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YouTube Tried to Ban My Channel: Follow Me on BitChute and Twitch

After dying down in the previous week, the attacks on my YouTube channel have resumed with greater force. On Monday, I received a strike on my account for a live stream from last month in which I criticized Richard Spencer. While I was able to get the strike removed an hour later, on Tuesday, while I was uploading the latest episode of Matt Forney Live, not only was my YouTube channel banned outright (for “spam, scams, and deceptive practices”), but Google decided to disable my Google Account entirely, locking me out of my Gmail account and other services.

I was able to get back into my Google Account quickly and successfully appealed the ban on my YouTube channel, but while my channel was restored on Wednesday, I was unable to log into it for 24 hours on my computer; every time I tried, I was told that my YouTube channel was “permanently disabled.” (Strangely enough, I was able to access my account via the YouTube phone app without any issues.) Not only that, in the time since my channel was restored, I’ve had two more videos of mine put into restricted mode and a third taken offline entirely for copyright issues.

I’ve recorded a short video about these events and you can watch it below:

To watch the video on YouTube, click here. For more videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel here and my BitChute channel here.

Because of all this, I have created a BitChute channel, where I will be archiving all of my old videos and livestreams. You can subscribe to it here. I currently have all of my videos backed up and will be uploading them over the next few weeks as time permits. I will be gradually removing much of the content on my YouTube channel, mainly old videos and live streams that get few views nowadays but could potentially get me in trouble with Google’s censors.

Finally, I will eventually be transitioning my YouTube channel to a streaming-only platform, deleting streams after they air live in much the same way that the Weekly Sweat does. I apologize for the inconvenience to my YouTube subscribers, but it’s clear that I will need to take drastic steps to keep my channel online.

To continue watching my videos and live streams, please subscribe to my Twitch channel here and my BitChute channel here. Thanks for reading my blog, buying my books, listening to my podcasts, and watching my videos and live streams over the years.

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