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All Women Have Sex Within 24 Hours of Breaking Up with You


This is a guest post by the Captain Power.

As a young man in my late teens and early twenties, I used to make the common mistake of getting into super, serious relationships.

Although I had no intention of getting married, I treated each relationship like it was a lifelong commitment.

As with all young couples, after several months of dating you start to think about all the “other” people that you can potentially bang, and you start to resent being stuck in a relationship.

Your girlfriend will eventually go on a girls’ night out to “test the waters,” and after several massive arguments, you will break up.

The next 24 hours after breaking up are crucial…

If you don’t reconcile with your woman, she will have sex with someone else within 24 hours.

She doesn’t even have to look for someone else to bang, because she was already talking to other people:

  • She has other guy friends she grew up with.
  • She talks to other men at work.
  • She talks to men at school.

Some lucky bastard is going to be balls deep in your woman if you don’t step to the plate up immediately.

This happened to me at 6 or 7 times (that I know of), and two of the affairs resulted in children…

And don’t take it personal, its just women’s nature: they are breeders, they are nurturers, their bodies produce milk.

Until they reach menopause, their bodies need a steady supply of penises for potential fertilization.

And if its not your penis, it will be someone else’s.

Power out!

The Captain Power blogs at Captain Power’s Underground Training SiteAlso check out his book Work Out, Lose Weight and Stop Being Single.

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  • Mike43

    The worst one I ever heard of was a friend’s son. They had an argument, he said that’s it. Too much drama, I’m outa here. Over a weekend, she sleeps with 3 of his acquaintances.

    The following week, she calls to apologize and get back together. (This happened when we were visiting.) I told him to consider after he’s seen a clear STD panel. He was stunned, hadn’t thought about it.

    They’re still not together. Although not for lack of trying on her part.

  • Mental. I hear stories of girls sleeping with her ex’s mates. I’d be so pissed at my mates if they did that without my permission.

  • Rotten

    It’s been my experience that all omen will have sex with another dude within 24 hours of the breakup, but this is because the woman has already gone through the trouble of lining the next guy up before the breakup!

    Indeed, the fact that the next guy is in place is what gave the woman the courage to do the breakup. If the guy wasn’t in place the woman typically would do a more passive aggressive thing of starting a fight that could lead to a split where th guy was a fault.

    Guys need to know that the date where you lose the woman and the breakup are two separate dates. When you lose a woman, she (Hypergamy) no longer thinks you are the best and you can never recover. You could lose the woman before the breakup, and she will stay with you for a time while she lines up the next dude. Or or you could not lose the woman, end up breaking up anyways as response to a hard shit test (a passing response) and still have the lust of the woman forever as an alpha widow even if she goes on to screw other dudes.

  • MattC: Your mates aren’t dating you, and you aren’t giving them regular sex. Why be pissed at them?

    My friends and I used to always attempt to hit on and fuck each other’s girlfriends. If one of is succeeded, the cuckolded man had to buy him a beer for saving him from a worthless whore. I only ever had to buy one friend a beer, but I thanked him whole heartedly

  • The way to fix that is to get married and stay married while your wife gets old and fat. Then when she breaks up, it will take her a lot longer than 24 hours to bang someone else. That’ll show her.

  • ttom

    So once you lose them are they gone forever? Isn’t there any way to get back even after some time has passed? Always been stumbled by that notion

  • Don

    This is why priests always enjoyed “visting the widow” duties.

  • star

    wow, i guess i am the super loyal virgin unicorn all men should want. just for not banging some other dude when i get my heart broken.

    raise your standards for women, guys. not your hopes, i get that part. but come on.

  • Inane Rambler

    Hey, better she get pregnant off of rebound guy than off of you.

  • Lena S.

    Prof Hale, LOL. I was going to say look at it as a lucky escape, but Dr Illusion seems to have covered that well. Let them live in the filth they created; it won’t end well anyway.

  • james jordan

    Wow. I thought you were some big Catholic who hated Calvinists because they are destroying the moral foundations. Turns out you’re just an animal like them. But maybe all Catholics are, anyway. What a great place the world would be without Catholics and Calvinists and their non-existent sexual morality. What the fuck ever happened to waiting for marriage? May God broil you in hell for your admission to being a fornicating manwhore.

  • incensed

    well thats surprising then isnt it… im a woman, and i broke up with my boyfriend… 4 months ago. havent had sex since. Wow.

  • vardarac

    Spoken like a true Christian.

  • Christopher C

    women are rude, disrespectful, gestating natural born whores to be trained like the evil godless animals they are for your fucking pleasure and to continue mankind. never trust a woman, G-D HAD a wife too ya know… where di that whore get booted to, yeah, right here to Earth and now it makes sense doesn’t it “boys”… time to nut up and grow to men ya fucking imps and wimps… women want to be you and they have the global nigger mentality of “gibs me free shit”… (ps: nigger is a mentality – just like The Great Whore is a mentality and global condition = choice)… and fuck ya if ya don’t like the razors edge of UDDER TRUTH.

    whores raise whores. pretty simple math right there isn’t it. and whores ignore males, just a paycheck to compete with the other whores to them. train your whores men. it’s not that hard – just realize women do not have nay feelings or anything true to their existence, unlike men.

  • Christopher C

    evil lies between their thighs.
    forgot to add my little rhyme for you to teach other males about. ” )

  • Dudebro Zero

    If you want them back you’re a cuck. Get some self-respect and never speak to them again.

  • Sam Touchh

    my ex ended up fucking some random guy two days later after we broke up

  • PolishKnightUSA

    Exactly. I thought about this as well. For some of us, being a rejected beta with some red-pill awareness was a blessing because we avoided traps that the young, naive alpha males fell head into. I know of several handsome guys with a promising future who got oopsed into marriage or paying child-support for a kid they didn’t want. I felt bad for nearly all concerned including the kids (who wants to be born into that?) For myself, it meant that an alpha had been taken off the market and when my lovely 25 year old future wife was looking around, she “settled” for me because I had no liabilities.

  • Gregory J. Toma

    One day when all you religious nutbags finally realize how ridiculous the idea of some omnipotent being creating and controlling us really is, you’re gonna look back on posts like these with embarrassment. You’re gonna feel like such a heel for arguing with another nutbag over who’s Santa Claus is the real easter bunny. But then you feel a true weight leave your body when you realize that the only person you need to live for is yourself, and when your time here on earth is over, then that’s it.