out with some of my guy friends after class.

One day we were goofing around and Lisa started ramming her hand down our pants to see who had the biggest shlong. She rammed her arm down my loose Adidas pants when I wasn’t looking (I was on the track team), and then she screamed out “Wow, that is a cute one! It’s so tiny!” I thought she was joking until she took her arm out of my pants and rammed it down my friend Fred’s pants.  Fred was fresh off the boat from Italy, and after putting her hand down his pants she yelled out “Wow, that’s a huge one!”

I didn’t hear any other comments about my penis until I started dating heavily in my mid-twenties. I was seeing this short, fat Italian girl from my neighborhood for a while, but after a couple weeks I couldn’t stand her and stopped calling her back. I ran into some of her friends at a bar one night, and when I walked inside they all started snickering at me. I went up to the bar to get a drink and said out loud “Should I get the big one, or the small one?” and all five of her friends started cracking up laughing. That’s when I knew: that stupid bitch told all of her friends that I had a small penis after I stopped calling her back!

Six months later I started dating another girl from my neighborhood. After a couple weeks I also realized that this girl was insane, and I stopped calling her back also. I ran into her at the gym a couple days later, where I playfully flexed my arm and said “Do I look any bigger?” and she snickered at me and replied “Trust me, it isn’t that big!”

Again! I was told that I had a small penis twice within a six month period.

And do you know why?

Because women only say you have a small penis after you stop calling them back.

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