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Supercharge Your Brain with Suntheanine

suntheanineCaffeine is a part of my life that’s here to stay. I’ve tried kicking the habit in the past by replacing coffee/energy drinks with bee pollen capsules, and while bee pollen does give me a nice energy boost, I still feel logy and lazy without caffeine. As a result, I’ve been experimenting with various supplements and nootropics to further increase my productivity.

The “People’s Stack” is probably the most famous nootropic stack out there, consisting of caffeine and l-theanine. L-theanine is a natural relaxant, making you calmer and better able to focus. By combining l-theanine with caffeine, you can harness the energy-boosting qualities of the latter without having to suffer its more deleterious side effects (jitteriness, nervousness, a debilitating crash later on). While I got some benefit out of using regular l-theanine, it didn’t quite seem to be strong enough for me.

I needed more.

I found it in the form of suntheanine, a purified form of l-theanine that might as well be a legal form of speed. Suntheanine turns the People’s Stack into an all-day party of alertness and clarity. Here’s why you need to buy some yesterday.

Suntheanine: This Ain’t No Fooling Around

The suntheanine packaging seems designed to turn off as many people as possible. For starters, it proudly proclaims itself a “vegan” product right underneath the title. The packaging also refers to the individual 150 mg l-theanine capsules as “veggie caps.” Most normal people would probably throw it in the trash from this alone, but trust me, this stuff works.

Suntheanine advertises itself as “the purest form of l-theanine available on the market today,” and it absolutely lives up to that claim. The most notable difference is that you can feel it taking effect. When I pop a regular l-theanine capsule, I don’t actually sense it taking hold: the only reason I can tell it’s working is because I feel calmer and less anxious. However, when I take suntheanine, I’m engulfed in a full-body ecstasy twenty minutes later. I’m full of boundless energy yet at the same time completely calm and tranquil, and my skin is crackling with electricity.

A little less focus and you could very easily do suntheanine for fun.

In addition to the increased productivity suntheanine gave me, it put me in a ridiculously social mood. After I finished writing three blog posts and another chapter of my upcoming book while on the stuff, I had to go to the supermarket. While I was there, I was unusually chatty with all the clerks and cashiers I interacted with and I just had a overwhelming desire to talk to people. As a result, I’ve started taking suntheanine whenever I go out on a date or when I talk to girls.

The closest thing to a problem I have with suntheanine is that my body builds up a tolerance to it rather quickly, and after about 4-5 straight days of using it, its effects are blunted somewhat. To avert this, I avoid using it on days that I don’t need it. Aside from this minor issue, I highly recommend suntheanine if you’re looking to double your productivity or just take the edge off in general.

Click here to buy Doctor’s Best Suntheanine L-Theanine (150 mg) Vegetable Capsules.

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  • too long in london

    can you “cycle” it on and off to avoid building up a tolerance?

  • I suppose, though calling it “cycling” seems overdramatic. It’s l-theanine, not gear.

  • Normal theanine makes me pretty relaxed, albeit kind of drowsy. Is this similar, or more of a true energy boost (without the drowsy effect)?

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  • Ordered mine last week. Can’t wait.

  • Hey Matt, have you upped the recommended dosage on L-Theanine? I’ve found the one pill alone keeps me up, but I don’t feel like I’m on speed or anything.

  • I’ve doubled the dose, but the problem with too much l-theanine is that it lowers your blood pressure. That sounds like a good thing, but if you already have low blood pressure, megadosing Suntheanine can make it so you can’t stand up without passing out. As a result, I stick to one capsule a day and combine it with other anxiety-killing supplements like phenibut and ashwagandha.

  • Ok, I’m guessing I’m not getting as much of a boost cause I’m not taking caffeine with it. Also, the HTP/Melatonin combo is great, but I find that going to sleep at the time I want is a challenge (dry skin and room temperature was a major impediment). Quality of sleep I did get was amazing however. Will take the Ashawaganda with it tonight to see if I can get knocked out much sooner.

  • Rambler

    I’ve been finding that rooibos tea gives a similar relaxed buzz to l-theanine, although it doesn’t contain it. So rooibos is a good candidate to switch up with green tea or suntheanine. Make sure you steep the rooibos a long time – it won’t get bitter.

  • bixxybear

    What a lying corrupt author this guy is, he has put together a whole lot of garbage to sell you something thats found naturally in tea. An ingredient that slows you down cognitively. Even his popular posts on the right are of a sexual nature to keep you on site.