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The Latest Entries from Terror House Magazine

As I announced two weeks agoTerror House Magazine will soon be expanding into Terror House Press, with Andy Nowicki’s novel Heart Killer as one of our first products. I’m hard at work getting that ready as well as dealing with other issues in my personal life, so for now, here are the ten best submissions that Terror House has published in the past month:

  1. The Last Will and Testament of Philip Alan Dennison“: A short story by Benjamin Welton about a man’s posthumous murder confession.
  2. The Damned Beautiful“: A dystopian short story by T.J. Martinell about a world in which beautiful women are forced to wear burkas in order to avoid offending fat and ugly women.
  3. Was Her Resting?“: A tragic short story by Kirk Forlatt about a man, his dog, and a robbery.
  4. Hostess Cherry Pies“: A comic short story by Pete Able about a man’s struggle with alcohol and heroin addiction in Philadelphia.
  5. Frank and Liz“: A short story by A.R. Bender about a man who falls in love with a manipulative woman and loses everything he has in the process.
  6. Fetish“: A short story by Benjamin Welton about a woman’s attempt to cope with her husband’s disgusting sexual fetish.
  7. Helené Brooks“: A short story by Edward Shaw about a young man in 1950’s San Francisco and his run-in with a mysterious older woman.
  8. Sugar-Plum Fearless“: A comic short story by Soren James about a detective, his dwarf neighbor, and a dead transsexual hooker.
  9. Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert: Fucking Angela Merkel, Considered“: In this installment from Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert, Nameless Writer relays the results of an experiment designed to test Angela Merkel’s attractiveness.
  10. NEET, Part 1“: The first part of Terror House Editor-at-Large Calvin Westra’s novella NEET, about an unemployed young man who is mercilessly bullied by a monster made out of cans.

In addition, be sure to check out Gregory Yelnish’s “The Elves and the Witch” and Daniel Hammarberg’s “Alcohol Drought,” the winners of our Best of the Month Awards for July and August 2018, respectively.

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