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Are Caffeine Pills Better Than Coffee or Energy Drinks?

caffeine-pillsA month ago, I switched to using caffeine pills in lieu of energy drinks. I’ve always hated coffee and only drink it when I don’t have a choice, and energy drinks are not only bad for you, they hit me in the wallet hard. I limited myself to just one Full Throttle a day, but even at the cheapest I can get them ($1.99 plus tax), I was blowing around $60 per month.

A bottle of quality caffeine pills costs me $7 and lasts for three months.

But saving money isn’t the sole reason why it’s worth switching to pills. By using caffeine pills in lieu of energy drinks, I’ve reduced my anxiety levels and jitteriness. In conjunction with other mood-leveling supplements like ashwagandha and suntheanine, I’m as cool as an ice cube… most of the time, anyway.

Caffeine Pills: Cost-Effective Energy

Caffeine pills, on average, provide a little more caffeine than the average energy drink. For example, the brand of pills I use, ProLab, has 200 mg of caffeine per pill. In contrast, a 16 ounce can of Full Throttle has 16o mg. This further adds to the savings I get from using pills.

However, the real advantage of caffeine pills, in my opinion, is the lack of jitters. Even when I’m on anxiety-killing supplements such as phenibut, energy drinks still put me slightly on edge. When I take caffeine pills, I get the jolt of energy without the nervousness, making my anti-anxiety supplements way more useful.

Overall, between the cost savings, reduced calories and lower anxiety levels, caffeine pills are definitely better than energy drinks. I’m not sure about coffee, though considering that I hate the stuff, I don’t know if it’s worth switching if you’re a coffee fiend. If you use energy drinks, however, you should get on caffeine pills yesterday.

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  • sielakos

    Is it only me or word has gone crazy with all that mood changers, pills and shit? I don’t drink coffee, don’t take any pills at all and feel fine. Well I’m 25, but i know a lot of ppl in my age that can’t live without morning coffee.

  • There’s a study I recently read (I’ll try and dig it up) that showed caffeine anhydrous (in tablet form) to be more affective than coffee – like you mentioned it works out cheaper too!

  • Owen Gilmore

    Of course if you’re just in it for the caffeine, pills are MUCH more cost effective than coffee, energy drink, or whatever. Personally, I enjoy the taste of coffee and tea. And, there are some health benefits to both of them (provided one doesn’t add sugar, creamer and all of that crap).

  • SupaDorkLooza

    Found the same here, caffeine pills are clean energy

  • Cat5krusher

    Yeah I just happened to come across this article.I too started prolab caffeine pills just for convenience recently. They do the trick.I recently found 16 count 200 mg caffeine pills at the 99cent store. They work just as well.As for energy drinks.Ive found the holy Grail also at the 99cent store. Spider energy drinks! Orange flavor tastes like orange soda without any weird after taste. Spider Widow maker tastes more like a monster.Both have 240 MG’s of caffeine! Im not an energy drink addict but Ive tried a lot and these are the best.

  • Melissa Locks

    The best drinks with caffeine to lose weight are coffee and green tea. On days where I dont drink coffee, I take the Dr Max Powers Burn supplement that has caffeine in it, but does not make me have the jittters. Lost about 5lbs this week just using that. No change in diet.