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Chamomile: Good for Testosterone, Sleep and Digestion

Most of my supplement recommendations, while not expensive, aren’t exactly cheap. If you want to have good health, you can’t afford to scrimp, and economy-priced substitutes may actually be worse for you than nothing at all. For example, my preferred brand of fish oil, Nordic Naturals, is around $35 for a month’s supply. While it’s not a smart idea to spend your rent money on pills, you need to invest in your health to get substantial results.

And then there’s chamomile.

At less than $6 for a two-month supply, chamomile is one of the cheapest and most beneficial supplements I use. It provides so many health benefits—from clearing up allergies to improving digestion—that it’s insane that anyone wouldn’t use it.

Chamomile: A Jack-of-All-Trades

Chamomile’s primary function is as a sleep aid, as it has a mild, relaxing effect on the human brain. It’s not as strong as ashwagandha, 5-HTP or some of the other sleep aids I’ve recommended, but it also doesn’t need to be cycled. Taking two a day will have a slight but noticeable effect on the quality of your sleep without making you drowsy.

But that’s not all: chamomile acts as an anti-histamine, blocking the release of histamine from mast cells. If you have allergies or a stuffed nose, taking 700 mg of chamomile a day will help keep your nose clear. I’m allergic to cats, for example, and taking chamomile allows me to enter a feline-dominated house without having my nostrils seal up like they’re being filled with glue.

It’s certainly better than having to take those knockout pill antihistamines like Benadryl.

Additionally, according to Pill Scout’s now out-of-print title Testosterone Black Book, chamomile contains anti-aromatase agents, which prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen. I didn’t feel any big changes in my mood or energy when I started taking chamomile, but I assume the effect is subtle enough that I haven’t noticed it yet.

Finally, my particular brand of chamomile capsules markets itself as a digestive relaxant. It probably won’t do much for you if you eat a crummy diet high in sugar, but if you eat healthy, chamomile will even out your digestive process.

Given chamomile’s numerous benefits and ridiculously low cost (it’s possible to get chamomile tea, though I’ve only used the capsules), you’d be crazy not to at least try it. No supplement I’ve tried offers this much as this low a price.

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