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The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse Into the True Nature of Women by Nicholas Jack

the-key-loggerEvery so often, you come across a book that completely upends your worldview. After reading it, you might feel angry, sad, happy or whatever, but you won’t see things the same way ever again. Even if the book contains information that you might have already known or suspected to be true, the evidence it lays out can shake you to your very core.

The Key Logger is such a book.

Nicholas Jack (aka 20Nation) sent me a review copy of The Key Logger after I said some nice things about his previous book, The Perfect Conversation. Unlike that book, this is not a practical advice guide. Reading it will not help you get laid. However, you have to read this book because it provides conclusive evidence about the nature of girls, information that you need in order to protect yourself in the shark tank of modern sexual relations.

In fact, The Key Logger is so good that I’m willing to overlook flaws that would annoy me in other books. For example, Jack could use a decent editor. His prose is overly workmanlike and lacks punch, which drags down the book at points. Additionally, the book has a number of typos and grammatical errors that a decent copyeditor could have weeded out:

For thousands of years women have been not been able to get what they wanted by physical force; they have been forced to learn how to get others to do their bidding. Over time this has made them very good at manipulating men. Women use lies to manipulate men into doing what they want. It’s nothing except how nature has designed them.

It’s a testament to the importance of what Jack is writing about that The Key Logger remains absolutely gripping despite its issues; I finished it in a half-hour.

The premise of The Key Logger is rather unique; it’s about how Jack secretly installed a key logger on his computer so he could spy on his girlfriends’ Facebook and email accounts. The book follows ten separate girls he used the key logger on, covering the range from an innocent “good girl” to a hard-partying Paris Hilton wannabe to a nutty slut looking to cuckold her husband, and all of them behave in the exact same way:

She had been messaging him trying to see him again and he had been blowing her off, it looked like he had only been interested in sex. I looked at his profile, and he was a particularly good looking guy. She still kept in contact with him.

That’s right: all of these girls were keeping men on the side, which they “conveniently” failed to tell Jack about. Whether it was an ex-boyfriend that they kept messaging on Facebook, other men they were dating at the same time, or a coterie of beta orbiters sucking up to her on a regular basis, every girl Jack dated was a full-on attention junkie.

And not a single one thought what they were doing was wrong.

Jack didn’t merely peer into his girlfriends’ private messages, he confronted them about the other men they were hiding from him. All of them behaved identically: lying and spinning frantically in an attempt to maintain their facade of wholesomeness. When Jack threatened to leave them, however, they all broke down crying and pleading for him to reconsider:

She started pleading as I walked away. Grabbing my arm and trying to get me to talk to her. She was crying and screaming and making a scene.

She wouldn’t let me go back to my place without taking her along as well. She clung to my side. I looked at her again, finally seeing her for who she was. I was still angry.

While Jack is angry and hurt during his earlier confrontations, as the book wears on he becomes increasingly cynical about his relationships. At the end, he deletes the key logger because he knows exactly what to expect from the girls he meets.

He’s also accepted their nature and doesn’t fault them for what they do.

That’s part of The Key Logger’s effectiveness as a work: it teaches that what girls are doing is completely rational. Girls aren’t simply attention junkies, they’re affirmation addicts. Their self-esteem is so poor, their souls so empty that they can’t go any length of time without having a man tell them how smart or beautiful they are. That’s what I mean when I say that girls will die without attention from men; even fish/bicycle feminists need constant affirmations from manboobs like John Scalzi in order to keep from OD’ing on Klonopin.

Can you really begrudge them for slaking this addiction, especially when no one tells them what they’re doing is wrong?

I forget who it was that said that men are romantics and women are realists when it comes to love, but The Key Logger drives that home. How many guys have this kind of support network in place? How many men who are in a relationship have a girl on the side they can call up for a deep dicking if their girlfriend/wife shows them the door? Almost none. The average man is conditioned to hang all his hopes on one girl, to the point where chodes will abandon their guy friends when they get a girlfriend, leaving them with nothing to fall back on when the relationship implodes. Meanwhile, the girl they think is the love of their life maintains her emotional safety net with obsessive-compulsive detail, so the minute her relationship goes south, she has her pick of suitors and court eunuchs to remind her what a catch she is.

And people thought the Captain Power was exaggerating when he said that all girls will have sex with another guy within 24 hours of breaking up with you.

The more cynical in the audience will probably go, “So fucking what? We knew all this already!” No, you didn’t. You know about it in the abstract, through manosphere blog posts and secondhand stories, but few men have been confronted with the average girl’s emotional calculus in such a stark manner. I’ve been confronted with it in the past, and it’s disturbing, near sociopathic how girls can effortlessly justify their emotional promiscuity. Appealing to morality is a waste of time; you might as well be speaking in a foreign language.

It comes down to this: if you let them, all girls will become sluts.

