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YouTube is Trying to Ban My Channel

Last Friday, I wrote about how YouTube issued a Community Guidelines strike against my account, barring me from live streaming for the next three months. The strike was for an episode of my now-defunct podcast Matt Forney After Hours that was over a year old. I appealed the strike, and YouTube rejected my appeal yesterday.

This morning, I got three emails from YouTube over the course of seven hours telling me, successively:

With two strikes on my account, not only am I banned from live streaming, I’m not even allowed to upload YouTube videos for two weeks. A third strike will result in my channel being terminated outright.

It’s clear that YouTube has targeted my channel for destruction. I am currently in the process of backing up my videos on BitChute, but this will take some time. For the moment, I urge all of you to follow my Twitch channel, where I am currently streaming. You can follow me on Twitch here. Back episodes of Matt Forney Live will also continue to be posted on my SoundCloud page here.

UPDATE (11/8/2018): YouTube upheld my appeal, removing the second strike on my account and allowing me to upload videos again.

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