New at Matt Forney’s Electric Camel: “The Voices in Your Head: Phil Hendrie and the Death of Talk Radio, Part 1”

I discuss the rise and fall of talk radio and the career of Phil Hendrie in an article I originally wrote for another project, now edited and published at Substack:

I knew a likely “chronic” once, when I lived in Chicago. He was my next door neighbor. He was on disability, listened to Michael Savage, and would leave his door open while listening to the radio or watching TV in the hopes somebody would stop in and talk to him. He would constantly rant about “GOD DAMN COMMUNISTS” and how the Democrats were “KILLING BABIES!” whenever he watched the evening news. He also had a fondness for loudly masturbating on the toilet with the window open and once threw his DVD player out the window while drunk. It landed on the roof of the bungalow next door.

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