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I Wrote a Book and So Can You

This is an excerpt from the new edition of Confessions of an Online Hustler.

Even with all this, you might still be intimidated by the idea of writing a book. I have but one bit of advice for you:

Just. Fucking. Do. It.

Stop worrying about how the book might be perceived. Don’t start stressing out over publishing options, cover art or finding an editor. Sit down at your computer, open up Microsoft Word, and type words. Don’t worry about spelling, formatting, grammar or perfection: just write. Get your ideas out in word form, then worry about all the other stuff.

A good rule in life is that if there’s something you want to do, you’re better off doing it now rather than later, because the longer you delay, the less likely you will actually achieve your goal. Stop being so damn neurotic and shock your system. It’s better to achieve an imperfect result than no result at all.

The closest thing to a concrete tip I can give when it comes to book-writing is to outline your work beforehand. When I have a book idea, I’ll open up TextEdit or Notepad and jot down a basic structure for the book: chapters, specific things to write about and the like. Once I’ve done an outline, I’ll open up Word and start writing.

The first book will always be the most difficult to write. Once you’ve gotten one book under your belt, the subsequent ones will be much easier, as you’ll establish a method and rhythm for cranking ’em out. You’ll also develop confidence in yourself as a writer. There’s really no shortcut when it comes to this.

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