Matt Forney
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You Can Now Follow Me on Telegram

As most of you already know, I have been banned from Twitter, Facebook, and other mainstream social media platforms. I’ve also been skeptical of “alt-tech” platforms ever since the collapse of Gab last year. Ever since I closed my Gab, Instagram, and VK accounts, the only places where you can hear from me are my blog, my Discord server, my video and streaming channels (YouTube, Twitch, DLive, BitChute), my podcast channels (Anchor and the various sites it feeds my podcasts to), and my email newsletter.

Telegram is a messaging service similar to WhatsApp or iMessage that allows you to send texts and make calls to other people. Unlike those services, it places a premium on security, with encrypted messaging functions and more, and its owners have specifically refused to turn over their users’ encryption keys to world governments. Telegram also has a “channel” feature that functions similarly to Twitter, allowing users to broadcast posts, images, and videos to anyone who follows. Many popular right-wingers, such as Laura Loomer, Martina Markota, Roosh, and Nick Fuentes now have their own Telegram channels.

I’ve decided to follow suit: you can find my Telegram channel here. I’ll be using it to publish short posts akin to Twitter as well as keep you all updated on my projects. You can get Telegram by clicking here; it’s available for desktop computers as well as Android and Apple devices. Hope to see you over there.