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Zoe Quinn, Phil Fish and the Great Social Justice Swindle

For those of us who despise the left and social justice warriors, the past week has been like the Twelve Days of Christmas come early.

Last Sunday, it was revealed that feminist video game darling Zoe Quinn had cheated on her boyfriend with five other guys… who just happened to be influential figures in game journalism. Since then, Quinn and her allies in the media have engaged in a coverup and conspiracy that makes Watergate look like a gas store robbery.

And in the process, the left has exposed themselves for the craven, soulless opportunists that they are.

Everyone who was ever mocked for thinking the media has a left-wing bias has been vindicated a thousand times over, as the gaming press has ruthlessly gone to bat for Zoe Quinn while silencing dissenting views. But beyond that, Quinn and her ilk have revealed how psychopathic they are. They don’t care about fighting “misogyny,” creating opportunities for women in the tech industry or any of the so-called “causes” they crusade for: all they care about is money. And as the disgusting, sociopathic behavior of Zoe Quinn, Phil Fish and their allies has shown, they’re even willing to break the law to keep their scam going.

This is where it ends. This is where we fight back.

Here is why Zoe Quinn and all her social justice warrior friends need to be run out of the temple.


Zoe Quinn: Professional Victim

If you’ve never heard of Zoe Quinn, she’s a feminist video game “developer” whose sole game to date is Depression Quest, an MS-DOS multiple choice test that would have been considered primitive back in the 1980’s. Despite this, she managed to get her game listed on Steam and other major distribution platforms after she claimed to have been the victim of a cyberstalking campaign instigated by Wizardchan, an imageboard populated by terminally depressed virgins. There is exactly zero evidence proving that Quinn was actually harassed by this group, but that didn’t stop the media from turning her into the next Anita Sarkeesian, another supposed example of how those big meanie misogynistic gamers won’t let women into their clubhouse.

This analysis somehow ignores the existence of people like Roberta Williams, Carol Shaw and other designers who were creating video games since before Zoe Quinn was a filthy, perverted thought in her father’s head.

Since then, Quinn’s activities have been limited to grandstanding in the media and promoting her upcoming Rebel Jam, a game jam with no start date, no location and whose donation button goes direct to Quinn’s own PayPal account. Boy, that doesn’t sound suspicious at all. And despite her made-up victimization being her only claim to fame, she’s never far from the headlines, as game journalists write paeans to her SAT of a “game” and champion her as a pioneer in the video game industry.

Then last week, Quinn’s ex-boyfriend blew the whistle on her. In a lengthy blog post, he revealed that she had been sleeping with several major video game journalists, most notably Nathan Grayson of Gawker Media’s Kotakuin exchange for favorable media coverage. Beyond the obvious breach of journalistic ethics this represents, YouTube personality Internet Aristocrat discovered that Quinn has been engaged in vicious smear campaigns against her competitors, including sabotaging a game jam that threatened to compete with Rebel Jam, a jam that was explicitly designed to help women game designers get attention for their works.

The response from the media has been one of the most heinous—and incompetently executed—coverups in journalism history.

As expected, Kotaku and other major news outlets have refused to cover the story, beyond attempting to paint Quinn as the victim of “misogyny.” They’ve justified this by claiming that her personal life is not relevant, even as they’ve lambasted men for far lesser “crimes” in the past. For example, the gaming media had no problem smearing Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin as a “rapist” based solely on the accusation of some chick he knew in college.

But beyond this, major sites such as Reddit and 4chan are not even allowing people to talk about the story, deleting discussions of Quinn left and right and banning people who bring evidence of her calumny to attention. Quinn herself has refused to admit her wrongdoings, shutting down YouTube videos critical of her behavior with phony DMCA claims, painting herself as a victim (since it worked so well before) and claiming that her ex is “us[ing] 4chan as his own personal army” (a claim that should make any true 4chan user hyperventilate with laughter).

Then the false flag attacks started.


Phil Fish, Felon?

The cancer survivor in the above photo is Phil Fish, creator of the indie game Fez, best known for his primadonna outbursts on Twitter about how trolls are mean to him. Fish is also a serious friend of Zoe Quinn’s, helping to silence a fellow game developer who once alleged that Quinn sexually harassed him at a wedding. The fallout over Quinn’s machinations were too much for poor Phil to bear, and he became a co-conspirator in her efforts to suppress the truth.

Quinn began by claiming that 4chan had exposed her and her family’s addresses and phone numbers and that her parents were getting harassing calls. After it was revealed that the phone numbers 4chan “exposed” were phony (leading to a bike shop in Philadelphia and a gas station in Hawaii), Phil Fish faked a 4chan hacking and defacement of his own company’s webpage. In the process, Fish may have revealed the Social Security numbers and other private info of his employees, a federal crime.

Not one of the media outlets who have reported on the Polytron “hack” have bothered to analyze the flimsy evidence supporting a 4chan attack. Beyond the fact that the “hacked” Polytron page referred to 4chan’s /v/ as “/V/” (something no /v/ user would ever do), the overly speedy upload of Fish’s dox to the Polytron server, and the fact that not one single group or entity has claimed credit for the hack so far (and there were no threads on /v/ discussing an attack), this should at least merit some investigation.

