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Compliment & Cuddle: The Beta Male Guide to Getting Laid by Roosh V

Attention players! Tired of having sex with countless beautiful women? Annoyed that girls no longer unload their personal problems on you without giving you so much as a thank you? Ex-womanizer Roosh has the solution for you: Compliment & Cuddle!

Some of you might have read Roosh’s previous books, such as Bang and A Dead Bat in Paraguay, in which he taught you how to pick up chicks smoothly and effortlessly by helping you emphasize your qualities as a man. Turns out all that was just misogynist claptrap. Women want nice guys, who will treat them as equals and reshpect them, and Compliment & Cuddle tells you how to become the gelded man-purse of their dreams:

Step Two: Only a woman can make you realize your true manly potential. It’s definitely true that behind every great man is a strong woman, pushing him to reach his potential with friendly reminders to change his underwear or not to leave little hairs on a bar of soap. Since it’s possible that your strong woman will be too busy with her innovative paper-shuffling job at work, you’ll probably need to hire a maid to do things like scrub the toilets and polish the wooden Ikea furniture.

Joking aside, Compliment & Cuddle is not only a hilarious bit of satire, it’s also a nice compliment to Bang because it shows you precisely what girls don’t want. If you’re still engaging in any of the beta, borderline-creepy behavior Roosh outlines, you’ll want to get on that stat:

Quantity is better than quality. The key to building a friendship with a girl is to understand that it’s okay to spend endless hours with her without anything actually happening. You may recognize this technique as putting in “face time” at the office. The key is to make her so comfortable and bored around you that she can’t help but tell you personal things like how other suitors aren’t treating her as well as you do. Even reading a book with her in silence for two hours is an act she’ll appreciate.

It’s not the next Paraguay, but Compliment & Cuddle is a fun way to kill time at the dentist’s.

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