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Going Out of Business Sale! Confessions of an Online Hustler and My Other Books Are 75% Off Through Sunday

I’m just going to cut to the chase: I am taking the majority of my books off sale at the end of this week. Because of this, the e-book editions of Confessions of an Online Hustler, Writing for Peanuts, Trolling for a Living, Life During Peacetime, and Big Lovin’ are now on sale for 75 percent off. That means that Confessions, ordinarily priced at $9.99, is now just $2.49, while the other four books are $0.75 each (down from the normal price of $2.99 each).

This sale does not cover my books Do the Philippines, The Hitchhiking Crash Course, and Three Years of Hate, which will remain on sale for the foreseeable future.

The catch is that this sale is only available through my online bookstore, This deal ends on Sunday, July 2 at midnight EST, which is also when the aforementioned titles will be removed from sale forever. Buy them now or forever hold your peace. All of my e-book packages include ePub, mobi/Kindle and PDF formats. (You can also purchase my books via Amazon and other retailers; however, for various reasons, I cannot offer discounts on paperback copies or e-books purchased anywhere other than

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In addition to my individual e-books being on sale, my combo packages are also 75 percent off. For example, you can buy Confessions of an Online Hustler and Writing for Peanuts together for just $2.99 (regular price $11.99).

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Finally, you can purchase the Complete Matt Forney Combo, which includes every book I’ve published to date. You get 1,188 pages of content for only $14.49, down from the regular price of $21.99 and a 50 percent discount compared to buying each book individually.

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So why I am I taking more than half of my books—including one of my oldest and most iconic titles, Confessions of an Online Hustler—off-sale?

In the case of Life During Peacetime and Big Lovin’, I believe they’re inferior and not up to my standards. In the latter’s case, I’m sick of people thinking that it’s a serious book, even when the product description repeatedly states that it’s a parody of both pick-up artist literature and the fat acceptance movement. Moreover, with both those groups having died on the vine since the book was published nearly four years, the joke isn’t relevant anymore.

In the case of Writing for Peanuts, it’s been years since I used Fiverr to make money, I have no idea how relevant the information in the book is anymore, and I don’t have the free time to find out.

In the case of Trolling for a Living, I’m planning on debuting a new best-of collection of my articles over the past five years very soon. I originally planned to release a best-of collection each year (hence why Trolling for a Living has “Vol. 1” in the title), but that quickly became unfeasible due to my workload.

Finally, in the case of Confessions of an Online Hustler, I no longer believe it is possible for people with un-PC opinions to make a guaranteed income off of their work.

Confessions was originally written between 2011 and 2013 (and updated in 2014) and was based on an entirely different set of economic circumstances in the U.S. and the West. Back then, the Amazon Kindle was still relatively new, YouTube was still something of a Wild West frontier, and most importantly, the leftist-controlled Big Tech companies that dominate online finance and social media largely left thought criminals alone.

However, beginning with GamerGate three years ago and accelerating after President Trump’s inauguration, Silicon Valley has gone to war against the right in every way they can. Twitter has mass banned right-wingers (including myself) from their platform, YouTube has been demonetizing “controversial” videos left and right, Facebook regularly puts people in month-long time-outs for alluding to naughty words, and SoundCloud has made a habit of censoring and banning paying customers from their site.

To make matters worse, PayPal—one of the most important payment processors in the world—is now banning people like Roosh, Davis Aurini, and Hunter Wallace with no reasons given, cutting them off from fundraising and making money off of their legitimately published works.

Confessions of an Online Hustler is not a generic “make money online” book. I wrote it with a very specific audience in mind: the kinds of content creators that Big Tech is now viciously trying to no-platform. People with nonthreatening and safe opinions don’t need help to monetize their sites, for the same reason that they don’t need the First Amendment to protect their freedom of speech. Much in the same way that the right to free speech exists to protect minority opinions, Confessions was designed to help those with said opinions make a profit off them.

In an age where right-wingers can’t even keep Twitter accounts without being repeatedly banned, I don’t see how that’s possible anymore.

While it’s still possible to make money off of an online enterprise, anyone with opinions that are even remotely controversial is going to be looking at diminishing returns. Thanks to Google’s attacks on my site traffic, I had to do the unthinkable recently and get a day job. As a result, I can’t in good conscience sell a book that is full of advice that doesn’t work and that I can no longer implement myself.

I may revisit the topic of making money online in the future, but for now, I will be taking Confessions off sale and reorienting my blog and book writing in a far different direction.

Thanks to everyone who’s purchased my books over the years: you’ve made it possible for me to make a living telling the truth, even if doing so has become far more of a struggle then it used to be.