Phil Fish’s faked 4chan hack appears to have been the last straw for many of Quinn’s supporters. Even vultures sometimes gag, and several video game journalists have revealed that they were forced to shut up about the Zoe Quinn story lest they be fired. Some feminists have even broken ranks to oppose her, realizing that defending a sociopathic whore is probably not the hill they want to die on. Even editors of major gaming publications are admitting that their coverage of Quinn’s antics has been less than impartial, because the left never lets facts get in the way of the Narrative.

So naturally, this is where the illegality gets ramped up.


Speak Out Against Zoe Quinn, Get Doxed

It isn’t enough for Quinn and her lackeys to fake hack attacks and blackball anyone who criticizes them out of the video game industry. They’ve resorted to outright intimidation, doxing and stalking to silence their enemies. Pro-Quinn hackers have been running wild on Twitter, exposing the real names and Social Security numbers of anyone who dares attack their sainted feminist princess:


It gets worse. Quinn’s opponents tracked down the Fine Young Capitalists, the folks running the pro-woman game jam that she and her media allies destroyed, and tried raising money for them on Indiegogo. But Quinn and her supporters had to go and sabotage that too:


With the recent revelations that the federal government might be running 4chan as a child porn sting operation, this has validated just about every tinfoil hat theorist out there.


We’re Not Gonna Take it Anymore

Let me explain why we (“we” being non-social justice warriors) are upset about the Zoe Quinn scandal.

For starters, this is not about Zoe Quinn’s sex life. Her inability to be faithful to her boyfriend is her problem and hers alone. But her private life became our business when she started having sex with influential men in the video game industry and using those relationships to both get favorable news coverage and suppress negative coverage.

That is the exact opposite of how journalism is supposed to work.

This is also not about womens’ role in geek culture or the video game industry, or even really about geek culture in general. I have nothing to do with geek culture and I barely play video games anymore. This isn’t even about the validity of the social justice warriors’ beliefs. This is about one thing, plain and simple:

We’re angry because Zoe Quinn, Phil Fish, Anita Sarkeesian and other self-appointed moral scolds are craven, lying, morally bankrupt hypocrites.

Criticizing their beliefs is pointless because they have no beliefs. The only thing they care about is money, and they get it by lying, cheating, and stealing from the rest of us. They lecture us on “sexism” and “transphobia” while they screw each other for favors, form little cliques and blackball anyone who doesn’t kiss their rings. They are narcissistic psychopaths with no regard for their fellow human beings, who think nothing of committing the most heinous acts to preserve their bottom line.

And they regard their fans and followers, the people who back them on Twitter and Tumblr, as useful idiots, rubes.

Remember a decade ago when it seemed like every right-wing Christian Republican was embroiled in some kind of disgusting sex scandal? Ted Haggard was caught smoking meth with a gay prostitute. Mark Foley couldn’t keep his hands off the teenage boys. Larry Craig of the “wide stance.” David Vitter soliciting hookers. Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, Phil Fish and their friends are the leftist equivalents of those Christian hypocrites. They position themselves as our moral superiors, castigating us for our “misogyny” and “intolerance,” all the while committing repulsive acts in private to enrich themselves.

They are parasites in the truest sense of the word.

Video gaming thrived and grew precisely because it was free of these kinds of people. As long as I’ve been alive, Hollywood and the mainstream media have been defined by nepotism, cronyism and hollow moral preening. If locusts like Quinn and Sarkeesian get their way, video gaming will become just as degenerate as every other form of media. And they won’t stop there: every time we flee and establish a new culture, they’ll be hot on our heels, ready to destroy it.


The Sarkeesian Effect: It’s Time to Fight Back

It’s time for us to draw a line in the sand, to destroy the social justice warriors once and for all. This far and no farther. This is where their proud armies must stop.

My friend Davis Aurini and his friend Jordan Owen are creating a feature-length documentary titled The Sarkeesian Effect. Quinn, Sarkeesian and their ilk have made a lot of enemies over the years, and with their help, Owen and Aurini will be exposing the social justice warriors for the rotten, degenerate souls that they are. The Sarkeesian Effect will not be a YouTube video, but an actual film that will (hopefully) be screened in theaters and released on DVD.

But in order to make it, Aurini and Owen need your support.

They have set up a Patreon page in order to fund the project. You can visit it here and also learn more about the film. I have no relationship with The Sarkeesian Effect or its creators (beyond being a friend of Davis’), but I’m asking you to contribute what you can to the project. We’ve tried ignoring the Zoe Quinns and Anita Sarkeesians of the world and it hasn’t worked. We’ve tried logically refuting their arguments and it never works because they can always pull the “I’m a poor oppressed womyn” card (that is, when they aren’t just making stuff up). Attempting to get the truth out via the media has been useless because the press is in bed with the social justice warriors (literally in Quinn’s case) and is openly taking their side.

The social justice warriors are psychopaths. They are fascists who don’t tolerate disagreement, who will ruin your career if you dare to disagree with them. And they will not stop until they have completely destroyed everything that you love.

They are cockroaches and it’s time to call the Orkin man.

I’m one of The Sarkeesian Effect’s patrons. Join me in helping to take down Goliath. The social justice left is already attempting to get the film’s Patreon page pulled, showing that they’re afraid. They know the jig is up, that their foul empire is about to fall.

I say we give it a good, hard kick.

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