Increase Your Testosterone with Fenugreek

Fenugreek is one of the last supplements I ever thought I’d be taking. It’s an herbal ingredient used by pregnant and nursing women in order to help them produce breast milk. Why would any man take it?

Answer: fenugreek increases testosterone.

Now, before you immediately gulp an entire bottle of the stuff down, you need to read the fine print. Unlike other supplements such as zinc, fenugreek increases usable testosterone, not overall testosterone. If you have low-T, you need to look into other methods of boosting your testosterone in order to see any benefits from the stuff. However, if you already have good testosterone levels, it can help you maximize your gains.

The Science of Fenugreek

I first tried fenugreek after reading Pill Scout’s article on the stuff. According to his research, men who use it increase the amount of “bio-available” testosterone in their blood. While this won’t help you if your testosterone levels are low, it provides a nice boost if you have high-T already. Pill Scout also notes that it has been shown to improve creatine uptake.

I use fenugreek seeds in capsule form, taking twice a day in conjunction with zinc, magnesium and Andro-Plus testosterone cream. I noticed that I was getting a bigger boost from the cream after I started using it: I felt stronger, more alert and was capable of better lifts. It wasn’t a huge boost, but it was definitely noticeable, as well as economical: the stuff only runs about $6 for a bottle of a hundred capsules, which will last you about two months.

The closest thing to a problem I have with fenugreek is the obnoxious smell. Not that I’m bothered by something that tastes bad, but the odor is way more pungent than any other supplement I take. Aside from this, it’s worth adding to your supplement arsenal if you’re looking to improve your testosterone.

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