Not necessarily physical sluts, but emotional sluts, seeking masculine attention like a crackhead financing his addiction by holding up gas stations. Reading a book like The Key Logger, you almost start to understand why Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia enforce severe restrictions on women through Sharia law (note for the slow: that is not an endorsement of Sharia): it’s about controlling womens’ addiction to attention. When you force women to wear burqas every time they leave the house and restrict their interactions with men other than their husbands, you’re eliminating the means by which women become addiction junkies, theoretically preserving marriages and families.

And make no mistake, I’ve watched relationships and even a marriage collapse because American girls just can’t get their affirmation addiction under control.

Where I would dissent from Jack is that I don’t believe girls’ addiction to attention is entirely hardwired. Yes, girls are inclined to attention whore, but just as a culture can tamp down this tendency (as in the aforementioned case of Saudi Arabia), it can also feed it. Modern American and Western culture encourages female attention-seeking and artificially shores up girls’ self-esteem, making them think they’re morally superior just for having a vagina. Is it any wonder why girls go berserk when we in the manosphere puncture feminist lies? We’re threatening to cut off their drug supply!

Girls are behaving rationally in putting their best interests first, no different than us.

This is why The Key Logger is a necessary and remarkable book. If you’re still harboring beta fantasies of happily ever after, Jack’s book will help you shatter them. While there’s no practical advice in the book, internalizing its lessons and message will help you build the mindset you need to deal with girls in our modern world. And even if you’re a seasoned player, The Key Logger is a fascinating look into female psychology, one not found anywhere else in the manosphere.

Just remember: don’t be bitter.

Don’t get mad, get even. Forget your guilt about keeping a harem or having girls on the side. In the quest for sexual antifragility, we men have a long ways to catch up.

Click here to buy The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse Into the True Nature of Women.

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  • threeLegDog


  • james

    Seems like a very interesting book. I wish I could just buy a pdf or something.

  • I’m thinking of buying this but I want to know.. does he include screen shots or transcriptions of these girl’s conversations? I love a real live hamster.

  • Laid: He has some of that in there, but the bulk of the stories are recreated from memory. I’m assuming they all took place over the course of years.

  • WOW! Being a person who visited the Middle East back i the day and seeing these women walking around covered from head to toe made me wonder why it was like this? I like to way you put it in perspective!

    Sounds like its a great book! Great Post Matt!

  • Thanks. Still probably gonna buy.

    As a general point, having scrolled through chicks emails, facebooks and texts before I can say the entertainment quality is amazing…. ripe for profit. There’s a reason textsfromlastnight is/was a popular website, and that’s just what they willingly share.

  • Towgunner

    Brilliant. IMO feminism is peaking and will start declining when and if interest rates reset upwards and our system buckles, which it has to at some point. I think establishment feminism senses this inflection point, and consistent with drug addict behavior they’re becoming crazier than ever. Plus the anxiety of losing all this state support and like every entity facing existential threat it’s reactions are even more amp’d up as it goes into “survival mode” if you will, but don’t forget these are women so it’s amp’d even further. Matt says it best above – picture a female drug addict about to have her drugs taken away. And add in the mindfuck some women will experience when one part of them feels beholden to feminism and the other that realizes how it failed them. Some serious craziness! And it explains certain abnormalities that have occurred lately such as women on front lines etc. Talk about a desperate play for attention; a combination of twisted, warped and irrational that only the female mindset is capable of.

  • Jibola

    “I forget who it was that said that men are romantics and women are realists when it comes to love ..”

    That was Rollo Tomassi

    That said, I’m definitely copping the book. For oneself and for a cousin that requires unplugging post haste

  • I forget who it was that said that men are romantics and women are realists when it comes to love,..

    *raises hand*

    I’m gonna buy this book BTW

  • Matt, on the topic of the feminine need for attention / affirmation, this might also interest you:

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  • > you almost start to understand why Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia enforce severe restrictions on women through Sharia law”

    It’s not hard to understand, it’s called pathological fear.

    > When you force women to wear burqas every time they leave the house and restrict their interactions with men other than their husbands, you’re eliminating the means by which women become addiction junkies, theoretically preserving marriages and families.

    Except that the divorce rate in Saudia Arabia is over 60% and rising. It’s one of the few places on the entire planet where the divorce rate is higher than the modern west’s rate of about 50%.

    So apart from being totally and completely wrong, you have a point there.

  • Andy

    JJ Roberts, The divorce rate is high in Islamic countries because divorce for Islamic men is easy to do, that and their quaint notion of weekend marriages as a work around for their moral laws.

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  • Amy

    You monkeys do realize that not all women are helpless, slutty feminists, don’t you?

  • The ID

    “Where I would dissent from Jack is that I don’t believe girls’ addiction to attention is entirely hardwired.”

    I believe it is entirely hardwired. If you need culture to suppress a behavior, then it has always existed since man rose from the slime.

