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Poosy Paradise: Matt Forney’s Do the Philippines

This is a guest post by William Rome. William originally published this review of Do the Philippines at his blog Smoking While Rome Burns, but he deleted the site a few days ago so he could focus on other projects. I asked him if I could re-post his review on my own site and he said yes.

Since Adam busted his first nut, men have been searching for the mystical Poosy Paradise. The land of boobs and blowjobs; where tits taste like honey and lips part like the Red Sea. Byron thought he found it in Regency-era Venice, while Jack Nicholson thought he found it in 1960’s Hollywood. But Matt Forney has found it today on the far side of the globe.

In his entertaining and informative new book Do the Philippines, he lays out the blueprint for you to carve out your own slice of Heaven in this sexual Shangri-la. Forney covers it all from accommodation and airfare to avoiding diarrhea and lady-boys. And of course, the main thrust of the book is the girls. In the pages of this book are lessons to be remembered, whether you want to spend your time in the Philippines recreating your favorite squeaking Asian porn or experiencing the type of summer romance you thought was only possible in old movies. Hell, if you want a good wife, Forney has written this book for you.

That was the most encouraging thing about Do the Philippines. In our Aspie society, the only choices you’re often given are being a total cad or a sputtering pussy. In the Philippines, you can indulge both your decadent Byronic side and your hopeless romantic Gatsby-esque side. Matt gives tips on what types of girls and where in the country you give in to each aspect of your personality.

The biggest thing I took from Do the Philippines is that femininity is not extinct worldwide. Just because cultural Marxism-inspired feminism has all but quarantined it in the West doesn’t mean you’ll never know what it feels like. This is the biggest reason the book has encouraged me to go to the Philippines. I want to know what it is like to be with an actual girl, not inferior males seething with resentment cause they were born without a penis that feminism has created. I think many men are booking their plane tickets now that they know those girls do still exist.

So get online and buy this book. Matt has told me to get to the Philippines since he was there. Do the Philippines has encouraged me to do it. I can’t wait to go.

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