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Letter to God: A Heterosexual Man Speaks

This is a guest post by an anonymous reader.

Unchecked homosexuality is the road to Sodom & Gomorrah. We don’t need the Bible to believe this is true anymore. Every single Western heterosexual man is about to encounter his own Lot moment when groups of gay men knock on his door demanding to “know” him. Lot’s offering of his daughters is not as bad as it first sounds because he knew those men wouldn’t touch that which is divinely and naturally ordained. Gays only wish to violate and desecrate everything that is holy and sacred, a truth even they will utter with pride and glee.

And by holy and sacred, I mean to desecrate and violate heterosexuality into oblivion.

This… is what many in the LGBTQ community think of our “choice” in sexual orientation.

It is not called a culture war for nothing. And the gays are taking no prisoners.

I wrote this after reading my first article by Milo Yiannopoulos titled “The Sexodus.” I quote and link to it below, words that got me absolutely seething with rage at the time. I have since become somewhat of a fan of Milo, but I still don’t believe he should be speaking for heterosexual men. The fact that he still is will vindicate every point I make in this post.

The style is more of a stream of consciousness rant than a tightly worded and edited essay. I think this style will resonate with a lot of heterosexual men because it is unfiltered, with no attempt to self-censor. This is what most heterosexual men think about homosexuality, and I suspect even the cucked liberals do too, if they could find an ear they could trust not to rat them out.

So without further ado, a letter to God from a heterosexual man.

Dear God,

I write today because I need someone I can talk to. I am a heterosexual man who absolutely loves your ultimate creation—woman—but something has seriously gone wrong with the fairer sex in the West. In regard to my own gender, well, when a gay man comes out fighting for male heterosexual rights, no matter what the plan may have initially been for humanity, the plan has officially gone FUBAR.

But then, that would be my naive and uninformed view of things. For I, clearly, have not your vision nor wisdom in order to understand just what the goal of the plan was in the first place.

I am writing to you today because I was chastised. Chastised by a gay man for not standing up for heterosexual men. I don’t believe he meant it as a chastisement, but it was. He is saying that heterosexual men should be doing more to stand up against the misandry and hate of feminism toward them in the West.

I wish to address this gay man. He won’t like my words, but then again, I am a man, a heterosexual one, and because my very existence is now offensive to Western society and culture, there is really nothing I can say or do that won’t offend everybody.

Naively, I was raised to believe a man was for a woman, and a woman a man.

As I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, I was told this was a wrong and misguided view of the world. Told I say, because in hindsight, I was not allowed to think any differently if I wanted friends or employment. I was forced to accept this bullshit when I was naive and open to persuasion by those I thought were smarter than me, as they repeatedly reminded me that they were. I accepted the lies of feminism at face value. I was told that the archaic and patriarchally oppressive idea of the family, you know, husband and wife, father and mother, children and home… well… these were “oppressive.” Us heterosexual men were keeping women down, preventing their flowering by asking them to concentrate their natural gifts and talents toward caring and raising the future generation of mankind. See? I am still brainwashed to believe in gender roles, despite the years of re-education in right thinking.

What did I know? It sounded good to me. She works, I work, whatever. It will all work out in the end because I had no agenda against women. Why would I? I liked them, a lot!!!

Then, after breaking the patriarchally oppressive institution called marriage and getting the divorce rate to forever hover around 50 percent, the next wave of re-education for the stupid, oppressive and patriarchal heterosexual male began.


You know… men who like to stick their cock up another man’s ass, his shit hole, his poop pipe, his crap dispenser?

Sorry. I apologize for the harsh language. I hope you will forgive me, but for some reason, this whole gay thing—even more than feminism—has really got me questioning what the fuck happened to your plan for Man.

Seriously… Andrew Dice Clay had a career speaking the truth about gay culture and lifestyle!!! People paid to hear this kind of truth spoken and they laughed at it. Laughed, as with all comedy, because the Dice Man was spitting kernels of truth in comedic prose: the gay lifestyle is fucked up.

And no, God, no one is going to shame me for saying that. All anyone who is curious about gay life and culture has to do is a little research. Heterosexuals have their kinks and quirks, but they are nothing, nothing, compared to the deviation and sheer fucked-up-edness of the LGBT community. You know it. I know it. But we are not allowed to say so anymore in the feminist liberal West.