    A friend of mines once served in the Iraqi war. He was stationed in a zone where every woman was covered from head to toe in a black burka. He was serving as a doctor/medical practitioner for the injured and every now and then, he would get women patients.

    What he first saw and began to experience astounded him. He would always describe the majority of women as complete 8-9s but this wasnt visible until he had to take the burka off. Some of these instances where when they had died in the war. They always had matching lingerie underneath and perfectly trimmed areas. He would recall that after seeing them, they would always make an excuse to come see him at the clinic or station. Some made their intentions well known, with a slight coyness.

    He had seen them nude and exposed. So I take it they were addicted to that feeling and kept coming back.

  • Ras Al Ghul

    “and it’s disturbing, near sociopathic how girls can effortlessly justify their emotional promiscuity. Appealing to morality is a waste of time; you might as well be speaking in a foreign language.”

    Dude, this isn’t “near sociopathic.”

    It is sociopathic.

    I wish people wouldn’t qualify this behavior that way.

  • Erick Muller

    “…I forget who it was that said that men are romantics and women are realists when it comes to love, but The Key Logger drives that home.”

    H.L. Menckel

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  • Luckily, I was part of the PUA community for years and had already experienced all this by the time I read the book. Nothing unexpected.

    One of the most difficult Blue Pill beliefs to let go of is that women care about other people and/or have a moral compass. The truth is that their moral compass asks one question and one question only:

    “How can I get away with what I feel like doing?”

    And anything else is entirely irrelevant. In fact, morality and honor themselves are simply ways that women control men. They know they can appeal to our sense of honesty or “doing the right thing” in order to glean useful information out of us, which in turn they use to change their presentation in order to best appease us / maintain their control.

    Any man getting into a monogamous relationship these days is an idiot. I once thought of them as simply naive, but it’s not enough anymore. The internet is free. There is no excuse not to learn how that world works, and choosing not to makes someone an idiot.

    They will suffer the entirely predictable consequences, go through an entirely predictable process, do the entirely predictable exact same thing next time, and wind up predictably unhappy in a drama- and conflict- filled marriage until she finally leaves him and he winds up either hating women or celibate or both.

  • vigrior

    Can anyone tell me where I can get this book for free? Or if anyone has a free copy, could you send me a copy?
    I do not have kindle. And I’m a little hesitant to spend $6 because I’m an unbelievable cheapass.

    [CensorBot sez: GFY.]

  • Doug

    Brother this is 100% truth.

    However, I must say, as the author of the book does, it is best to just accept and not even take it personally. It is a foregone conclusion. Even the most loyal woman who never has never been physically or emotionally unfaithful will need to ensure there are some other men out there who she could go to if her main man is lost. Whether this is a beta orbiter who would commit to her quickly, or a quick sexual encounter with an attractive man.

    Another key point, no matter what if you ever confront a girl over something like this they are incapable of doing anything other than lying through their teeth and justifying their behavior…let me share a story to explain.

    This is a past gf, i made mistake(?) of checking her phone. I was young at the time and thankfully i must say i didn’t even take it poorly because I have always been a cynical bastard. And really this was not all that bad, it just shined a light on the nature of woman. So I had had open conversations with this woman before who was great girlfriend, about exes, past people we slept with, opposite sex friends etc..and we both agreed talking to or spending time is not the worst thing if there is just an innocent friendship. The worst thing was lying about this, keeping it from each other. I had never kept anyone on the side nor lied to her about spending time with another female. Even though she said the same it was obviously a lie. But it is ok…she is a great woman still. Anything I saw on the phone was innocent, any sexually suggestive message from another man was shut down etc. There was exes, beta orbiters, past people she slept with, and amongst them all there was nothing to allude to any unfaithfulness and even some encouraging behavior on her part when it came to shutting guys down. But it still highlighted the fact that no matter what she needed to have these constant affirmations and saw nothing wrong with it. She had even agreed if she did such things it would be immortal, if she checked my phone and saw such things it would be an outrage, yet still did it. And again, never saw anything bad.

    However the one thing that actually bothered me about this? The more attention I gave her, the more affirmation she needed from the non-beta orbiters. The less attention I gave her the more affirmation she needed from the beta orbiters (versus lets say guys she slept with in the past ie guys she is actually attracted to).

    The lesson here is you must always air on the side of being more bold ie giving less attention to avoid the worse more unnerving behavior ie bigger threat. It was very disheartening to see her behavior towards other guys when she had not fully garnered by love/attention yet (ie complete shut downs), and that as soon as I gave it to her the tone changed. Once again nothing too bad but there is no doubt on this twisted perverse behavior of woman we have no choice but to accept if we want to lead happy relationship-filled lives; which is possible.

  • Moishe Chaim Bergstein

    There’s only one thing to do: Hedge accordingly.

  • Dickhead McGee

    i’m not so sure anymore