Men Aren’t Fighting for Women Anymore, and Why Should They?

This is a guest post by Kyle from This is Trouble.

As refugees continue to flood the European borders, the number of rapes occurring to local European women are rising at “alarming” rates. Perhaps alarming for the liberal movement determined to let these invaders take over Europe, but certainly not alarming for any of us who live in a world of reality. Yes, the idea to allow thousands of young men with high sex drives, who come from a a cultural with a history rich of rape and violence, into Western countries with no real plan or ability to enforce the law is brilliant.

Nothing could go wrong.

The same people preaching about open borders and catering to help refugees (even at the expense of their own people) are somehow the same people who advocate for gay rights. They want to allow the refugees whose culture routinely kills homosexuals into the country.

Do they not know that Muslims throw gays off of roofs (warning: graphic photos), or shoot them in public?

Again, how they thought that allowing all the brown refugees in would result in a peaceful situation is beyond me.

Meanwhile, after the Cologne attacks—in which a thousand refugees were connected to assaulting German women—people have been calling on German men to stand up and fight for them. In times of need, note that all cries of gender equality, we-don’t-need-no-man, and other blatant feminist propaganda have been silenced. When it comes to a matter of life, death, and protection, men are now needed. German men are being shamed to think that it is their duty to dive headlong to protect the women of the country.

And the German men are silent.

Now, don’t get me wrong: this is still their homeland, and there should be a certain pride in defending that. They are going to need to do something if they want to avoid Germany becoming the next base of ISIS. But the fact of the matter is, they are hesitant to lift a finger to “save” women from these situations with the refugees, who were let in by the political leaders who campaign for the liberal movements.

The same women that have preached the feminist movement, shunned men in favor of careers, and forced men to learn game just to have a small chance at them are now demanding that German men lay down their lives for the cause.

The German men have every right to be silent.

Which brings me to my question…

Should You Fight for the Women of Your Country?

Fifty years ago, this question wouldn’t even be a debate. Most men worldwide would not hesitate to jump to the front lines to defend children, women, and country. The sheer fact that I can ask this question and that many, if not most, Western men will stop to ponder it just shows how far Western culture has gone downhill since the inception of feminism and the culture wars.

I think back to my grandfathers, who both willingly served in our armed forces to protect their wives and loved ones.

Because people will inevitably call me a coward, scum, and a plethora of other nice names, I think I need to simply say this: I would not hesitate to defend my loved ones; i.e. mom, sister, and (maybe) someday, a wife.

But then I think… would I fight for American women? Can you blame German men for their reaction? My path of self improvement was loaded with being treated poorly by women, as well as taking their terrible advice. While I’ve moved past the bitter and angry phase of this, and moved on with my life, the fact of the matter is that I have yet to meet an American woman worth dying for.

If there were a large supply of women that were worth dying for, it’s very likely that I would have married one of them (or been close to it) by now. I’d be thinking about starting a family and how to best raise my children. I certainly wouldn’t be writing a blog and teaching men how to improve their lives through my own struggle, because the odds are stacked against every young man born in the West these days.

But I, and many other American men, have never had that chance at a traditional, strong family. Frankly, we never will. It saddens me that if I want to find a good woman to raise a family with, I will likely have to migrate to the harsh winters of Eastern Europe, or the hurricane-prone Southeast Asian islands and leave America behind.

I don’t want it this way, but it’s simply the harsh reality of the situation. In today’s age of shunning men, extreme female promiscuity, and generally degenerate culture (celebrity worship, obesity, rape culture, etc.), why would men rush to jump in front of a bullet for a Western woman?

So I ask: why should German men be expected to now rush to defend the German women who have scorned them for so long?

For so long, us men of the West have been shamed into relenting to women’s needs and demands. This is just the next step of it: the liberal movement is now raising expectations that all men are to white knight and defend all women.

Defend women at all costs, including with your own life. On a subconscious level, humans are all aware that eggs are quite a bit more valuable than sperm. It’s why men always did fight and die for their women and children: it gave the best chance of their tribe’s survival. However, this is the first time that the feminist movement has ever been so blatant with their message: a woman’s life is infinitely more valuable than a man’s, and a man should not hesitate to give his for hers… even a complete stranger.

To prove the absurdity of their logic, let’s imagine this scenario:

If you are walking down the street one day, and a woman is being raped by a dozen refugees, the liberals would have you believe that trying to defend her is your duty as a man.That you should jump in without a moment’s hesitation and save her.

Never mind the absurdity of the situation: jumping in to defend her in a 12 on 1 situation (and at least a couple of them are likely armed) is sure to result in your death, and then her continued rape.

SJWs would shame you for “avoiding” that situation.

I’m not saying you should be an awful enough person to simply walk away and leave a woman to her doom like that (like this woman did to the man who saved her), because that would be awful. Call the cops, run them over in a car if it’s feasible: do whatever you can. But to jump into that situation with fists raised would be a suicide mission.

So no, I wouldn’t give up my life for a random woman on the street just to be a white knight hero. Why would I do that for the women of my country? The entire feminist way of thinking has worked against me my entire life: am I suddenly supposed to switch my way of thinking to “women now need a man” when it comes at the time of greatest benefit to women, and puts myself in moral peril?

It’s simply foolish, and that’s why I wrote this post.

Do Not White Knight for Western Women

If you’re a man in modern America reading this post, there is no pride in white knighting.

Sure, you may get your name in the papers and your family will get a medal of recognition of some sort. But within a week, people will forget who you are. You are just another number in the system of men who died fighting for women of your country. Liberals will sing your praises, but only until the next man dies who they can paint as a new “hero”.

Feminism has made it pretty clear that men are not important; that female life is more valuable than a man’s, and a man should throw away his own life at a moment’s notice for any woman. It doesn’t matter how many men die as long as women are saved. Again, the feminists blatantly preach that they want to have their cake and eat it, too. With all the benefits of gender equality, women are just as strong as men propaganda, and treating men like dirt, it is always desired for men to get out of the way of more capable women.

Until... it’s time to die.

They say that in the moments before death, you will see your life flash before your eyes. If you’re an average Western man, you’ve probably had your struggles. You may have been drugged as a child in school for having too much energy, when in reality, boys are just being boys. Perhaps you took the terrible advice that women gave you about women; brought them flowers, never pushed for sex, always put their needs first, and it probably resulted in you feeling alone. Or even worse, maybe you’ve been through a divorce, and had your beloved children yanked from you for no reason other than your now ex-wife simply pointed her finger and said, “He did it.”

The point I’m getting at is, don’t throw your life away for a random Western woman. If you decide to jump into the mix to white knight for the now helpless woman, when your life flashes by, the last thing you’re going to feel before your eyes close for a final time is that you were made for a fool by feminists.

Kyle blogs at This is Trouble. Check out his book, Cracking OkCupid.

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