The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse Into the True Nature of Women by Nicholas Jack


Every so often, you come across a book that completely upends your worldview. After reading it, you might feel angry, sad, happy or whatever, but you won’t see things the same way ever again. Even if the book contains information that you might have already known or suspected to be true, the evidence it lays out can shake you to your very core.

The Key Logger is such a book.

Nicholas Jack (aka 20Nation) sent me a review copy of The Key Logger after I said some nice things about his previous book, The Perfect Conversation. Unlike that book, this is not a practical advice guide. Reading it will not help you get laid. However, you have to read this book because it provides conclusive evidence about the nature of girls, information that you need in order to protect yourself in the shark tank of modern sexual relations.

In fact, The Key Logger is so good that I’m willing to overlook flaws that would annoy me in other books. For example, Jack could use a decent editor. His prose is overly workmanlike and lacks punch, which drags down the book at points. Additionally, the book has a number of typos and grammatical errors that a decent copyeditor could have weeded out:

For thousands of years women have been not been able to get what they wanted by physical force; they have been forced to learn how to get others to do their bidding. Over time this has made them very good at manipulating men. Women use lies to manipulate men into doing what they want. It’s nothing except how nature has designed them.

It’s a testament to the importance of what Jack is writing about that The Key Logger remains absolutely gripping despite its issues; I finished it in a half-hour.

The premise of The Key Logger is rather unique; it’s about how Jack secretly installed a key logger on his computer so he could spy on his girlfriends’ Facebook and email accounts. The book follows ten separate girls he used the key logger on, covering the range from an innocent “good girl” to a hard-partying Paris Hilton wannabe to a nutty slut looking to cuckold her husband, and all of them behave in the exact same way:

She had been messaging him trying to see him again and he had been blowing her off, it looked like he had only been interested in sex. I looked at his profile, and he was a particularly good looking guy. She still kept in contact with him.

That’s right: all of these girls were keeping men on the side, which they “conveniently” failed to tell Jack about. Whether it was an ex-boyfriend that they kept messaging on Facebook, other men they were dating at the same time, or a coterie of beta orbiters sucking up to her on a regular basis, every girl Jack dated was a full-on attention junkie.

And not a single one thought what they were doing was wrong.

Jack didn’t merely peer into his girlfriends’ private messages, he confronted them about the other men they were hiding from him. All of them behaved identically: lying and spinning frantically in an attempt to maintain their facade of wholesomeness. When Jack threatened to leave them, however, they all broke down crying and pleading for him to reconsider:

She started pleading as I walked away. Grabbing my arm and trying to get me to talk to her. She was crying and screaming and making a scene.

She wouldn’t let me go back to my place without taking her along as well. She clung to my side. I looked at her again, finally seeing her for who she was. I was still angry.

While Jack is angry and hurt during his earlier confrontations, as the book wears on he becomes increasingly cynical about his relationships. At the end, he deletes the key logger because he knows exactly what to expect from the girls he meets.

He’s also accepted their nature and doesn’t fault them for what they do.

That’s part of The Key Logger’s effectiveness as a work: it teaches that what girls are doing is completely rational. Girls aren’t simply attention junkies, they’re affirmation addicts. Their self-esteem is so poor, their souls so empty that they can’t go any length of time without having a man tell them how smart or beautiful they are. That’s what I mean when I say that girls will die without attention from men; even fish/bicycle feminists need constant affirmations from manboobs like John Scalzi in order to keep from OD’ing on Klonopin.

Can you really begrudge them for slaking this addiction, especially when no one tells them what they’re doing is wrong?

I forget who it was that said that men are romantics and women are realists when it comes to love, but The Key Logger drives that home. How many guys have this kind of support network in place? How many men who are in a relationship have a girl on the side they can call up for a deep dicking if their girlfriend/wife shows them the door? Almost none. The average man is conditioned to hang all his hopes on one girl, to the point where chodes will abandon their guy friends when they get a girlfriend, leaving them with nothing to fall back on when the relationship implodes. Meanwhile, the girl they think is the love of their life maintains her emotional safety net with obsessive-compulsive detail, so the minute her relationship goes south, she has her pick of suitors and court eunuchs to remind her what a catch she is.

And people thought the Captain Power was exaggerating when he said that all girls will have sex with another guy within 24 hours of breaking up with you.

The more cynical in the audience will probably go, “So fucking what? We knew all this already!” No, you didn’t. You know about it in the abstract, through manosphere blog posts and secondhand stories, but few men have been confronted with the average girl’s emotional calculus in such a stark manner. I’ve been confronted with it in the past, and it’s disturbing, near sociopathic how girls can effortlessly justify their emotional promiscuity. Appealing to morality is a waste of time; you might as well be speaking in a foreign language.

It comes down to this: if you let them, all girls will become sluts.

Not necessarily physical sluts, but emotional sluts, seeking masculine attention like a crackhead financing his addiction by holding up gas stations. Reading a book like The Key Logger, you almost start to understand why Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia enforce severe restrictions on women through Sharia law (note for the slow: that is not an endorsement of Sharia): it’s about controlling womens’ addiction to attention. When you force women to wear burqas every time they leave the house and restrict their interactions with men other than their husbands, you’re eliminating the means by which women become addiction junkies, theoretically preserving marriages and families.

And make no mistake, I’ve watched relationships and even a marriage collapse because American girls just can’t get their affirmation addiction under control.

Where I would dissent from Jack is that I don’t believe girls’ addiction to attention is entirely hardwired. Yes, girls are inclined to attention whore, but just as a culture can tamp down this tendency (as in the aforementioned case of Saudi Arabia), it can also feed it. Modern American and Western culture encourages female attention-seeking and artificially shores up girls’ self-esteem, making them think they’re morally superior just for having a vagina. Is it any wonder why girls go berserk when we in the manosphere puncture feminist lies? We’re threatening to cut off their drug supply!

Girls are behaving rationally in putting their best interests first, no different than us.

This is why The Key Logger is a necessary and remarkable book. If you’re still harboring beta fantasies of happily ever after, Jack’s book will help you shatter them. While there’s no practical advice in the book, internalizing its lessons and message will help you build the mindset you need to deal with girls in our modern world. And even if you’re a seasoned player, The Key Logger is a fascinating look into female psychology, one not found anywhere else in the manosphere.

Just remember: don’t be bitter.

Don’t get mad, get even. Forget your guilt about keeping a harem or having girls on the side. In the quest for sexual antifragility, we men have a long ways to catch up.

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