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iHerb Coupon Code PGZ255: Save Money on Supplements

I recently switched to ordering my supplements from iHerb as opposed to Amazon and shopping at local stores. I was suspicious of iHerb initially because of their retrograde site design, but not only do they offer the supplements I use at lower prices than Amazon, they also ship way faster. For example, I ordered $50 worth of supplements from them on a Tuesday morning and they were delivered on Thursday afternoon.

Not only that, iHerb has a way better affiliate program.

I got this idea from Mike Cernovich: sign up for the iHerb affiliate program. I now have a banner in the sidebar that links to iHerb using my coupon code, and all my supplement reviews now link to iHerb product pages instead of Amazon. Buy anything via my links (or using the coupon code PGZ255 at checkout) and you’ll save $10 on your first order if it’s $40 or more. If your first order is less than $40, you save $5.

“But wait, Matt,” I hear you protesting. “Why should I join your little pyramid scheme?”

Because it’s not a pyramid scheme. I get a commission for everyone I refer to iHerb via my affiliate links/coupon code at no extra cost to you. Not only that, if you sign up for iHerb, you’ll get your own coupon code which you can give to your friends and start making your own commissions.

This is how affiliate marketing works: creators and business owners pay those who refer customers to them. It’s cheaper than buying advertising and more effective. It’s why I offer a 60 percent payout to anyone who refers customers to my online bookstore.

If someone is offering you free money, why wouldn’t you take it?

So if you’re looking for supplements at low prices, visit iHerb using my affiliate links and/or use the coupon code PGZ255 at checkout. Sign up for your own coupon code and share the love.

Click here to visit iHerb.

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