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Does the WP Missed Schedule Plugin Really Work?

A while back, I started noticing a problem with my pre-scheduled blog posts failing to publish. I would finish an article, schedule it to appear on Monday morning at 9am… and nothing would happen, aside from the WordPress dashboard informing me that the post had “missed schedule.” Gee, thanks for the update, dipshits. I’ve had this problem with WordPress blogs in the past; the cron job responsible for handling scheduled posts stops working for reasons unknown. I’ve solved it in the past by manually editing files in my WordPress installation, so I hit Google to look up the specific method (I had forgotten to bookmark it).

What I found was a profound example of how screwed up the Internet is nowadays.

If you Google “wordpress posts missing schedule” or some other permutation of it, all you’ll find on the first pages are articles touting the WP Missed Schedule plugin. The jerkoff who made it clearly paid a bunch of Fiverr drones to spam the Internet with crappy SEO articles about his (free) software. I was mildly intrigued and checked the plugin page out… where I was greeted with an avalanche of typos and malaprops:

WP Missed Schedule Fix Future Posts: find Scheduled that match this problem, and it Republish them Correctly 10 items per session, every 5 minute, to no waste resources. All others will be solved on next sessions, until no longer exist: 10 failed future posts every minute, 120 failed future posts every hour, 1 session every 5 minutes, 12 sessions every hour.

Even better, the real name of the plugin is this tongue-twister: “WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Future Posts.” Way to English, jackass.

Nonetheless, I decided against my better judgment and installed the plugin… and whattya know, it worked.

As I mentioned already, if your scheduled posts aren’t publishing like they should, it’s usually a problem with your site’s cron jobs, the time-based schedulers responsible for executing commands on your server. And like I said, prior to this plugin, the only way to fix it was to manually edit several files in your installation, a finicky and time-consuming process. But with the WP Missed Schedule plugin, all you have to do is install it, turn it on and it works instantly.

Nothing to configure or dick around with; just a simple, automatic fix.

So if you’re seeing the dreaded “missed schedule” warning on your WordPress posts, I highly recommend the WP Missed Schedule plugin. The guy who created it may spend more time flooding Google with crap SEO articles about his software than spell-checking his work, but I can’t argue with the results his plugin gave me.

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  • Great Post Matt!
    When i start getting those type of issues i will download that plugin!


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  • Cool. This is happening with one of my other sites and I was afraid to try out the plugin.

  • Pilgrim of the East

    lol, so you find plugin which reliably fixes your problem and because first hits for that problem link to plugin, you automatically assume he didn’t fork just his time to make the plugin but also actually payed for positive reviews? Aren’t you just projecting your own experiences with your books, which need much more than to be marketed just by real positive word of mouth (which even you did)?
    And you have guts to call him “jerkoff” and and “jackass”, when you are idiot who isn’t even able to write really simple cron job to check if the first cron job is running properly and possibly restart it? I mean: You go GRRRRL! eh, I mean bro.
    And shitty grammar (in your citation wasn’t single typo btw, so you are wrong again here) – who cares? Did you understand what he meant? So shut up. He probably isn’t even native speaker, but bothered to write it in foreign language anyway… How many languages can you speak, Matt? Just English + a bit of really bad Spanish like most other Americans? He’s way better in languages than you’ll probably ever be, think about it.
    Disclaimer: never even heard about that plugin or its author, I am just a programmer who is fan of opensource and free software who doesn’t like self-entitled assholes.

    TL;DR: you are ungrateful bitch

    (grammar of this post isn’t perfect either, however I accept critique only in perfect Czech, Slovak, German and also in shitty French)

    (I know that you probably won’t publish this comment, but think about it(and your attitude) before you delete it in moderation)