Today? Fuck! My ass will be in jail and some queer checking it out before I could say, “What hate speech, your honor?”

This… this… is how far sodomy has come to be accepted in western culture. Getting fucked up the ass, gay or straight, is now all the rage on campus and amongst teen youth. You may have razed Sodom and Gomorrah to the ground in the past, but it has risen from the ashes (or is that asses?) to take over almost the entire world, and most assuredly, the Western world. The message I, as a heterosexual man, am being repeatedly told via every form of media propaganda possible is this: normal heterosexuality, a male for a female, is not normal, and we must all become (or at least try, you vanilla normies), accept and embrace freaks.

And boy… are we fucking freaky now!!!

Ummm…. I’m only here because I saw a video of markiplier (awesome and super hot youtuber) with his shirt off and this song was playing.

– YouTube Commentor Vanessa Zamora on George Michael’s FREEEK music video


Vanessa Zamora expresses… in a very typical, modest, understated and polite fashion… just about any heterosexual’s reaction to this video publicly. Privately? This… is what we are no longer allowed to say as Andrew Dice Clay so perfectly and artistically illustrates in the clip above.

That is some fucked up shit.

I mean really…


You gotta love George, he always knew how to sing about sex and human perversion in such shocking dirty and damn good ways :)

– Anushka Chandramani

I find it interesting, God, that the woman you created to be Man’s partner so he not be alone, if given the choice, will consistently choose instead to engage in and celebrate all manner of human sexual perversion with wild abandon, given the freedom to do so.




I am no judge.

Judgement, when it comes, or if it will come at all for those still in doubt, is not for me.

Gays, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals, furries (I’ll explain that in a minute)…

I have come to know, not believe, that all of this sexual and human perversion comes from ignorance.

Ignorance… of the act of procreation. The act you sanctified for begetting the next generation of Man.

In pre-history, before the written word, your Word, by which Man began to teach himself that which he knew not…

Man lived under the goddess, a matriarchy. Paternity, fatherhood… what is that?

Sex… lust… carnal… unbridled… animal…

Was engaged in by one and only one law…

Do as though wilt.

But then, as now, this was usually only enjoyed by the elite. To whit…

It’s as if gays are the only men left prepared to fight masculinity’s corner.

Gay emancipation, of course, may not have been a uniformly good thing for women. Depending on whose figures you believe—and you’re wise not to take the claims of gay advocacy groups or gay magazines too seriously, for obvious reasons—somewhere between 1 per cent and 10 per cent of the adult male population is gay. (It’s probably a lot closer to 1 per cent.)

Just a few decades ago, many of those men—at the risk of stereotyping, the most sensitive, artistic, attractive and highest-earning men; that is, perfect husband material—would have got married, had a few kids and led a double life to pursue their forbidden urges. They wouldn’t have bothered their wives for sex and they would have made great fathers.

But now they’re settling down with men, in many cases not having children at all. In other words, a healthy chunk of the most desirable men—men who no doubt would have cooed along approvingly to feminist exhortations—are now off the market, leaving even fewer eligible men in the dating pool.

(As a side note, here’s an argument you won’t read elsewhere: gay men test significantly higher, on average, for IQ, and we know that IQ is at least partially genetically determined. Gays don’t reproduce as much now they don’t have to keep up the pretence of straight relationships. In fact, surveys say they barely reproduce at all.

Is it too much of a stretch to ask whether society’s newfound tolerance of homosexuals has made society… well, a bit more stupid? Granted, it sounds far-fetched. But while there’s no doubt that liberating gay men from the shame of their secret double lives has been a moral imperative, driven by compassion, no rapid social change comes without trade-offs.)

– Milo Yiannopoulos, “The Sexodus: Part 2

Superiority. Elite.

This… is the core of feminism. A narcissistic view that as a gender, as females, they are superior to men.

Then we have gay men who seem to also have the same view of themselves. The above has pretty much been my experience in meeting them. Gays believe they are the pinnacle of manhood and masculinity. They will never say it out loud, but they believe it. Even in this article, a good one I will admit in defence of the wrongs against heterosexual men by feminism, a gay man could not restrain himself from declaring the following:

  • He belongs to the one percent (and yes, all the current cultural connotations associated with that term).
  • Gay men are superior and the best life mates/partners for a heterosexual woman.
  • Gay men are intellectually superior in IQ to the heterosexual norm.
  • The lack of high IQ gay men not having children is, theoretically, dumbing down the human race and making society more stupid.

