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All About Women by Simon Sheppard

all-about-womenNOTE: With Alternative Right now publishing articles by Simon Sheppard, I’m re-posting my review of his anti-feminist pamphlet All About Women, originally published at In Mala Fide on February 21, 2012. Sheppard’s prosecution at the hands of the British government for politically incorrect speech is an absolute travesty and deserves to be better known. This is the end result of leftist “freedom”: a thought-control regime indistinguishable from the Soviet Union.

I was thumbing my way through this nifty little pamphlet, the latest release from Jack Donovan’s Dissonant Hum, at a diner (yes, I’m one of those people who takes a book to read when eating out) a couple of days ago when I came across this in Jack’s intro:

In the past decade, there has been increased interest in human biodiversity and using evolutionary psychology make sense of the “war between the sexes.” First Published in 1998, All About Women was ahead of its time. Its punchy essays would be at home in the “manosphere” alongside those of popular “game,” anti-feminist and PUA bloggers like Heartiste, Roosh V, and Ferdinand Bardamu. If the chapters and charts in All About Women were blog posts, I have no doubt that they’d be wildly popular, well-linked and quoted often online.

My ego massaged by being name-checked in a “real” book, I cracked a wide grin. The waitress probably thought I was nuts.

My narcissism aside, All About Women is an important book and one you must own, if not for its content, then for the circumstances surrounding its publication. Simon Sheppard is a victim of the tyranny of political correctness, a man who has been dogged and persecuted by the British government for over a decade for “hate speech,” saying things that run counter to the prevailing multicult orthodoxy:

In 1999, Sheppard was arrested with David Hannam for publishing and distributing 1,500 copies of a double-sided anti-immigration leaflet titled, “Our Politicians Are Traitor Criminals.” After being charged with “Publishing or Distributing Racially Inflammatory Material,” and “Possession of Racially Inflammatory Material,” Sheppard was sentenced to nine months in prison.

After his release, he continued writing what he believed to be the truth.

In 2005 and 2006, the British police raided his flat several times, and Sheppard was forced to attend several hearings. He and his co-publisher Stephen Whittle were tried, and Sheppard was convicted of eleven counts of “race hate.”

In 2008, the two fled to the United States to seek political asylum. In their absence, they were retried in England. Their appeals for asylum in the US were denied by a female judge who had previously granted asylum to an IRA member who had been convicted of murdering two policemen.

All About Women was originally published in 1998 and pioneered many concepts and ideas that we in the manosphere take for granted. It’s only available on Kindle, but Jack has gone to great lengths to preserve the original text and its images and various lengthy quotes. Sheppard’s prose reads like Schopenhauer without the pretension, laying into the second sex with savagery and bluntness:

A hundred years ago the inferiority of women was obvious to all. Two hundred years before that scolding caps were used and chastity belts employed so that a man knew for certain that a woman was his alone. Whole families slept in one bed, and because of the higher population density they were probably more riddled with parasites and disease than during prehistoric times. Beating women was considered necessary, civilization being fragile enough as it was, and this was accepted provided the rod was no wider than a man’s thumb, so that no bones were broken.

All About Women is brief but comprehensive, touching on evolutionary biology, women’s suffrage, the nature of women themselves (with delightfully-titled chapters like “Women Are Inferior” and “Women Are Liars”), and the totalitarian nature of feminism (which Sheppard dubs “Big Sister”). In one short section, he confronts, much to my delight, an old pet peeve of mine; the Valerie Solanas Theory of Female Subjugation:

This example is highly relevant to the claim of feminism, because that claim is precisely an example of The Old Reverse. Feminists allege that the reason for the paucity of female inventors, notable scientists, outstanding artists and musicians and females’ mediocre showing in practically every other sphere is because they have been cruelly subjugated by men. Here is a confusion of cause and effect: firstly women have allowed themselves to be subjugated and secondly they have been because they are mediocre and if they are not then mediocrity will dominate, which is precisely what is happening in contemporary society.

It’s not all gloom and doom, though; Sheppard has a sense of humor, as shown by his “Female Stereotypes” chapter (I laughed at “Able Woman” and “Thug Woman”). His DSoD theory is pure genius, though his application of game theory (John Nash game theory, not PUA game theory) to sexual relations is a bit nutty. Still, for a brief and entertaining exploration of relations between the sexes, pick up All About Women today.

Click here to buy All About Women.

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