New at Matt Forney’s Electric Camel: “The Voices in Your Head: Phil Hendrie and the Death of Talk Radio, Part 2”

The second part of my article on the career of Phil Hendrie and the death of talk radio is now up at Substack:

Moreover, Hendrie simply could not handle hosting a normal talk show. Having spent much of his career interacting with callers via the crutch of his characters, free to deride them without consequences and fully aware of how stupid they were, he was adrift and listless without that crutch. During his first week, he took a call from a deranged woman who ranted for several minutes about how Barack Obama was the Antichrist. He nodded along in a stupor before thanking her, hanging up, and saying that no, he didn’t think Obama was the Antichrist.

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New at Matt Forney’s Electric Camel: “The Voices in Your Head: Phil Hendrie and the Death of Talk Radio, Part 1”

I discuss the rise and fall of talk radio and the career of Phil Hendrie in an article I originally wrote for another project, now edited and published at Substack:

I knew a likely “chronic” once, when I lived in Chicago. He was my next door neighbor. He was on disability, listened to Michael Savage, and would leave his door open while listening to the radio or watching TV in the hopes somebody would stop in and talk to him. He would constantly rant about “GOD DAMN COMMUNISTS” and how the Democrats were “KILLING BABIES!” whenever he watched the evening news. He also had a fondness for loudly masturbating on the toilet with the window open and once threw his DVD player out the window while drunk. It landed on the roof of the bungalow next door.

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New at Matt Forney’s Electric Camel: “The Internet Didn’t Die, it Was Murdered”

I discuss Dead Internet Theory, AI technology, and government gaslighting operations at Substack:

Commercially available AI tech is hardly the most advanced tech out there. ChatGPT is not the cutting edge. There is evidence to suggest—such as Google’s Selfish Ledger project, initiated in 2016, or its integration of AI tech into its Translation program around the same time—that AI is far more advanced then what the public has access to. The “Upthehappyeveryday” bot is using accounts that have existed since the mid-oughts, for instance. Another data point: In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA, was a backer of Narrative Science, an AI company founded in 2010 that specialized in data and narrative storytelling technology.

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New at Matt Forney’s Electric Camel: “Uncle Ted Would Have Been on Substack”

I’ve started a Substack blog for occasional nonfiction articles that aren’t appropriate for Terror House Magazine or other publications, since I’ve accumulated a pile of writing over the past year. I have a more important article scheduled for tomorrow, but this is something short I wrote about the death of Ted Kaczynski:

Kaczynski’s conception of science and technology as being non-neutral and possessing a value set that innately transformed society—and not necessarily for the better—is not an idea he invented. The trope of the “mad scientist,” all-but-extinguished in modern culture with its ethos of “I fucking love science,” is a plank of Western art and culture stemming back to the Romantic era of the early 1800’s, when Britain’s rapid industrialization combined with the upheavals of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars led many to believe that technological advancement was going too far. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, written in 1818, is arguably the seminal work of this strain of thought, encapsulating the anxieties many had that scientists were playing God with disastrous consequences. The parallel Luddite movement in Britain, arguing that labor-saving machines produced inferior work to traditional textile workers and were harming working class wages, was another manifestation of anxiety over unchecked technological progress; Lord Byron famously defended the Luddites in his maiden speech to the House of Lords.

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New Article at Terror House Press: “Ignatius J. Reilly Goes to New York — An Interview with Dan Baltic”

I interview Dan Baltic, the author of NUTCRANKR, over at Terror House Press:

One of the central conceits of NUTCRANKR is that Spencer is trying to seduce a progressive woman, Crystal Clancy, in order to indoctrinate her in the ways of patriarchy. Spencer convinces himself that his relationship with Crystal is part of some grand project to restore the “historic West,” but, in truth, he’s just horny and lonely.

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New Article at Terror House Press: “Following the Patterns — An Interview with Ewa Mazierska”

I interview Ewa Mazierska, the author of Love Cycles, over at Terror House Press:

Unhappy relationships are more interesting and easier to describe than happy ones. In happiness we are similar; in misery we are different. Secondly, it somehow happened that friends told me these stories, even if not exactly how I retold them. I came myself from a family where love didn’t last, either due to death (both my grandmothers lost their husbands during the Second World War), differences in character and so on. Most of my friends are divorced or single and the more fit this pattern the older I get. Hence I’m accustomed the idea that finding happiness in love is very difficult. Yet because of biology and culture, most people seek it often till the end of their lives.

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New Poem at Misery Tourism: “Rosszlányok”

My poem “Rosszlányok,” an excerpt from my forthcoming poetry chapbook Sex Pest, has been published at Misery Tourism:

Miklós Horthy went to orgies
János Kádár liked leather
Ferenc Szálasi was executed
for being vanilla
Imre Nagy died for the right
to fuck
Gyurcsány loses elections
because he’s faithful to his wife
Szél was laughed out of Parliament
because she couldn’t cum…

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New Article at Terror House Press: “Beyond Your Imagination — An Interview with Mencius Moldbugman”

I interview Mencius Moldbugman, the author of Unsqualified Preservations, over at Terror House Press:

There should be no limitations on how stories are presented. Writers should seek out as many different mediums as possible to present their work. To this day, I remain impressed by the work of the mysterious _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9, who wrote a bizarre science fiction story that took place across the comment section of random Reddit posts. If you have never read this intriguing piece of literature, then you should check it out. The usage of the medium adds to the substance of the story. I want to see more of this. I want epic literature pieced together from graffiti smeared on the walls of Harvard. I want a tale that has to be put together from OnlyFans comments. The possibilities are endless.

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New Poem at Terror House Magazine: “Slave Morality”

My poem “Slave Morality” has been published at Terror House Magazine:

Some people read Culture of Critique
and become Nazis
I read it and decided
to join the winning side
I’m already circumcised
so I’ll have a ceremonial bris
where James Deen
sucks me off…

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