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Styxhexenhammer666 YouTube Support Alliance Against Censorship: Parts 1 and 2

Several days ago, to combat the wave of censorship YouTube has unleashed against independent content producers, popular host Styxhexenhammer666 announced that he would be promoting other peoples’ channels at their request. By urging his subscribers to subscribe to those channels—and having them pay it forward—he’s making it clear that YouTube is slitting its own throat by throwing us under the bus in favor of corporate media.

Because Styxhexenhammer666 and Dave Acton helped promote my channel–greatly increasing my subscriber count—I’ve decided to pay it forward by making videos promoting other peoples’ channels. The first two videos focus on channels I’m already subscribed to, and you can watch them below. If you have a YouTube channel you want me to promote, send me an email here.

Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can see my videos as soon as they’re published.

The full list of channels to subscribe to:

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