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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 139: Ignore Thot Orders

On this episode of The Matt Forney Show, I discuss Tomi Lahren’s firing from TheBlaze for her pro-abortion views and why so many men—both left- and right-wing—suck up to women and let them order them around. I discuss demographic findings of how white men and women voted in the presidential election, why President Trump needs to kick Ivanka […]

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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 138: Anal Right Dutch Oven

The Matt Forney Show is back! With my main podcast This Alt-Right Life on indefinite hiatus, I’m bringing back The Matt Forney Show in its original format, combining my views on the news of the day along with interviews with important figures from this part of the Internet and beyond. The show will also be available on […]

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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 137: The Alt-Right Gets Pozzed in the Neghole

In this episode of the show, I discuss The Gift, a documentary about “bug-chasers” (homosexual men who deliberately try to get HIV), and what it says about the way that gays think. I also touch on the recent controversy surrounding Christopher Cantwell and the alternative right’s infiltration by sexual deviants and socialists. Listen below: This edition of […]

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brock turner

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 136: Drug-Induced Heterosexual Retardation

UPDATE (9/13/2016): SoundCloud has censored the original upload of this episode because I asked for information on the identity of Brock Turner’s “victim.” Given that I’m a paying customer, this is an outrage. As a result, I’ve re-uploaded the show with the “offending” content removed. I’ve uploaded the censored portion of the show as a […]

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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 135: In Weiner We Trust

In this episode, I discuss Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal and Pamela Anderson’s call for men to curb their porn addiction. I talk about how sexual indiscretion is linked to other sins (examples being Weiner and Bill Clinton), the negative effects of porn consumption, how porn helped fuel the rise of social justice warriors, and […]

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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 134: The Age of Moral Autism

In this episode, I discuss my concept of “moral autism” in relation to homosexual/transsexual acceptance and the autistic right’s embrace of sexual depravity. I explain the relationship between moral autism and Western society’s obsession with “tolerance” as well as take two critics of mine to task for their anti-life worldviews. Listen below: This edition of […]

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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 133: The Cancer That is Killing the Alternative Right

In this episode, I discuss how transsexuality, homosexuality, moral apathy and the other sins of the modern age are corrupting and destroying the alternative right. I also answer some questions related to my Internet infamy: how much hate mail I get, how many enemies I have, and whether I’ve faced real-world threats due to my […]

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amazing atheist

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 132: The God of the Gapes

In this episode, I discuss how the Amazing Atheist groomed and sexually abused a mentally retarded young woman, then acted shocked when her parents fought back against him. I talk about the accolades he received from his audience for doing this and also touch on my upcoming Q&A episode. Listen below: This edition of the […]

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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 131: The Internet is Driving Us Crazy

In this episode of the show, I explain why I’m bringing the Matt Forney Show back and how future episodes will be radically different from my other podcast, This Alt-Right Life. I discuss CopperCab’s transition from male to female, how the Internet feeds moral degeneracy, talk about my upcoming Q&A episode, and more. Listen below: […]

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The Matt Forney Show, Episode 130: When the Elevator Tries to Bring You Down, Go Crazy

In this final episode of the show, I talk about the recent death and life of my friend and major manosphere figure Mitch Sturges. I also discuss why the Matt Forney Show is going on indefinite hiatus and talk a bit more about my fundraiser to cover the California Democratic primary. Listen below: This edition […]

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