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Bang Iceland: How to Sleep with Icelandic Women in Iceland by Roosh V

bang-icelandBang Iceland was one of the two Bang travel guides of Roosh’s that I had not read up to this point (Bang Ukraine is the other) and has inadvertently become one of his most controversial. According to pantshitters, Bang Iceland is the book where Roosh confessed to “raping” an Icelandic woman, with this being the offending passage:

While walking to my place, I realized how drunk she was. In America, having sex with her would have been rape, since she couldn’t legally give her consent. It didn’t help matters that I was relatively sober, but I can’t say I cared or even hesitated.

Here’s my question. According to Bang Iceland, Icelandic bar culture revolves around getting excessively drunk and hooking up with no rhyme, reason or attempts at plausible deniability. According to the SJWs’ doctrine of cultural relativism, each culture on Earth has its own social norms, and no one culture is superior to another. It’s clear that what Roosh did was not considered “rape” in Iceland, so why condemn him based on America’s ridiculous, nonsensical cultural norms? Why are feminists imposing American cultural beliefs on other countries?

What are they, racists?

All joking aside, Bang Iceland is an entertaining read and at the same level of quality of Roosh’s other releases. The book is a detailed deconstruction of Icelandic society, an isolated island where everyone knows everyone else and alcohol is the only thing keeping the nightlife going. Roosh paints a picture of a culture that is booze-soaked, incestuous, and weirdly fascinating, a far cry from Denmark and other Scandinavian countries:

If you like Latina women with dark hair, olive skin, and big asses (I’m thinking of Brazil right now), Iceland won’t have what you’re looking for. I will say, though, that fucking a pale, hairless girl gives a great “beauty and the beast” contrast to my darker skin color and hairy body. I felt like a wolf from the woods coming into the city to rape a fair-skinned woman, then escaping back into the darkness before the townspeople could find out what happened.

Bang Iceland goes over just about everything you could possibly want to know, from language issues (everyone in Iceland speaks English, so it doesn’t matter), cost of living (sky-high) to actually getting the women into bed. Like his other Bang guides, Roosh also shares some stories of girls he hooked up with over there: while still interesting, the stories lack the bite and comedy of his escapades in Denmark and Poland.

Overall, if you’re looking to visit Iceland or you’re just interested in a bit of social commentary, Bang Iceland is a worthy buy.

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  • Ole Johansen

    So why didn’t the Vikings protect their women from this predator?