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How to Avoid Toxins in Your Beef Jerky

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Beef jerky is a popular and well-known snack, and for good reason. Jerky is not only tasty, it’s a nutritious supplement to your diet, containing protein, iron, and other nutrients. It also keeps for a long time, unlike other forms of meat, making it a useful snack for hiking trips, for emergency situations, or other tough situations.

However, not all beef jerky is created equal. Many store-brand varieties of jerky are poorly-made, featuring hormones, additives, and other junk substances that lower the nutritional content of the beef and make it unhealthy. Many jerky manufacturers also don’t know how to make jerky properly, resulting in meat that is too dry or otherwise lacking in flavor.

If you enjoy beef jerky, you need a brand that is both nutritious and tasty. Steve’s Jerky is a homemade brand of jerky distinguished by its unique flavor and nutritious content. Steeped in the cuisine of Acadiana, Steve’s Jerky is not only delicious, it’s free of the various additives and poisons that are found in store-brand jerky. If you’re looking for a beef jerky that is both healthy and tasty, Steve’s Jerky is worth checking out.

The Poisons in Your Beef Jerky

Many consumers are vaguely aware of the substances that American agribusiness uses in meat, and beef jerky is no exception to their practices. For example, many brands of beef jerky contain hormones that were injected into the cows prior to slaughter to make them grow faster. Jerky made from grain-fed beef is often high in melengestrol, zeranol, trenbolone, and other substances that have been shown to have adverse effects on the human body. Zeranol, for example, has been linked to cancer in humans.

Monosodium glutanate, or MSG, is another common additive in store-brand jerky. MSG has recently become a cause for concern among health-conscious consumers due to its links to obesity, inflammation, and diabetes in those who consume it. A number of people who consume MSG also report suffering from what is known by researchers as the “MSG Complex,” which consists of sweating, numbness, headaches, heart palpitations, chest pain, and a number of other painful symptoms. Scientists have begun recommending that people cut MSG out of their diet as much as possible, which is difficult to do if you consume mainstream beef jerky brands.

Another common ingredient in store-brand jerky is brominated vegetable oil, or BVO. Originally developed as a flame retardant, consumption of BVO has been linked to fatigue, memory loss, and other forms of brain damage. To make matters worse, BVO accumulates in fatty tissues when consumed, making it difficult for the body to get rid of it, and it also has an adverse affect on birds and other wild animals. BVO’s toxic nature is so severe that the European Union, Japan, and several other countries have banned it as a food additive, though it is currently still legal in the U.S.

Finally, one of the most notorious ingredients in store-brand jerky is liquid smoke, the substance used to artificially give jerky its smoky flavor. Liquid smoke is often used to disguise the fact that most store-brand jerky uses low-quality meat, fooling your taste buds into thinking the jerky is better than it actually is. More seriously, liquid smoke has been shown to have carcinogenic effects. Even worse, consumption of liquid smoke has also been shown to cause cellular damage comparable to chemotherapy drugs.

This isn’t even getting into other additives such as nitrites that have even more deleterious effects on the human body. Many jerky brands are also made from the same fabled “pink slime” used to manufacture McDonald’s products, cobbled together from bones, blood vessels, nerves, and other nutritionally worthless (and just plain disgusting) parts of the animal.

The simple truth is that the average bag of beef jerky is a Frankenstein’s monster of a food, assembled from meat byproducts and larded up with artificial preservatives that have adverse effects on the body. It’s because of all this that you want to stay away from store-brand jerky. Your health is too precious to gamble on cheap, toxic meat.

The Steve’s Jerky Difference

Steve’s Jerky is distinguished in part by its hometown touch and healthy nature. Steve is an experienced Louisiana chef who has perfected his jerky recipe over years of experimentation. His jerky uses a secret blend of spices and herbs for a memorable Cajun flavor.

Even more importantly, Steve’s Jerky is free of the toxic additives and substances found in store-brand jerky. Each bag of Steve’s Jerky is cooked and packed by Steve himself, with a human touch that store-brand jerky simply doesn’t have. He doesn’t use liquid smoke, brominated vegetable oil, or any other poisonous substances that cause cancer, diabetes, or obesity. With Steve’s Jerky, you’re guaranteed to get a delicious bag of beef jerky that is also good for you.

Steve is also known for responsive customer service and low prices. One five ounce pack of Steve’s Jerky is only $10. Shipping is $5, but if you buy three or more bags, shipping is free. Steve’s Jerky isn’t a faceless corporate outlet: it’s a one-man small business, and Steve works hard to ensure his customers get the best beef jerky out there.

Choose Your Jerky Wisely

Beef jerky has remained a popular snack for its convenience, taste, longevity, and nutritional content. However, eating store-brand jerky runs the risk of making you sick or increasing your likelihood of developing cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening ailments. As with so much of the food sold in stores these days, you need to be extremely careful of what brands and products you consume.

Steve’s Jerky is one of the few beef jerky brands that is free of these artificial additives. With Steve’s Jerky, you’re assured of getting a product that is not only delicious, but is good for you as well. Steve’s unique Louisiana recipe and commitment to quality make Steve’s Jerky strongly recommended for anyone who wants a nutritious and delicious brand of beef jerky.

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