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Roosh’s Argentina Compendium: Pickup Tips, City Guides, and Stories by Roosh V

roosh-argentina-compendiumWhat do you think of when you think of Argentina? Wine perhaps, or Buenos Aires, “the Paris of South America.” You might also think of the women, who are some of the most gorgeous in Latin America. A damn shame that actually sleeping with one is near-impossible.

Fortunately, world-traveling player Roosh is here to save the day again.

Roosh’s Argentina Compendium is what it sounds like: a compilation of all the info Roosh has gathered on Argentine girls. Cracking their code is a near-Herculean task due to their socially retarded and conservative ways, but Roosh will arm you with the tools you need to succeed:

Turns out it is very easy to talk to Argentine girls, but hard to escalate. Every guy has a story that starts with “She was loving me” and ends with “Fuck, I don’t what happened.” I’m pretty sure that the novelty of talking to a gringo (there aren’t many here) makes them excited to chat for the first 20 minutes or so, giving me the impression that she is into me. Once the novelty wears off and the language barrier becomes more obvious and painful, things fade out. So you need to talk to enough girls to catch one whose attraction for you is enough to overcome the language problem. It helps if she hasn’t been laid in a while.

Argentine girls behave in a way that is borderline antisocial, going hot and cold with guys and generally playing them for fools. Pure ballsy persistence is the only way to shatter their barricades:

She texted me on a day I had mentioned I might be free, asking if I could meet up later in the evening. The plan was to simply not respond and leave her hanging, but I just couldn’t do it. It’s too mean to leave someone out there like that so I eventually replied (with an excuse, but at least she got a response). It’s almost evil how disrespectful Argentine girls can be. While we do see issues like flakiness in Colombia and even Brazil, at least those girls have the consideration to let you down easy. It seems like in Argentina the girls have a goal to make you feel like shit, at multiple points in the seduction.

Like Roosh’s other travel guides, Roosh’s Argentina Compendium goes over every detail you could possibly need to know; city guides, nightlife tips and survival advice. Rounding out the book are personal stories from his visits there.

Given the high difficulty level of bedding Argentine girls, you absolutely need to buy the Compendium if you’re planning a trip down to the land of frigid but beautiful girls.

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