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New Article at Terror House Magazine: “Incelsploitation — A Review of Cuck”

I review the new anti-alt-right movie Cuck over at Terror House Magazine: Of course, unlike Sam Mendes, Solondz never won an Oscar, so it’s clear why Lambert chose to imitate the former in his quest for clout and wokeness points. Bad move. Cuck is chock-full of graphic depravity, par for the course for indie films of this type—we’re treated to […]

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New Article at Terror House Magazine: “Sympathy for the Devil — A Review of Joker”

I review Joker over at Terror House Magazine: More importantly, Inside Llewyn Davis and Joker are about men who failed despite living in eras in which people weren’t supposed to fail. The Coens’ film takes place in 1961, at the tail end of post-World War II prosperity and happiness; Joker takes place in the 1980’s, the era of Reaganomics, Wall Street, and coke-fueled yuppiedom. Click here to […]

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New Article at Terror House Magazine: “Looking Back at Terror House Magazine’s First Year”

I celebrate the one-year anniversary of Terror House Magazine by discussing our triumphs, failures, and plans for the future: That success has been fueled by our talented contributors. The mewling hacks of #saferLIT tried to starve out Terror House by boycotting us and threatening to blackball our writers; they backfired spectacularly because we now get enough submissions to publish two […]

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New Article at Terror House Magazine: “Terror House Magazine Reader Survey Results”

I analyze the results of the recent reader survey at Terror House Magazine:  Terror House is the official literary magazine of zoomers, with 69.6 percent of its readership aged 18 to 34 or younger. We can legitimately claim to be the voice of a new generation. Click here to read the rest.

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