Speaking Activities That Don’t Suck by English Teacher X

English Teacher X’s third book is more of a niche title than his other releases, aimed squarely at those who are already teaching English abroad. As the title suggests, it’s a book dedicated to speaking activities, the laborious process of getting your students to actually speak the language you’re teaching them. Despite the dry subject matter, ETX still manages to work in some of his trademark humor, such as with these “personal development” questions:

1) Think of the five main reasons that you suck as an English teacher.

2) Why do you speak so much in class, you dumbass?

3) Why are your lessons so boring and stupid? Try to think of at least five reasons.

Speaking Activities is brief and has little application if you’re not an English teacher, but if you enjoy English Teacher X’s writing, it’s still worth the buy considering its low price.

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