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Use Kelp Supplements to Increase Iodine and Testosterone

north-atlantic-kelpIodine is yet another vital nutrient that most men don’t get enough of. Iodine is important for thyroid function: too little of it will result in a goiter. Men also need iodine for prostate health, and iodine deficiency is linked to lower testosterone levels, increased depression and weight gain.

So how do you rectify low iodine? With supplements, of course!

Pill Scout recommends eating kelp (seaweed) to obtain iodine, but I’ve had a good amount of success using supplements. In particular, 200 mcg kelp tablets have helped me in the gym and improved my mood. However, kelp supplements can be problematic for some men, so be careful.

Kelp: Strength from Seaweed

At present, I take one 200 mcg tablet of kelp a day. A couple days after I began taking kelp, I noticed that I was more alert and my mood was a little sunnier. Given that it’s been cloudy, cold and snowy for at least a week straight where I am, I’m pretty sure my environment isn’t helping my gloominess. I did notice some discomfort when I took the pills—for the first couple of days, I started coughing like I had acid reflux—but my body has since adjusted.

However, I recommend you be very careful if you use kelp supplements. According to Pill Scout, unlike iodine from raw seaweed, supplemental iodine has a tendency to accumulate in the liver. Too much iodine can endanger your thyroid and general health, so I recommend taking no more than one tablet a day. Additionally, if your body doesn’t seem to be reacting well to supplements, stop taking them.

I figure if I take too much iodine, my stomach will make me throw it up like I do with zinc, but better to be safe.

Aside from that, I recommend adding these supplements to your arsenal. The benefits I’ve gotten in terms of improved mood and weight loss are well worth the price. Kelp is also quite economical—I paid $12 for a bottle that will last about eight months—so you’ll be getting your money’s worth as well.

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  • citizen49a


    Japanese iodine intake from edible seaweeds is amongst the highest in the world…..we estimate that the Japanese iodine intake–largely from seaweeds–averages 1,000-3,000 μg/day (1-3 mg/day).

  • Good advice Matt. Yesterday I went out to Whole Foods and picked up a bottle of Icelandic kelp tablets. Hope it works out…