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How Women Subvert Political Movements

Last week, a friend asked me my thoughts on former MySpace exhibitionist and Juggalo junk magnet Tila Tequila’s recent endorsement of race war now. In response, I wrote this article, which applies not just to the alt-right, but to any political movement or subculture. If you’ve ever Liked a woman’s selfie on Twitter or Facebook just because she mouths the party line of your particular clique, this post is for you.

Women who are aging, unstable, perpetually single or some combination of the three will often latch onto fringe political or cultural movements to stay relevant. It’s better to be a big fish in a small pond, and when you’re bumping up against menopause and your baby daddy is doing 25 to life, there’s no better use of your fading looks than playing a fantasy online girlfriend for an audience of sexually frustrated dweebs.


I’ve seen the exact same pattern play out multiple times over the course of my lifetime and nothing ever changes. A movement/subculture gets some traction, women start flooding in to virtue signal, the men buy it hook, line and sinker, and the whole thing devolves into white-knighting and backstabbing. Years ago, I watched as the manosphere—which once was important enough to merit a hit piece from ABC—was gradually infiltrated by “red pill women” who spent their free time penning fap material for soi-disant alpha males. Here’s an excerpt from one of those blogs that was so nauseating I’ve held on to it ever since:

He let me wait a few minutes, then came in and we got down to business. Without going into graphic play-by-play, there was a blindfold, a belt, and lots of spanking. And hairbrushes sting like a motherfucker. I’m not even sure how long I was pushed face down on the bed, but by the time he flipped me over, I felt like I was in a place I’d never been before. He made me beg for my orgasm, and when I finally did…. Erm, well, it was rather messy, if you know what I’m saying. First time for that. It was so intense, I started crying and nearly hyperventilated. First time for that too. He held me close, stroked my hair, and calmed me down because I think he thought he hurt me, but I told him I was fine, and he finished soon after.

Once again, the ouroboros of subversion is fellating its own tail. Women are coming out of the closet as “pro-white” or “nationalist” because they want to bask in male attention, and the males are all too happy to give it. Like the manosphere before it, the alternative right is being taken over by beta males who will throw their “fashy” principles out the window the minute some surfboard starts stuffing her bra.


The problem most of these groups have is that many of the women who join them lack commitment to the movement’s core principles. They’re political groupies, trying to convince the group’s leaders that they’re totes about the non-aggression principle, man, while they (un)consciously work to undermine the movement under the guise of making it less “misogynistic,” “racist” or “homophobic.” Libertarianism, men’s rights, and the like have been hollowed out and destroyed by female pied pipers and the male rats dancing to their tunes.

Why Do Men Always Fall for the Same Act?


Expecting mentally ill women to abstain from attention whoring is like expecting maggots to abstain from eating shit. The real question is why men keep enabling it. I’ve teased out some possible reasons.

1. The majority of men in any movement will always be thirsty. Much like how women have difficulty escaping a leftist culture that encourages them to sleep around and abort their babies, men have difficulty escaping from a culture that encourages them to suck up to women. This is what allows girls to get accolades for parroting Men’s Rights 101 (or Libertarianism 101, or White Nationalism 101) while the men who actually come up with new ideas and concepts are ignored.

A corollary to this is that thirsty men rarely ask women who join their movement relevant questions. For example, none of the alpha delta sigma males of the manosphere ever wondered why so many “traditionalist” housewives were spending so much time online flirting with them instead of taking care of their families. Would you take a thirtysomething couch potato who keeps nattering about how he wants to be a millionaire seriously?

2. Most members of a movement aren’t really committed to its principles. As a movement picks up speed, it inevitably attracts people who don’t understand what it’s about or even care; they just want to be one of the cool kids. This is exacerbated by the Internet allowing people to mask their identities, personalities and the Cheeto dust on their fingers.

3. Most of the people who read self-improvement advice will never act on it. Even if you give someone the keys to the kingdom, they’re more apt to either cosplay as someone who has their life together or make excuses as to why they won’t even try. I realized this when I saw the keyboard alphas of the manosphere—the ones who talk about “spinning plates” and brag about how they’ve “cucked” traditionalist men—stumbling to defend a mentally disturbed stalker who lied about everything from her husband’s job to the number of kids she had.

First as Tragedy, Then as Farce, Then as Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Seven years of writing in this corner of the Internet (and meeting some truly deranged characters) makes me feel like trying to stop the cycle of female subversion is as pointless as pissing into a hurricane. The human vagina is the greatest tool of manipulation in the universe, meaning that real world 5s will always be able to reinvent themselves as 8s by joining an exclusive “scene,” boosting their flagging social media one-ups until the Wall hits them face-first.

Nonetheless, here are some polite suggestions on how to insulate your movement from entryist women.

1. Don’t pay attention to women unless you genuinely like their work. Always ask yourself this question whenever you stumble across a woman’s blog or YouTube channel: “If she were a man talking about the same subject, would I still care?” If the answer is no, you’ve been taken in by a pretty face and huge tracts of land (or lack thereof, if that’s your thing). Unsubscribe.

2. Assume all women who join your clique are filthy whores until they prove themselves otherwise. To paraphrase an idiot whose name I forget, your fantasy online girlfriend is a fuckin’ slut. Not only will this keep you from giving them any special treatment, when you find out that the girls in your social circle are decent people, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. As a wise man once said to me, if you set your expectations low enough, you will never be disappointed.

Corollary: if she does turn out to be a massive whore, save all your written communications and sexts in case she tries to use you in a devious plot. Plus, how else will you prove to your fellow fashy goys that you banged Tila Tequila?

3. When women demand that your clique become more “inclusive,” shun them. If anyone period demands that your clique become more “inclusive,” shun them. Entryists get no quarter, because they always end up taking the whole pie.

You can tell how trustworthy a man is by how he treats women he only knows online through his chosen political faction. If he’s constantly sucking up to them, he’s a squish who will sell you out the minute he gets the reek of pussy in his nostrils. Trying to find love from a groupie garden is like trying to perform a colonoscopy with a gerbil.


Any woman who joins a non-mainstream movement or subculture should be looked at with deep skepticism at best. While there are exceptions, most girls’ number one fixation is grabbing the spotlight, and there’s a never-ending parade of chumps who will gladly let them have it. If you want your movement to remain powerful, you need to put the reins on any girl who begs you to let her in.

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