Only a gay man could come to such conclusions. For he, after all, is the centre of the universe. One look at gay culture screams one and only one conclusion: I am fabulous and the whole world should know it!!! Can I get snap?

Well, I might not be as smart as Milo, but I am smart enough to know you don’t put your cock up another man’s ass.

Or any ass for that matter. Shit comes out of there, for fuck’s sake!!!

And Milo wonders why heterosexual men don’t speak up?

Why the fuck should we? Why should I? Why am I writing about this damn shit?

Because that is what all of the above quoted words by Milo are: complete, total and utter shit.

I am not dismissing the spirit with which Milo writes. I am dismissing the attitude, the arrogance, the pride, as a gay man toward heterosexual men. Pride which, as a heterosexual man, I am no longer allowed to feel, let alone express. But I can’t say that now, God. No. They—liberals and feminists—call it hate speech. They say I have anger issues. It is a given I will be accused of being a closet homosexual.

This… this… is the world I now live in as a Son of Adam.

Gay men would love to believe heterosexual men will accept them into the club of Man: you know, the other 99 percent of us that for some reason have a natural sexual urge for female pussy, not male ass? I know the gay search for an amazing TOP in bed, Milo. Those pure, testosterone fueled, absolute masculine bodies and minds that bottoms (the majority of gay men in sexual position choice) are always lusting for, and lamenting in not finding, because so few gay men are actually Men!!!

Gays claim that heterosexual men wrongly fear they are all out to make them gay. Well, there is some truth in that fear because gays WANT masculine men. You can’t be gay as long as you desire pussy, so we need to do something about that, hmmmm? For all our pathetic sense of fashion, slovenly grooming, stunted intelligence and utter unsuitability to heterosexual women as marriage partners, as husbands and fathers…

Heterosexual men are pure masculinity.

And nothing is sexier that us heteros. We want pussy. Period. Not ass, and that is why gays are out to convert us all. Gay men would love nothing more than to turn every heterosexual man at least bi, so they could have access to the most prime male beefcake on the planet.

Nothing, nothing… is sacred to feminists and the gay agenda of turning the whole of humanity into sexual freeeks like them.

God, do you know how hard it was for me to not vomit during this scene?

I love Danial Craig. What he and the Bond team did to revive the series was phenomenal.

And by revive it, what do I mean?

They made Bond human.

They had Bond fall in love in the first of the series, Casino Royale, and by far the best of the three. To show that the armour of a man can be broken by a woman that truly demonstrates, by her words and actions, that she gives a shit about him. That he has someone he can talk to. To open up with. And par for the course, she uses him. The armour goes back on, never to come off again, now being the wiser to the nature of the female and becomes the Man every man wants to be in his dreams and fantasies.

But you know what all the talk of the relaunch of Bond was about, God?

I shit you not.

Gay men wondering if Bond swung both ways.

Remember those sexy blue trunks in the beach scene, Milo? Mmmmm hmmm… heterosexual beef that will forever be off limits to you!!!

You can forget the gay dream that ALL men must be SOMEWHAT inclined to swing. After all, you do, so it must be natural, right?

Buddy? It ain’t. It just fucking ain’t.

This being not just the feminist 21st century, but the gay 21st century as well, the liberal press was all a-flutter about how they could get a gay theme worked into a future Bond plot. You know, to “update” Bond with the times. The times of course being completely fucking gay!!!

So God, I had to sit through this shit… one of the LAST refuges of pure masculinity for heterosexual men in the film world that is true old school… and watch once again as a white, heterosexual male is made gay—or at least attempted—to prove to me—a heterosexual man—that I am simply persona non gratis.

Now that I think about it, God, there is a deeper gay subtext to this particular Bond series. That deep message is this:

Burned by a female?

Had your heart broken by a woman?

Go gay!!!

Once you go through the back door, you’ll never want to enter by the front again.

How could I not have seen it earlier?

What’s that, God?

