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Nordic Naturals: Why the Quality of Your Fish Oil Matters

When most guys start taking supplements, they stick to the cheap-o brands that they find at their local supermarket. While there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to brands of zinc or more common minerals/vitamins, there are some supplements where the economy brands are either less effective or actively harmful compared to the real stuff.

Fish oil is one of those supplements.

Omega-3 is a vital nutrient for brain development, cardiovascular health and other important bodily functions. Most people don’t get enough of it because the only type of food that has omega-3 in large quantities is seafood, which is too expensive for the average schmo. You can get your daily dose of omega-3 through fish oil capsules, but the problem is that most store-brand fish oil is absolute garbage, sourced from low-quality fish and/or full of impurities and toxins.

Given just how important your brain is, you shouldn’t be skimping on keeping it healthy and sharp. I’ve found an alternative to the low-quality fish oil sold at most stores: Nordic Naturals.

Buy Cheap, Pay Twice: Try Nordic Naturals Instead

Nordic Naturals fish oil is not cheap: a bottle of 60 softgels (about a month’s supply) will cost you anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars. However, you can feel the difference.

I switched to using Nordic Naturals a month ago after using economy-priced Wegmans softgels and I immediately felt an improvement in my cognition. I felt more alert and more mentally sharp, which combined with caffeine and Suntheanine has helped me become more productive. I also noticed that my face had more of a glow and (as ridiculous as this sounds) my facial hair was growing in faster. I haven’t tried megadosing yet, if only because my inner miser frowns upon blowing $50 a month on fish oil capsules.

Having said that, I’m never going back to the cheap brands of fish oil. If you buy cheap, you pay twice: buy quality the first time and you save time and money. If you want to supercharge your brain and your health, I highly recommend checking out Nordic Naturals.

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