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How We Can Make Western Women Feminine Again

This is a guest post by Jack from Road to Solidity.

It’s no secret that Western women have become more masculine and less feminine over the course of the last few decades.

They have forgotten who they really are and what they’re supposed to be.

Some would say that Western girls have become the worst in the world.

Feminism is one of the many things that has wreaked havoc on Western civilization in both Western Europe and the U.S.

I’m not going to talk about the people behind feminism or the disastrous effects it has on our civilization; instead, I’m going to focus on how we can escape this situation.

I’m going to lay down a plan we can use to take back control of our women and make them feminine and attractive again.

But before that, we must take a closer look at female psychology and the natural behavior of women.

Women Are Followers by Nature

Women are herd conformists.

They follow the group.

That’s what they’ve always done.

They are biologically hardwired to follow whoever is in charge. They are biologically programmed to fit into the society they live in.

A woman will do everything in her power to avoid being rejected from her social group and, by extension, the society she lives in. A woman who has no social group has no chance of survival.

That’s why women follow popular trends and opinions without even thinking about it.

Now, if the moral standards of the group women belong to are good, that’s great. Most women will behave in a good way and be proper wives and mothers.

However, if the moral standards of the group are bad, that’s another story. I do not need to draw a picture of this because you already know what I’m talking about.

So women just follow trends and they don’t bother to think whether they’re bad or not.

In fact, women have less of an ability to distinguish between good and evil compared to men.

It’s not even the fault of women that they follow the sick trends of today. They are like a gaggle of sheep following their shepherd.

Who the shepherd is and where he’s heading is what really matters.

Why Do Women Follow These Sick Trends?

Again, women will do anything to fit into their society.

They are becoming less feminine and more masculine because that’s what society dictates to them.

Since they don’t want to be rejected from society, they do what they’re told: adapting their behavior to the moral standards of their society.

Now, what if there was another society they could belong to?

What if there was another group they could join?

What if they belonged to a group that had good moral standards?

If women do what this sick society dictates to them, it’s because they have no other group to follow.

Western men have become individualists who don’t see themselves as a group. They only see themselves as individuals.

This individualism is a good thing because it’s what makes the Western man so smart and creative.

But individualism isn’t enough when it comes to building a society that can resist subversion. It’s insufficient when it comes to resisting other groups of people who are more organized and cohesive.

Since Western men don’t form a group, they are just isolated individuals, and these isolated individuals have no choice but to follow what is dictated by society and the government.

Let me be clear about this: I’m not against a strong government with strict laws and considerable power. That kind of government is very good so long as it truly serves the interests of the people.

On the other hand, if the government clearly works towards the destruction of the nation it rules, it is necessary for people to go their own way. It is necessary for men to distance themselves from society and create their own.

Communitisation is Key to Saving Western Civilization

Once Western men join together and start building a society with their own rules, things will start to change.

Women will have another society they can belong to. They will have another group to follow. They will naturally follow the powerful, masculine men who are close to them and who belong to this new society.

Women will do everything they can to fit into this group. They will follow the trends of this society. Our trends. Our moral standards.

This parallel society Western men should create can be seen as a cartel or a mafia, albeit a mafia who serves our interests and works towards the restoration of our civilization.

Once this happens, the Western man will be unstoppable. He will understand how to gain and keep power.

It might sound a lot of work, because it is. We won’t make this happen overnight. But this is the way to go.

Each Western man must gather with other men who want the same things as him and create a powerful network with these men. A network that will allow them to build an attractive lifestyle women will want to be part of. A network that will offer women an alternative.

Jack blogs at Road to Solidity.

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