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Super Seducer: The Game That Teaches You How to Meet Girls

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When I first heard of the game Super Seducer, created by well-known dating coach Richard La Ruina, I thought it was ridiculous. On the surface, the idea of playing a video game about picking up women is so cringeworthy it deserves its own Mister Metokur video. From a more practical perspective, Super Seducer also seems like it would fail in its stated purpose: teaching men how to become better with girls. How could this project be anything but dumb?

Then I actually looked into the game and played it (full disclosure: La Ruina gave me a free Steam copy of the game).

Super Seducer isn’t the flashiest game out there, but as a simple FMV title, it’s actually quite fun to play. La Ruina’s game actually does teach good ideas about how to meet and attract women, so it could actually serve as an interesting aid for guys who are getting into the game. Even discounting that, Super Seducer is fun to play thanks to its simple gameplay and amusing stories and plotlines.

Play the Game to Learn the Game?

I’m familiar with Richard La Ruina’s work; I distinctly remember being on the mailing list of his company, PUA Training, a decade ago, when I first became acquainted with the concept of game. La Ruina distinguishes himself from other pickup gurus of that time period by advocating a naturalistic approach to meeting women. Instead of relying on canned openers and pick-up lines, he recommends that guys work on becoming interesting, attractive men if they want to become better with girls. If you’re out of shape, go to the gym; if you’re boring, get some cool hobbies; if you can’t dress, get a new wardrobe. Fix your own problems before you go out and meet women.

It’s an approach I like because it actually works, and it stands the test of time. Individual lines or routines might get old, but being a confident, approachable man will always be fashionable. Moreover, La Ruina’s advice will actually lead to positive benefits in your life beyond merely being better with women; there are plenty of uses for a good body or personal charisma.

La Ruina’s methodology informs Super Seducer’s gameplay and plot (if you can call it that). The meat of the game is a series of common scenarios in which men might meet girls, such as approaching them on the street to dancing with them in clubs to trying to get out of the friendzone with female acquaintances. You select options from a dialogue menu akin to an RPG, then watch your character act out your choice (and the girl’s reaction to it). Afterwards, La Ruina himself shows up to give an explanation of why your choice worked (or didn’t) and the logic behind it.

These debriefings are key to why Super Seducer can work as a game aid. La Ruina doesn’t merely hand you lines and moves; he explains why they work and how you can come up with ideas and moves of your own. The game includes a lot of obviously bad choices, such as grabbing a girl’s ass in a club or unfurling your dick (there’s no nudity in the game, it’s all implied), but the game also mixes it up with not just good choices, but choices that are merely okay. At the end of each scenario, you get graded based on how well you’ve done and how many choices in the interaction you explored.

The fact that Super Seducer actually gives the player good advice on attracting women in realistic scenarios puts it heads and shoulders above other so-called “dating sims,” which typically revolve around giving women expensive gifts in order to win their hearts. Additionally, Super Seducer can also act as a nice visual aid for newbies, allowing them to see how certain scenarios might play out instead of merely reading about them in a book, since a picture is worth a thousand words. For more visually-oriented men, Super Seducer might actually be better than traditional dating and PUA material due to the greater interactivity it provides.

Becoming a Super Seducer

Super Seducer is presented through full-motion videos featuring real actors, a significant departure from most games of its type. This is where the game falters a bit; because Super Seducer is dependent on the quality of its actors and actresses, having bad ones causes certain scenarios to have less impact. La Ruina portrays the player character and does a good job of acting out the various choices and game concepts, but the quality of the other actors tends to vary. For example, the early scenario “Two Girls in a Bar” drags a bit due to its main actresses (a pair of Russians) not being as good as some of the other actresses.

Additionally, Super Seducer is constrained by the fact that it’s an FMV game, and it has little outside of its main gameplay mechanic of selecting dialogue choices. At times, playing it was like stepping in a time warp to the early 1990’s, when FMV schlockfests like Johnny Mnemonic and Phantasmagoria were the cutting edge of game technology. Super Seducer is way more fun (and has way better acting) than those games, but its lack of interactivity and its single-minded gameplay might be a turn-off to some players who are craving a more dynamic experience.

However, these are relatively minor problems. Super Seducer is enjoyable for what it is: a simple, tongue-in-cheek game that helps men improve their skills with women.

If you’re a younger guy looking for resources that can help improve your game, Super Seducer is worth buying because it can help you visualize the attitudes and ideas you need to embody in order to be successful at dating. Even if you’re not interested in the game for this reason, Super Seducer is worth checking out because it’s easy-to-play, funny, and sharp. And of course, the fact that feminists continue to be infuriated by the game is yet another reason to buy it:

Super Seducer will be released on March 6 on Steam and the PlayStation Network. I’ve had a good time playing and streaming the game so far, and so will you.

Click here to learn more about Super Seducer, and click here to buy the game on Steam.

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