Oh, right, I mentioned something about furries a while back. I know you already know what it is, but I will tell you anyway.

It’s not just video games and casual sex that young men are retreating into. They are also immersing themselves in fetishes that to their grandparents’ generation would resemble grounds for incarceration, and which drive them further away from the formerly fairer sex. Consider, for example, the example of furry culture and anthropomorphic animal sex fetishism, both of which are experiencing explosive growth, fuelled by the internet.

Jack Rivlin’s student newspaper The Tab, which we encountered in part one, has noticed the trend spreading on UK campuses. (It’s already rife throughout the US.) Other alternative sexual behaviours, including homosexuality and transgenderism, are more prevalent on campus now too.

“It’s eminently plausible that there are a greater number of people who identify as homosexual, bisexual or other sexualities who are happy to be labelled as such these days,” agrees Cambridge Union president Tim Squirrell, from whom we heard in part one, speaking about the students he sees passing through his Union. “I think we’re becoming more open and accepting of people who live different kinds of lifestyles and have different kinds of identities.”

– Milo Yiannopoulos




Do I really need to say more, God?

You razed Sodom & Gomorrah primarily for the sin of sodomy, of homosexuality.

What are you going to do when men forsake even men and take to animals instead?

Even if the furry craze of new-age sexuality is just make believe cosplay, it still has a very dark and disturbing message, as Milo is right to point out.

This is why I write you today, God.

I am not even remotely going to claim piety or pureness. You know my heart and my life better than anyone.

But where… where… can I go to be free to live as I believe Man should live?

To live a life of truth, beauty and justice? To desire women, hot beautiful women, and not be shamed for it? To not be constantly assaulted and told my heterosexual values about family and sexual morality are not just wrong, but hate crimes? To say in public what EVERY SINGLE SEXUAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL will say to someone inquiring about anal sex: that it is the single most dangerous sex act that can lead to death (AIDS) and bowel difficulties for life that any human being can partake in for “pleasure?”

I have never met Milo. I am sure he is a good man. And I say “man” because he clearly is one and is not ashamed of it.

But he and I would never be close friends.

I have met a few gay men in my life. I have talked to them. It’s not easy coming out. Drugs. Alcoholism. The utter reckless and dangerous sexual adventurism by many when they first embrace who they are and some never mature out of it. Even today, in the gay 21st century, it is still a big deal to come out as being gay. Declaring to the world, your family and friends, that you want cock up your ass or to put yours in another man’s ass? It’s traumatizing and I don’t think gay men ever truly leave behind the struggle they have with their sexual life choice. Even if they come to accept it, and society comes to accept it, they will forever know the norm is to be heterosexual, and they don’t swing the normal way.

As Milo points out, these gay men, if given a free choice, also don’t want children, just like feminists. Where they would have married in the past and fathered kids to blend in, they now openly avoid children and live only for themselves. Is it any wonder feminists eventually came to embrace gays and promote their lifestyle?

Never mind the moral and ethical ease with which a gay man would marry a heterosexual woman and father children while leading a sexually dangerous and secret life as a gay man.

No… no children. Nothing but an obsessive obsession with your number one source of happiness – yourself (and male ass!!!! Be warned, clicking that link leads to chocolate!!!).

For in truth, Man does not have children for selfish reasons of ego. To propagate his line. To leave a personal legacy, although all of these aspects do come into play as a natural extension of being a father.

Men have children out of love and to be selfless.

Unconditional love.

Selfless giving.

This… is the heart of a heterosexual man’s soul.

Sounds a lot like you, eh God? Well, we humans down here don’t want any part of that anymore. Old school, they say. Oppressive, they say. Obsolete, they say.

No longer “normal,” they say.

Three minutes… forty-four seconds… of liberal feminism and the gay agenda telling me…

Heterosexual man? What’s that? Never heard of it. Does not exist.

We have children now for purely selfish reasons. To make money as a surrogate apparently, but for the most part, to blend in, to be accepted by those weird “normal” people, the mass heterosexual majority of fucking humanity, who keep going about living the “normal” way anyway, husband and wife, mother and father, despite the horrific chances of divorce for us heterosexual men in the West.

Sorry God. I might be rambling here now. The mind tends to become unhinged just a tad in isolation when you have no one you can talk to. Sure, there are men’s blogs out there now, but the majority of them are obsessed with either getting laid or raging about hypergamous gynocentric women and society. I still like girls—a lot—but there is no being with them anymore. So I fit into neither camp of the emerging Western man. I have never defined my masculinity by whether or not I am fucking a woman, so the PUA and game community is no place for me. The men fighting feminism? The MRAs and MGTOWs? Shit… who wants to be around such angry souls?

I appreciated Milo’s article. It articulated so much of what is happening in the world to punish heterosexual men by feminists, but it was clear from the tone of the article that while Milo laments the state of heterosexual man, really, he’s doing it for the girls who no longer have gay men to marry to make smart babies with a superior male specimen.

Milo just wants a few good heterosexual guys to get laid more so women won’t be so unhappy.

Same shit, different pile. And I ain’t shovelling it anymore for anyone.

This is the video that led me to Milo’s article. The ladies sure like Paul Joseph Watson. I suspect a lot of gay men might as well.

And you know why?

He is speaking truth and reporting on injustice.

But he is also clearly outside the system.

And this is precisely what Milo says has happened to mainstream, heterosexual men.

We have left. And for good reason.

Heterosexual men are simply not wanted in the West any more.

Especially… especially… if you are poor and not one of the elite.

So God, what’s a heterosexual guy to do?

For now, I am writing this blog. But this was written on a day where I had already written a post to stop writing and shut it down.

I am worried—as any heterosexual man should be today—of being arrested for my thoughts. It’s happening now. The beginning of the end is here: the jailing of heterosexual men for the crime of heterosexuality.

And Milo wonders why we hetero men stay silent.

Milo sits at the pinnacle of the liberal elite media, a gay man surrounded by women and castrated heterosexual men, and wonders why men like me don’t have a voice or why we have given up trying to express one?

At some point, Milo, you have to pick the battles you can win, and walk away from the ones you will lose.

And with jail time now a real possibility for the crime of being a heterosexual male… well…

For all the claims of violence, anger and hatred we white, male, heterosexual men have toward women and the world, for some strange reason, we are not coming out fighting.

The reason is… we are men of peace.

We are men of love.

We are men of faith.

Even if that faith is faith in nothing at all, it is still a belief and one many atheists are proud now to proclaim is the truth.

At least an atheist believes there is still truth out there.

Feminists? Liberals?

I would disagree with the atheist of course, but the one thing all heterosexual men can agree on is this:

Getting ass-fucked by a man is fucked up.

And we don’t need an ass-fucker (or fuckee? Milo comes across as a bottom to me) telling us we should be standing up for the heterosexual values and lifestyle. (P.S. Milo? That means accepting that nine out of ten men you meet will tell you that getting fucked up the ass is fucked up, in case I did not make that clear above.)

Don’t like my words, Milo?

Well, maybe you should go back to the feminist camp that has shut us heterosexuals down. You were never really on our side anyway.

Personally, I have faith, God, that your plan is going perfectly according to plan.

Everything is as it should be.

And my role… my part… as a heterosexual man… is too simply walk away from…

  • the lies
  • the corruption
  • the perversity
  • the greed
  • the selfishness
  • the pride
  • the lust
  • the vanity

…that have become the Western, feminist, liberal and gay worlds.

I won’t be missed.

No one cares about me.

No one wants me.

No one believes I even exist anymore.

I have left the field of battle.

I have turned toward that which is true.

I have placed my faith in you, He who will forgive all who believe, who shun and condemn sin and vice, who admonish and advise Man to improve himself, do good and prepare for death.

I have trust that in living a life of anonymity and non-confrontation with the feminist West in real life…

I will be doing more to change the world and condemn those who have wronged heterosexual man by my silence and my withdrawing of consent to be demonized and punished for simply being who I am.

A good man.

A heterosexual man.

So, Milo, don’t speak for me, for heterosexual men.

We don’t need your help, nor do we want it.

You are not one of us, despite having the required equipment.

My father is the gold standard of love and patience in Man.

I fully absorbed those life lessons. I believed them and lived them.

My patience and love has been worn out.

It’s finished.

It’s over.

The coming patriarchal revolution will be what it was the first time round in Greece with mighty Zeus:

A heterosexual revolution.

And you, gay Milo, will play no part in it.

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